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  • it has been over a year and I can not get this thing to work not a thing happens i have the MGX and the Progasm none of them do anything for me WHAT I'M I DOING WRONG somebody please help i'm ready to trash both of them.......... :( :cry:
  • Perhaps the problem is that you are trying to make it work. From my experience it does not work that way. It is when you forget it is there and get into a zone and have a strong sexual fantasy that things happen (from my experience).
    Another suggestion is to not use it for a while, it sounds like you are getting very frustrated. Forget about for a month (or two) and come back to it when you are in a sexually excited frame of mind. :wink:
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124
    What is your level of experience with anal play?
    How often & how close to a session do you masturbate?
    How often & long are your typical sessions?
    Are you able to relax & have undisturbed time for your sessions?
    How is your lubrication applied?
    What type & quanity of lube do you use, internally, externally & on your Aneros?
    Do you pre-flush your rectum or enema?
    What kind of contractions/techniques do you use during a typical session?
    What is the duration and intensity of the contractions you use during a typical session?
    How often do you end a session with a traditional orgasm?
    Do you have any medical issues that could affect your sexual response?
    What forms of physical stimulation do you employ prior to & during a session?
    What forms of mental stimulation do you employ prior to & during a session?