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Are there ligaments in the anus rectum?
  • Hi there i was just wondering whether there are any ligaments in the anus rectum that would
    connect to my prenium muscles because when i contract my anus it my penis moves in and out at the base about a centermeter or and when i hold it out and pull on the end of it and hold it i cant stop
    it from retracting every time i contract my anus pc muscles try and stop the flow of urine and i can feel my pc muscles moving contracting too much when it press both my fingers on them it feels like there is a tendant like a pc of string connecting to my pc muscles from somewhere near the front of my anus and when i contract it feels like this piece of string like a tendant is stiff and is being tugged pulled on everytime i contract my sphincter pc muscles honestly i cant tell if my problem is healing or not all of a sudden there is no pain then the muscles especially my pc muscles go stiff again and hardly move at all then for some reason they go loose again i want to know wtf is going on with my anus rectum muscles it has been just over four months now since i last used and prostate massager anal pc toy so i should have healed already but it seem not to have made any progress or i suspect that it is healing very slow like at a snails pace and the pain in the rectum is still persistent i got my hopes up during chat thinking the problem is finally starting to retreat but now i am not sure and i get down on myself and think negative thoughts now that the muscles are not remaining stiff like i remember they used to be, and i read somewhere the symptoms of a torn tendant are swelling
    and similar to what i am experiencing and torn tendants dont heal on their own i know because my brother had to have surgery on his finger when he was eighteen years old because he half cut and tore a tendant in his middle finger on a sharp piece of metal reaching under his bed, so maybe this is why my problem is still persisting.

    I have to wait until july 16th 2010 to see the colorectal surgery clinic this is just bs i shouldnt have to wait eight months to get medical help but hopefully the problem will be gone by then by some miracle
    i think i will go back to the GP and get him put his fingers on my prenium i dont even need too take my pants off just wear thinner pants and jeans so he can feel what is happening when i contract
    my pc sphincter muscle because he might just say yes i know what the problem is now i have dont the tests and there is no infection or cancer but i dont quiet think he understands that it must be a musculer related injury yet he doesnt quiet get it i dont know what he thinks it is now that the test are negative, when i told him how long until my next appointment was at the austin he was kind of suprised and told me he thought they where hopeless, and asked me if i had the letter soo i think i will make another appointment with him and ask him to hassle them to make it soonerhe has already offered to do this for me.

    But dont worry i still have some hope it weal heal on it's own it's just a bit hard to remain positive when it goes backwards a little, if i ever have to give up the great aneros dream i think i will loose
    my sanity and my mind and have to be institutionalised i am sorry to say this but that is just the honest truth but for now i will try my hardest to remain positive and not get depressed worried panicking because when this happens i have strong suicidal thoughts like i already have had like last chat.

    It's funny but really sad how a simple piece of plastic can ever make your world better and brighter or ruin it forever, i know one fact to be true i cant live without this device and am a true addict who may never recover, but anyway lets all just be happy for now.

    Cheers thecritta
  • Don't want to freak you out or anything, but could it be perineal hernia?
  • Hi, Critta...good to meet you on the chat last weekend. I guess I missed what started your inquiry, and what the base problem is that you are referring to. So I'll address this question. IMHO, it would be very difficult to tear or damage a tendon in this area of your body by anything that you could do apart from physical trauma due to some kind of accident, fall or gut wrenching action. Have you had any of these? Tell us again, what are the symptoms of your problem? Is your discomfort reduced if you put upward pressure on your anus, like sitting on a tennis ball, for example? What's going on?

    To answer your question directly, Yes and No. But let's get a couple of definitions clear. Tendons attach muscles to bone, ligaments attach bone to bone. So the tough, fibrous end of a muscle is a tendon and then attaches to a bone or bony protuberance on the skeleton.

    Yes, there are tendons in your lower bowel area. However, it is muscles, not tendons, that surround the anus and form the bottom of the pelvic floor and the associated perineum area. The perineum is actually just term for the area between the base of the scrotum and the anus.

    The main muscles associated with the bowel support are what we call the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles often described as being shaped like a hammock or sling. They are attached via their associated tendons to the lower end of your spinal column to the tailbone, or coccyx, and continue to the pubic bone.

    The outlets of the bladder and colon, urethra and rectum and anal canal pass through the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor supports the bladder and bowel (colon) in men, passing just under the prostate. It supports the uterus, bladder and bowel in women.

    We can consciously control these muscles through a system of nerves. When we want to tense or relax them we can. So when you tense your anal muscles that action pulls up on the whole pelvic floor, to which your scrotum and penis are connected, of course, and that accounts for the rise you're seeing. This is normal and necessary. There is a muscle, the bulbo cavernosus, surrounding the lower end of you penis, inside your body, part of the pubococcygeus muscles, the "pc" muscles, and when you contract it, it tenses up and feels "stringy". Again, perfectly normal.

