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Peridie and Progasm progress
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    While I feel as though I have had much Aneros progress in the past month or two, I feel as though my results came from an odd combination of things. Because I want to update you guys with my progress (seeing as though I don't post here much), I would also like feedback on how I might take that next step.

    After moving months ago, I was able to find a peridise set.While I have only used the largest one, at first I felt nothing. After about two or three sessions, I started to feel a consistent buzz throughout my lower body. Because I wasn't satisfied with the results, I put the peridise aside, and went back to my progasm. As I had said before, my progasm had never given me great results. However, it gave me a lot more than my helix did. Keeping all this in mind, thing seemed to stand still for awhile.

    A fellow member here informed me that I may be going about sessions wrong. Based on information in the wiki, I was informed that the Aneros was best used when pushing down on the pc muscles. However, I found out that it really is a combination of pushing down, and pushing out. After practicing this in sessions a few times, my body started to act a bit differently. While I didn't get any more sensations, I felt as though I was receiving more rapid movement, as well as higher arousal levels.

    I don't know what it was, but after getting somewhat better esults than usual with the progasm, I decided to go back to the peridise. Immediately, I sawa huge difference. Unlike the progasm, I focused more of pushing down. However, because of letting myseld become relaxed with the device, it seemed as though the model did the work on its own. All I had to do is every once in awhile oer a slight push in, and more sensations came. To this day I still feel as though I hae not received any Os. But one niht with the peridise, I felt as though I wasn't far from one.

    I went on to use my peridise for a good two weeks exclusively. Over time I felt as though my muscles were toning and that maybe it would make for better progasm sessions. The first few were as usual, but the ones that I have had the last two night hae been my best sessions yet. From this, I havecome to the conclusion that use of the peridisemay cause better results with other models.

    Now here is my crossroad...

    One of the best things that I like about sessions is when you have the split moment with your eyes closed, where your mind wanders off. It doesn't matter if you are focused on your prostate, or imagination. But the only way I can explain it is as if you eyes roll back, and you can't control what is going on. Sure, you know, and for me it is very slight and is ust about 3 seconds of intense pleasure. But I had a number of them in my last sessions. So I felt as though I was on the edge of a mini O, but couldn't cross over.

    How can you do so?
  • DeepDeep
    Posts: 78
    Hi Nat I'm glad you're having some success with your Aneros.

    With regards to your question; I think the idea of 'crossing over' to orgasm doesn't work. To use an analogy; you see a beautiful woman off in the distance, instead of walking up to her, you admire from a distance. Concentrate on what you can see from afar and how this makes you feel, this is the '3 seconds of intense pleasure' you feel. She notices you, begins to walk towards you slowly and you get to see and feel more and more the closer she gets. Eventually, she is right on top of you.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Nat! :D

    Deep, I agree with your advice with this modification:

    Don't "concentrate" Nat. Relax into that great freedom intensity feeling and don't worry or think about how long it will last. Relaxing is the key to allowing it, rather than wishing/forcing it in any way.

    Deep I like your having her walking over and ending on top of you!! :lol: At KSMO, we talk about befriending the faun and then it multiplies into a friendly herd that comes whenever you whistle!

    Nat, it is truly wonderful that you are making progress with both techniques (Peridise and the peristaltic muscle rhythmic contractions and their effects, and Progasm and the prostate-specific massage and rectal fullness responses). As Sir Mog has said so succinctly and elegantly, all that is needed is patience and "relaxed submissive desire". Not demanding, just the relaxed receptive desire.

    Congratulations Nat and all the very best as your journey continues!

    all the best relaxing receptively into ecstasy all

  • Nat,
    you are on your way.
    That's how it starts, the buzz is but a whisper.
    Once you know what it feel like, every session you will notice it more.
    The buzz will soon feel like a car humming, like if you were to put your hand on the steer wheel, you feel
    this humming.
    just relax.

    I feel so comfort now, that I far asleep with it.

    I guess the chat we had last week helped.

    Good luck