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Full Penis Retraction: Unique Aneros Session Galactic Orgasm
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Now What!? :shock:

    In a recent Aneros session, one in a recent growing string of great successes with my Helix, after many training sessions and long time-off periods, I had an amazingly different and powerful, still body, full body orgasms conditioned primarily, IMHO, by the unique circuitry connected by a spontaneous, voluntary full penis retraction during the sesssion. Full details at my blog:

    The more one's rewiring progresses here, the more the aneros sessions involve mostly flaccid penis states. The penis is not part of getting to prostate triggered and amplified dry MMOs. Full penis retraction is the ultimate. Following the initial surprise, after reflecting on the also unique feelings and orgasmic energetics of Male Clitoris Massage enhanced aneros sessions, it made sense that the totally relaxed and retracted penis was also participating somewhat differently in the whole lower abdomen organs/nerve-systems complex. What a rewarding difference!! :shock: :D

    I took photos because I hadn't experienced this since childhood. But after the uproar over my photo of my active anal glands, discretion is the better part of valour, as the saying goes. Here is an anonymous link to a somewhat related penile state: This one illustrates how small a penis can be in the range of sizes that are "normal". My little cone of shaft skin beyond the tip was all that I had left, none of the small shaft/glans length shown here.

    This is not me. I am about 7" fully erect, between 5"and 6" as "leatherman", and 4&1/2" softie. The normal flaccid length has been shrinking noticeably as my aneros practice has progressed, and the length of time I have been on the cardio drug that induces Erectile Dysfuntion increases. That is why it was so surprising to see a sustainable full retraction happen.

    Once adjusted to seeing and feeling it after the orgasms, it was quite an interesting feeling. One dimension was that I thought, in this state men could be able to walk around naked in public, that is if we all had fully retracting penises whenever we chose. No one objects to public bollocks on other species. 8) They all have automatically retracting penises as the default position. That gets rid of the pesky unpredicktable in the public eye. What did God/nature intend by shifting humans to non-retracting penises? Classical Greek aesthetics required an uncut foreskin pulled forward and tied with a leather thong to restrain engorgement and public erections. It was called the Dog Knot.

    Sociologists and anthropologists have demonstrated that it wasn't for wooing women. Jared Diamond in his book, The Third Chimpanzee, says it is a male/male function adaptation. Who has the bigger sword? Dominance and war? No wonder we are bombarded by fear-based adverts for penis enlargement drugs and devices! All in the wrong direction apparently as far as most women are concerned. See The Joys of Soft (and semi-soft) Penis Sex with Your Female Partner posts in my blog above.

    Bigguy has recently also reported a spontaneous full penis retraction. BG, hope you will add your story here too.

    Anyone else?

    How widespread is this? Can we share and cultivate the unique orgasmic possibilities?

    Cum on! 'Fess up!

    all the full range of up and down connections and orgasmic possibilities all

  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    While I don't get a retraction, I also don't get any penis sensations at all, save for a slight tingle up near the corona. If I get anything, it's the day after when I get aroused and spring hardon's.

    The wiki suggests that at some point you will get a whaler (diamond cutter). But I haven't had any feeling whatsoever indicating that these would occur.
  • DanMMDanMM
    Posts: 5
    Well I'm not quite as large as you. I'm only 6 inches erect, but flacid I can be anywhere from just the head of my penis to 3 inches. I have notice during most of my few aneros sessions I am usually my smallest. (although I did get an engorgement not a full erection once while I was using aneros) So you might say I've had the penis retraction, but since that is kind of a normal state, I didn't think anything of it.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome Geogio and DanMM to the Forum and our eclectic community! :D :D

    Geogio, have you had previous experience with anal play? It sounds as though you are further into the non-penile responses phase of aneros use, and previous adaptation could account for that. Otherwise it may be your particular body chemistry and original neural wiring. Have you seen the threads or the Poll about Day-After Effects? Do you have other Day-After Effects besides erections?

    DanMM, your pattern of being at your smallest is the normal reaction over time to aneros use as I read the Forum and in my own experience too. My normal flaccid has been around 3 inches as well but has gradually become more like 1 & 3/4 inches during aneros sesions and at times now even in between sessions. So you too may find that you get a full retraction to as you progress.

    Due to a personal history of difficult and chronic health issues, I long ago became very observant of how my body reacts to things. That has been as positive during my two and a half years of Aneros and KSMO mixed practice. As I describe in my blog, I really felt the nerve responses and energies behaving significantly differently with the spontaneous full retraction, even compared to the manually pushed full retraction that sets up the usual Male Clitoris Massage enhancement of an aneros session.

