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unpleasant scratchy feeling
  • I just bought the Helix, first time user of any aneros. I lubed up real good, inserted it, and had a good run after about 10 minutes, I felt some slightly pleasurable sensations.

    Then I started to feel a slightly annoying scratch feeling inside, and every time I contracted, it didn't feel all that great. So I took it out, and that scratching feeling was strong then. There are no points as far as I can feel with my finger that seem rough on the aneros.

    What did I do wrong? Did I break my butt? :cry:
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    no you did not break your butt :D

    I get scratchy feeling when I have not cleaned my rectum properly - some poo interfering with the aneros. I usually douche and wash it out well.

    good luck on your journey - you in for some amazing times
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 765
    Yeah, if your rectum feels hot and like you've got a rat-tailed wood rasp up your butt, your rectum isn't clean. Remove the Aneros, clean it, and push the dirty lube out, then maybe douche it with some water, relube and re-insert the Aneros as usual .