    Ordinarily, the pelvic floor muscles are tense, that is, contracted, ensuring continence ("holding" both feces and urine until you're ready to "go") by keeping the outlets closed. When we go to the toilet we relax these muscles. The muscles that surround the lower end of the pelvic floor are called the lavator ani. The levator ani is an important muscle group in the pelvic floor group. It has a lever-type action. In other words, when we want to lift the pelvic floor area the levator ani helps accomplish that action.

    Because the lower area of the lavator ani pass under the prostate, when you contract the muscles that control to anus, they pull up on the prostate area. These are the same muscles that clamp off urination as well as provide for bowel control. Nerves, of course, control which muscles are contracted and which are relaxed for various body functions. You should be able to have full control of all these muscles. However, there is only a certain amount of contraction that is voluntary. You can't bring them to full tentanus using your sympathetic nerves. So for you to say they're not as strong as before is either due to some endemic problem, or your recollection of the strength of those muscles before may be faulty.

    I guess my point in all this, is that everything "down there" is connected and interrelated. So, as in your case, a simple diagnosis may be difficult. If you're having pain or any discomfort connected with the use of your Aneros, I believe it would be in your best interest to stop the use of the Aneros until you get some kind of definitive diagnosis from your physician. Aneros use should be painless and stimulating, certainly not painful or annoying. It's possible that you have something going on, and to continue Aneros usage may be contributing to this.

    Muscles, by their very nature, generally heal quickly due to their generous blood supply. Tendons, OTOH, because of their tough, fibrous nature, and much lower blood supply, heal much slower and in some cases not at all and require surgery for repair. It's highly unlikely that you have any tendon damage, Critta. But you may need to take time off to allow for muscles to heal and return to normal strength.

    Good luck.

  • I don't think the Aneros is responsible for any type of hernia. There must be some other cause. I see the odds of the Aneros device causing such a thing to be very slim.
  • I have no idea what is going on all i know now is that i have some reddish spot on
    left side on the top of my penis head which went away a few months a go but has seemed
    to come back after i passes a few bowel movements a night or two a go after going to the
    toilet i had pain down to my knee's and im my ass checcks that area the pain is hardly
    ever that bad whatever it is, it is not going away on it's own so i might have to live with it
    hopefully not.

    I think it might be Proctalgia fugax which is characterized by spasms but this only
    occurs when i contract the pc sphincter muscles maybe it is nerve damage idk
    i am sick of all this second guessing and not knowing what is wrong, also
    when i insert my fingers in my rectum and fell the wall it feels sensitive and
    horrible to touch like really yuck feeling wtf is this? And also noticed when i
    put my fingers in there and contract i can feels a slight spasm around my fingers
    even when i pee it feels wierd a little but not painful and when i ejaculate i can feel
    the muscles around the prostate contracting it feels wierd and slightly unpleasant also
    i just wish i didnt have to wait another eight months for july the sixteenth of 2010 four days
    before my birthday too see the specialist at the Austin hospital, maybe they are making
    wait soo long as a way of having pity on me or something they dont seem to interested
    just great huh.

    but anyway my head feels like it's going to explode this problem is driving me insane nuts
    i hope it packs up it's bags and catches a flight home soon.

    But thanks for your concern anyway, and i have a cold or something atm which is making me tired and feel like shit, i hope you are better plz read my previous posts for more info or anything crucial i have left out.

    Cheers thecritta

    :x :x :? :?
  • DeepDeep
    Posts: 78
    This really sounds like you have a problem with your muscles. Did you look into those books I mentioned last time? They are very helpful with this kind of pain. You can start healing now by yourself or with the help of a therapist, you don't have to wait and see a specialist.
  • Ok just found something, i was sticking my middle finger inside my rectum and feeling around
    i noticed that at all around my rectum the back from sides it feels very sensitive too touch not pleasant to feel uncomftable it felt smooth and soft everywhere i felt, but then i pushed my middle finger deeper about three quarters of the way with the upside of my middle finger and felt something a little strange with my fingernail i felt an area that didnt feel soft and smooth it felt like it was touch
    a small hole i could feel thin skin like thin like a ballon around my fingernail like i was pushing into the entrance of a hole in the wall and the wierdest part is just with my fingernail i could feel something that was sensitive and felt like soft flesh, kind of like a soft piece of meat and the only way i could describe what it felt like it, if you where to poke a small hole in the skin of a chicken maybe and just push your finger through the skin something like that, actually i can feel anything anymore cant really get my fingers in far enough.

    But anyway ill keep positive for now and hope my problem dissapears cheers

    :) :? :? :)