    I fully believe that "size does not matter", and therefore was surprised to discover this enhanced feeling and unique form of energetic orgasm while in the natural full retraction! Heck of a deal!!

    all the best to you both as your journeys and their events large and small unfold here

  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    No significant amounts of anal play over the years. But, I have been through a year long period of intense stress and what I attribute to prostrate age as a real lack of desire for sex. But I'm coming out of it gradually, a doctor friend suggested aneros and I after discussing it with a close lady friend, she agreed and was quite pleased that I am taking steps to work my way into a sembalance of a normal sex life.

    To be truthful, my doctor was giving me a phyiscal last January and as she was checking the prostrate I had a profound feeling that sort of awoke my senses and after that rectal exam, I started researching prostate issues. I talked to my doctor and she pointed me to prostate stimulation which brought me to the aneros products. Some have told me that there was no way they could have been so forward with the Q and A, but I was getting desparate.

    I do feel that this theropy has been productive, but I am taking it very easy. A couple of times per week, 30 to 45 minutes and only when I feel totally relaxed and after I have had a complete bowel evac. I am trying not to use the enema as I really don't want to mess too much with the flora. I did have a nice hour and a half session last weekend, with a nap even. In fact I woke up twice and was quite relaxed, all with the aneros plugged in. So, I'm working into the program.

    Any feedback?
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    Well, I guess that answers the question does shaving your pubes make your dick look bigger :lol:
  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    I feel sorry for this guy!!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hey rickg. Who and what are you referring to?

    hula, :lol:, at least what remains is at least visible if you shave! :lol:

    This is a natural part of male anatomy and can be induced by many things including illness. The great thing is that it can also be a positive and offer its own unique and exquisite form of orgasm!!! And a flicker of body/mind thought can trigger a missile launching erection formation, which is a hoot too.

    intrepid courageous adventurous explorations and ecstasies all

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488

    Thank you for sharing your background and introduction to aneros with us! It is wonderful to hear of doctors encouraging men to look into prostate stimulation! Personally, I believe that science is highly suggestive that this should be the case early in a male's life during puberty.

    Sounds like you are sensitive to your body and what works for you. That may well stand you in good stead as you explore your responses and expand your techniques with Aneros and complementary MMO training techniques. As your time and energies permit, you may find that ramping up to an every couple of days, or every other day practice, opens you to more development and appreciable re-wiring sooner. Watch/listen for after-session and Day-After Effects that may begin to spontaneously appear!

    Deep relaxation going into session, all other concerns put out of mind, no expectations about any kind of response, just relaxed listening for what and how you body/mind and its nervous systems are reacting, be open and allowing whatever seems to be appearing to full blossom: these are the keys to advancing the opportunities that aneros practice offers.

    all the very best as you explore your full potential here

  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    Artform, I was referring to the guy in the video. I don't consider myself that well "endowed" but compared to this guy. I am very blessed. LOL BTW, Artform, I emailed you and am waiting for a reply. Thanks! Rick
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    rickg, you may be very premature in your judgement.

    I have uploaded a photo set fully retracted and fully aroused, those who laugh last laugh the best. Sitting helps with the retraction. Sorry I did not shave - photos are about a year old.

    And finally got my aviator uploaded
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I was just having a little fun. everybody relax
  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    Ok, Alv! I was speaking of the guy in the video. I was assuming that was NOT you. You have a beautiful penis and scrotum. It is amazing the transformation. Thanks for sharing.
  • I found the responses to the video on GayTube to be infinitely more pathetic than the man's genitalia. What a bunch of social cripples. I am a bisexual man, of moderate endowment, who has found that all penises have their own beauty regardless of such ultimately petty considerations as size. And for the record, I'll take a tiny-dicked man, versed in erotic arts over a horse-hung clodhopper who thinks his dick is enough to get him through, *any* day.

    Voice of experience, y'all. Voice of experience.
  • artform, thanks for your post and your blog. You have pointed me to a whole new direction.

    I have learned more about my male sexuality from this forum than I had learned in all my previous 64 years!

    You have put the 'fun' back in erectile dysfunction :D
  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    Hi Fellow travelers

    When I am experiencing a good session I have noticed that I feel as if I am getting an erection but when I have a look my penis has shrunk in length. However the girth increases and when I touch it my penis feel quite hard.

    Does anyone else recognize this condition?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi X, H, & C! :D :D :D

    Xhepera, I agree with your points completely, although I trust that over time this Forum will discourage any disparaging of any other's penis or testicles or "manhood" or orientation. IMHO, what this product and experience bring to any thinking man is the realization that we all stand on common ground 100% as males, and the differences of expression are far more subtle, than the clanging bigotry can imagine.

    I have cited in several previous posts here Jared Diamond's contention in his book, The Third Chimpanzee, that the on average larger penis size on we humans as compared to our primate cousins, is there as a male/male focused feature, NOT something for attracting females, who are apparently indifferent, contrary to the life hype of much cardboard porn. I think it is great healthy progress for men here to be able to freely comment on the beauty of another's penis, regardless of orientation.

