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Peridise return of experience
  • Hello experts,

    I'm thinking expanding my collection of Aneros toy and specifically looking to the Peridise. I have currently a Helix.

    Before buying one I would like to have few return of experience :
    • Are you able to have superO with the peridise ?
      How interresting are the sensation compare to a Eupho or Progasm?
      Important one : my wife is interresred in trying, do you have a return of experience to share using the peridise on you wife ?

    I still only own an helix and I have SuperO with it, do you recommend me to buy a peridise or do you recommend to buy a more advanced aneros like Eupho or Progasm ? If Eupho or Progasm what do you recommend ?

    Thanks in advance for your help, I know the answer is difficult :?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    EUPHO!!! :D :D :D
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    Everyone's different but for me the eupho let me feel other sensations than my helix did.
    My progression took of from there,now i've been swithing between the two with great results.
  • Thanks you Artform and Valliant, seem to be the Eupho is what I need.

    Have you tried the Progasm ?

    I've read some thread saying that the progasm is a killed toy also with lots of sensations (but indeed from my experience with the Helix, small and light contractions make the biggest sensations at the end).
  • I will be the contrarion and say Peridise. My reasoning is so your wife can participate since she is willing to try.

    I would agree with the Eupho as a second model for you but feel it is more important to get your wife involved, it will make the experience more enjoyable for both of you.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I dont' think you can go wrong with any model as they are all different. For me, the progasm gives me the best results but I love the eupho as well.
    The helix just has never done much for me. I would recommend buying as many different models as you can afford
    Every session I have involves changing out models during the session
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Wise counsel All!

    Certainly with your wife's interest potential, jointly exploring Peridise models is excellent!. They use a different neuromuscular response and are therefore launching a new expedition. My wife and I are slowly exploring the Peridise models currently. Some good early responses, butt not compelling yet.

    Eupho is my alltime favourite and it sounds to me as though you may well be ready for its advanced capabilities! Progasm Ice is second in the prostate massage line for me. I'm currently considering adding the Maximus.

    Many here end up with the entire (or most of the) model range. Which is growing! There are more models on the way apparently.

    all the very best explorations and exclamations fB and mrs. fB, and all

  • Interresting answer.

    Indeed, I would like to share the exploration with my wife, so Peridise what I'm looking for. I was also looking for women advices on the peridise, what are the sensations for women ...

    As far as I know, the Peridise does not really massage the prostate but as men we still have it near the anus, so I believe that the peridise should deliver good sensation for us, for a woman I really don't have any clue on that (as they don't have any prostate). I don't want to just put a stick in the ass of my wife if there is no interesting sensations building :D

    Artform, does your wife got real good and enjoyable sensations with the Peridise ? does she have involuntaries contractions ?

    Concerning Aneros for us (at least we have a real sex toy just for us :D), you all convinced me, I will try first the Eupho as sensations seems to be very good and subtle. I'm also interrested in the Progasm because it seems to deliver huge sensations.

    Artform, I have the feeling that the progasm Ice is more slippy that the normal one (if yes it's should be a real killer), do you have both ? Am I true with the slippiness (not sure it's real english ;-)) ?

    So I will buy 1- Peridise for my wife and me for christmas :D , 2- an Eupho for me and then 3- a progasm (later). Finally easy, I take them all.

    Last question, how do you know that more models are on the way ? Do you have an availability date / period or hints about what it is ?
  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    Hi frenchyBoy

    you wrote:

    As far as I know, the Peridise does not really massage the prostate but as men we still have it near the anus, so I believe that the peridise should deliver good sensation for us,

    I believe this statement is correct. However, for me the Peridise sets up muscular spasms within my rectum which are sited around my anus and prostate. As they build up I experience the Anus spasms extend up my spine and towards the front it feels like my prostate is being pumped by these natural contractions. The amount of pre-cum expressed from my penis confirms that indeed my prostate or some other glad around that area is being pumped.

