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Retailer Issue
  • Is there any way to get this site to REMOVE the retailer "lovers lane" from the list of retailers? I have been in those shops twice in the last 2 months in the Chicago suburbs and, not only will they tell you they DO NOT stock aneros products anymore, they will try to push the nexus brand of products instead. I was duped into buying the nexus and was terribly dissapointed.I have emailed the Director of Client Relations ion october to inform him and still they are listed as an aneros retailer.
  • What does it matter anyway i think aneros is going too sue nexus anyway for stealing their
    idea and making heaps of money off it, as far as the store is concerned just let it go and
    move on there is no use worrying about the issue.

    Cheers thecritta
  • My issue is that this line of retailers is falsely claiming they are selling aneros products in their stores and getting listed on THIS SITE as a retailer. I did not appreciate their tactic of LYING to get their stores listed on here only to try selling walk-in customers an inferior competitors product.I was simply trying to get this site to remove them from the list of retailers so aneros customers do not continue to be deceived by lovers lane.So NO,im not "moving on" or "letting it go". The issue is being addressed by aneros. Do You like being tricked into walking into something deceitful critta? then be my quest.
  • hi Daytimefunn,

    We followed up with our contact at the retailer and have temporarily removed them from our listings. Apparently some of the stores will have our products. Our retailer list will accurately reflect this. Thanks for bringing this to attention, next time feel free to email us or shoot us a PM.

    Aneros Support