    Here we are indeed exploring the erotic arts and bio-energetic arts and sciences. This is the great gift possible here. All the rest is passing fetishes, and lack of respect for the reintegrative artful potential of every man in all of this. I would be interested in your descriptions of the erotic arts as you experience and practice them, with other men and with women.

    All men of every orientation have lots to learn respectfully from all other respectful men of every orientation, without any threat to their own nature. :D

    Helixbill, I am very happy to say you are most welcome, fellow ED funster!! :D :D

    The old lemonade stand at the blog has been fun to report as well as enjoying the actual explorations!!

    Calmer, my experience has been the reverse, thinner girth yet feeling erect, then shorter and shorter and no feeling of being erect. Butt, a great little pleasure piston as I report in detail in my blog: Keep us informed as your journey progresses in this dimension as well. :wink:

    all the best artful orgasmic and energetic ecstasies of all possibilities and beauties all

  • Artform, I have just caught up with this thread, and with your blog on the joys of the soft penis. You are truly the guru of soft-penis pleasures! I especially enjoyed the entry on the "mangina." It so happens I have been enjoying my own mangina for years now, and assumed I was alone. My preferred means of solo orgasm is the nipple and breast orgasm, to which I have dedicated years of experimentation and a group on Yahoo. But for variety I have in recent years occasionally used a technique in which I finger my "mangina" while working one of my nipples with my free hand. This produces earth-moving orgasms--shattering orgasms! My theory is that as the retracted penis hardens inside its "missile silo," as you so evocatively call it, it presses against the prostate. The intensity of the orgasm is almost frightening.

    Anyway I have posted the link to your "mangina" entry in my group and have already had some enthusiastic responses.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks Wuerstchen!!! :D

    Great report and adventures you have been having!!! Congratulations! 8)

    It has made me realize that I assumed everyone would be familiar with the Male Clitoris Massage, which may well not be the case. I did out line it in an earlier post in the blog, Great Maintenance Orgasms:

    However, I will add it to the Joyous series! Could you post a comment on the Mangina page with details of your experiences with yours and the shattering orgasms possible, possibly? Thanks again!

    and all the very best for every male exploring and finding the full potential of male anatomical/pleasure-id/spiritual ecstasies all

  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Hm, I disagree, I think that human females while we were evolving preferred men with large flaccid organs and also male pattern baldness. I think both of those are human male sexual display. I suppose I should dig up references, but I'm lazy.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well zaneblue!!! :D

    Always good to get your opinions and insights into our adventures and ideas!!! :shock: :lol: :wink:

    None of this data is rigid...

    Maybe we put together a conference and get Jared there to defend his thesis as I've outlined it and you put together the esteemed panel of women experts to "undress" him! :lol:

    Seriously, lots of positive female interest, support, enthusiasm for the Joyous Soft Penis Sex series in my blog here and elsewhere. What do you think?

    enough well tuned laziness and we'll all be on autonomic pilot to ecstasies all

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi again diligent zaneblue! :D

    Touché!! :lol: Truly thanks very much for this! I am all in favour of co-evolution and and the ecological perspective being a primary one. There clearly is good evidence for it in this case, but Short comes up short on the rigid generalization about the always covered penes.

    zaneblue said:

    While the larger penis yanking the "outer third of the vagina for clitoral stimulation" in the text you quote may well have appeal as part of the bigger picture, G-spot stimulation seems to be the reverse and favour smaller, gentler, slower stimulation. The relative preference for cunnilingus/clitoral stim too seems worth mentioning in this context.

    Marvin Harris in "Our Kind", and many other anthropologists and others, have noted the socially/culturally organized, all inclusive, young males separation from females, the open homosexual maturation rituals focused on the penis/phallus/fellatio and the transmission of maleness/courage/skill and early warrior service to the whole community. Similar male/male hunting party bonding and similar smaller group activities have been noted to various degrees, even in modern societies.

    These seminal ideas and practices also made it into all male seminaries where seminal ideas and more are exchanged. Listen to Aristotle's speech to the young Alexander in Oliver Stone's films "Alexander: The Director's Cut" or "Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut" for a version the classical Greek take on the restricted refined nobility of this.

    Meredith F. Small, whose book "Female Choices: Sexual Behaviour of Female Primates" you are quoting here, is taking a limited counter-argument position, rather than an ecologically inclusive one. Jared Diamond, in fact, goes on in "The Third Chimpanzee", in the pages immediately following pages 74-76 that I have quoted earlier, to consider the arguments of Hrdy, Burley, Alexander & Noonan, and Symons in his more ecological concerns from a "concealed ovulation and copulation" behavioural patterns perspective and this launches his following chapter dealing with the rates of adultery in primates generally, and the specific human patterns and condition.

    Always happy Zaneblue to get all points of view and evidence on the table. Thanks again.

    all dimensions all examined all considered as we all reconnect and reintegrate all