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Aneros Movement, How far does it move?
  • View Poll Results: Aneros, How far does it move? Voters: 745

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    0-3/16” (0-5mm) 69 9.26%

    3/16”-3/8” (5-10mm) 207 27.79%

    3/8”-5/8” (10-16mm) 277 37.18%

    5/8”-7/8” (16-22mm) 69 9.26%

    7/8”-1 1/4” (22-32mm) 54 7.25%

    more than 1 1/4” (32mm) 69 9.26%

  • wurstbrotwurstbrot
    Posts: 3
    The German manual says the Aneros will "glide" in and out
    over a far distance but in the Aneros-WIKI it’s something like:
    "distance moved from in stroke to out is really very small." maybe
    its unimportant, but it kind of confuses me and its hard to avoid
    thinking about it during a session and I often get lost in thoughts
    like "am I doing this right... ?".
    if I just contract my muscles, it
    doesn’t really glide in or out, it’s more like building up pressure
    against certain spots. If I really push it out, it glides back in,
    but its hard for me to breathe properly this way. Both techniques
    feel good, but I don’t know which one is the "right" way to go.
    I would like to know how far the Aneros seems to move for you other
    guys? Please add any other information you'd like as well. ^^
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks for this poll wurstbrot! :)

    The more data we help HIH/Aneros collect on all of this the better for all of us as they advance their products!

    I have answered here based only on my new Progasm Ice at 5/8" to 7/8" as my deep stroking venus plies her uniquely skilled prostate massage!!! :D

    Up until now I would agree with your quoted Wiki statement. I get lots of mobility with my fab fave Eupho, butt the range of motion, not the depth of stroke is the key with Eupho.

    So many opportunities, so many choices, so many ecstasies!!! :lol:

    thanks again

  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    I voted more than 1 1/4 (32mm) as both my Helix and Eupho pop out when things get to vigorous or slam right in deep.

    Popping out is a real nuisance - breaks the most wonderful time - but surprising how readily the body accepts it only slightest force is needed to return it back in - no resistance.
  • jack38jack38
    Posts: 35
    I have the MGX and I know it is moving only a short distance in and out but when the hard deep strokes start it feels like it is moving several inches back and forth. I also get a sensation that it has blown up like a balloon every time it's stroking hard. I've never had it pop out though.
  • inc63inc63
    Posts: 22
    I voted 22-32 mm on the basis of maximum movement. This amount of movement happens for only a small proportion of the time. Most movement (85-90%) would be in the 0-5 or 5-10 category.
  • GandorfGandorf
    Posts: 3
    During a session with just the involantaries, it moves only the slightest distance - maybe 5mm - 10mm. When I do the gentle contractions, it moves 10mm-16mm. Of course, a full anal contraction pulls it deep and I can feel it prodding the vas, so I would guess 32mm or more [maximum]
    My choice was 10-16 mm based on my own gentle contractions.

    I love the very small anal contractions that I am not controlling. Those stimulate me to the greatest pleasure.