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Thinking about buying electrosex devices need advice plz
  • Hi there, i have been thinking about buying some electrosex gear to replace my aneros usage
    as temporary replacement or as permanent one as you all may know there arent many alternative
    products out there that are as good as the aneros line of prostate massagers.

    The only thing i can think of that would even come close to the aneros experience
    and would provide a high level of sexual gratification would be electrosex.

    Has anyone here ever used electrosex gear to get off? And i want to know what peoples
    opinions of it are so i can make a decision as to whether or not to buy and use it because
    i cant seem to be able to use and sort of prostate massager device without it causing things
    to get worse again, for some strange reason when i apply any pressure to the inside of anus
    especially the area on and around my prostate it seems to cause some sort of swelling and
    irritates the area and makes the area sore and the muscles around it so maybe i have something
    wrong with the veins in my anus, something similar to hemmaroids i am pretty sure i dont have
    hemmaroids because i have felt the inside of my anus with my finger, and it feels kind of raw and sensitive and it even feels like raw nerves are exposed near my prostate i have no blood in my stool
    when i take a dump i have no cancer and no urinary and prostate infections as confirmed by tests done by my local GP.

    I am think about buying this combined with
    the Zeus electrosex bands

    Which will cost me about $158.00 AUD

    To i would like to know if you guys think using these would be safe, i dont know if it could be dangerous apply electrical current through your penis as i dont want to damage my penis does anyone know if this device could damage your penis?

    I have heard that these devices are not to be used above the waist because they could cause cardiac arrest, well of course i wouldnt use them above the waist i do not wish to die of cardiac arrest no way.

    And i have heard that people with heart conditions or a pace maker should not use them, well i think i will be safe i dont own a pace maker and i dont have any heart conditions that i know of.

    and it says here

    That you should not use it if you have
    any sort of neurolical disease

    But isnt alcoholism a neurolical disease
    so maybe i shouldnt use it.

    So what i am really looking for is some
    other form of sexual gratification
    even though just masturbating normally
    is alright it still kind of sucks
    to having multiple orgasms and it simply just isnt enough not helped by the fact that i come in like a minute or two and i cant last for crap, i found when using
    the aneros it solved the problem of premature ejaculation and allowed me to circumvent my little problem, but so much for that it seems kind of funny that i am the only person i know of to have ever hurt myself through using prostate massagers and not had the problem go away quickly so i suspect i will have to wait a few more months the problem i have seems to be slowly going away and i mean very slowly, i would really like to know why it is taking so god damn long, what could i have dont that is causing things to heal soo slowly it looks like i might even have to wait another eight long excruciating months until i get too see the specialist
    at the austin hospital on the 16th july
    2010 just four days prior to my birthday
    20 july just great.

    I need to find some other alternative sexual activity similar to using the aneros fast, because not using the aneros models driving me insane all day everyday
    and i keep thinking about my problem i am obsessed with my problem 24/7 and i am always trying to second guess what i could be "oh maybe it is this, maybe i could be that, oh i know what it is it's probably this"

    And i keep talking about my problem over the phone everytime with my A.A sponsor
    constantly like everytime we speak and it's killing me because i am %100 aneros hooked addicted and i there is know way i can ever give it up, and i mean ever
    because my brain wont let it go, it has become to accustomed to the level of pleasure it recieves from using the aneros
    massagers and demands more more more more more more more and there isnt anything i can do about it i have tried a few times know to get myself to accept to just giving up using the devices but that idea just sends me into depression where i have
    many suicidal thoughts.

    Anyway sorry i have talked soo long i hope you can offer me some advice on this electrosex equipment.

    And in the past week i have been horny and i have even sat on my bed for like four straight hours or even more looking at porno magazines people having sex naked beautiful women and masturbating twice a day and during these super horny periods it makes not using the aneros very hard
    because i keep thinking about using it
    and wanting it, and having nostalgic thoughts of when i was using it without any harm or problems.


    :roll: :roll: :cry: :cry:
  • Hey, Critta,

    Maybe try something a little less aggressive and costs about the same. I don't know about hooking up stim mechanisms to my dick, as that seems a bit much, as well as preventing any kind of penis play while enjoying the stim session.


    If you're interested here's the website.

    Works good. I just got mine lately, so I can only report on early results, which are quite exciting.

  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I'm not sure I'm understanding the problem. Why not develop the ability to have Super-O's simply from flexing the muscles, without any internal stimulation?
  • u can checkout for info u may be looking for. just sign in. some cheap homemade stuff there. Good luck .
  • Yikes!
    What about the slightest touch ( as a more mild alternative? Folks here have given it positive reviews. That Zeus thing looks like it could melt your pecker off.
  • Well it looks like that slightest touch thing is a waste of time using it without the aneros,
    i cant even use the aneros, and using the slightest touch thing without the aneros would
    do what exactly? Someone plz tell me.

    But anyway thanks for the suggestions
  • zaneblue said:

    I'm not sure I'm understanding the problem. Why not develop the ability to have Super-O's simply from flexing the muscles, without any internal stimulation?

    Hi Zane, i dont understand what you mean im quiet confused actually how in the world
    can i have a super "O" without using the aneros or any internal stimulation, how come i have
    never heard of this technique before?

    Or are you trying to tellme i can use the slightest touch device to have MMO's without
    using the aneros? can you please elaborate a bit more for me, i would love to know
    how to have multiples without the aneros, but i seems to me from first impressions
    that the slightest touch will only give female multiple orgasms without internal stimulation
    or am i just wrong?

    Thanks for your help i would love to know what you are talking about because i am not sure
    what technique you are talking about ATM thanks

    :? :? :? :? :? :?
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    All the world religions, I think, have mystical branches with one of the main practices being encouraging men to have Super-O's without actually sticking things up their butts. :D A lot of homophobic religions out there! So a lot of tantric practice or yoga practice for example is to help get the energy moving. You have to make sure your PC muscles are strong by flexing, and then there are positions, like say the full lotus that can help.

    I know for a fact that there are men here who can easily have prostate orgasms simply from flexing their PC muscles (actually I think in men it might be the BC muscles--I know more about female anatomy), at any rate the muscles down there, the first chakra. The first chakra in men is the Aneros muscles. Of course it's easier to get the orgasmic ability if you are using the Aneros, but it can be done simply from other exercises. Hold on...

    Yes, in the book Jewel in the Lotus, there are some yoga exercises, in particular the Energy Pump and Root Lock. It also recommends you can do "lifts" by draping a towel over your erect penis and doing reps, just like a weightlifting routine.

    It will take longer to achieve prostate orgasms this way, but I think with your body so desperate for them that you will have an easier time of it than most men.
  • Wow cool thanks so i tried standing up straight put a towel over my cock and got an
    erection and i could swear i had a mini "O" cause it felt exactly the same when using
    the aneros, i could feel contractions in my prenium and slight mild contractions
    in my anus and my prostate felt good, actually when i looked at the tip of my penis
    there was like almost a teaspoon of precum and the end of my dick and my finger
    was all wet and slimly, so i guess you can achieve some level of MMO'S simply
    by hanging a towel over your dick.

    Wow thanks zaneblue dont know why i havent heard any of the members here try it
    now we can have a new aneros term "Towelgasms" lol i think i will have to try it again
    real soon hmmm like maybe even now.

    :D :D :D :D
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Combine that with stimulating your perineum and it should work pretty well. Maybe sit crosslegged on a golf ball and flex those muscles using resistance of some kind? :lol: Anyhow, get that book, it has lots of exercises including the one you responded to.
  • Pity i dont have golf ball atm