    As the feeling intensifies, I experience a throbbing at the base of my penis and visually my penis bobs up and down.

    Don't know if this is a classed as P waves, mini or supper O and quite frankly I don't care. It just feels great.

    Similarly, I guess a female will be able to experience spasm, which my extend to her cervix, her G spot, her Virgina and / or her clitoris. Maybe ask Lynn2694
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi calmer and frenchyBoy again. :D :D

    Calmer has it right. Peridise triggers the rectal muscle wall rhythmic mobility contractions (peristalsis) and the anus, and all their nerves and connections to the rest of our pelvic basin complex, including our second brain that wraps our intestinal system right down to the anus terminus at the outside world!

    Sold as the medical device by High Island Health as Persital for hemorrhoid therapy, you might benefit from the detailed instructions there as an overview of its use of kegel exercise contractions: ,this page and the links on it too. Check the proper placement of the Peridise here too! It does NOT go all the way in when used as designed. :shock:

    Mrs. a is in very early stages and not getting involuntaries yet. The Aneros models contact the prostate indirectly, stroking the rectal muscle wall adjacent to the prostate and applying pressure gently through the wall.

    fB you are correct. The Progasm Ice is much smoother than my other aneros models. I waited until the Ice to buy something that big, since I was not just looking for size. When I use the Ice, I get astounding movement of over 3 cm for a deeper and much larger scale, far longer stroke, prostate massage, and a different prostate orgasm than the other models, closer to mrs. a fingering me a bit more vigourously than our usual delicate gentle caresses.

    No, I don't know any details of upcoming models. BF Mayfield is our expert in that area exclusively, as well as his universal knowledge and wisdom in all things Aneros!

    patience, no expectations, just listen for the whispers and allow them to build :wink:

  • All right, Thanks all for these invaluable informations.

    I'm convinced about the peridise, the Eupho and now Progasm Ice. Let's the fun begin ... :D
  • frenchboy

    I have helix , progasm and peridise . I dont want to add to your confusion or contradict what artform and the rest stated , here's just my token :

    helix - all-in-one model . best for beginners as well as advanced
    progasm - much bigger , not as subtle , there are days that my prostate is refusing an -aneros-wake-up-call , so , it's either a lost session or the progasm come in and saves the day .
    I'd say , some days I am just in a progasm mood . though most days , it's the helix .
    Comparing btw the 2 , I'd say , the helix is a fine graphic or calligraphy pen , the progasm is a sledge hammer or a jack hammer . It's impossible to stay completely indifferent to !

    I was very interested in the peridise for few reasons : no tabs ( I hate those ) , and , I had "terror the the gates" syndrom , so I wanted something that will be subtle .
    there are some very nice moments with the peridise . a user said he "gets so much radio chatter" from his anus , to the point that "he feels he has a vagina" .

    I am yet to experience a super O with the peridise , though BF Mayfield says he does get super O out of those . For me , it just made the involuntaries much easier , so depending on where you are in that journey you can make yr decision : ie- need to encourage involuntaries ( peridise ) or not (eupho )

    The vast versatility of opinions and contradicting opinions , as well as many users own more than 1 model , makes me believe that 1.each person react differently for anatomical reasons 2.when I was into the peridise it was the least sold \ popular model , now the sex shop which sells it says it's THE most popular .

    So , experiment on your own . it's all fun . at the worst case it's $50-85 that did not please you as much as you wanted.
  • I have ordered today an Eupho for me and a Peridise Beginner set for my wife (and me also).

    I would like to thanks a lot to everybody in this thread, your comments have been a great help for me. I will keep you updated about my new sensations and discovers with these two new pleasure and fun tools I will receive shortly.

    I will also update my Traité d'Aneros with that as soon as I will have a return of experience. Reading Lynn2694 comments on the Peridise, I'm looking forward testing that with my wife.

    Let's the fun begin again ... :D