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Need peridise instructions
  • the search gives me 419 results , but I am drowning in too much info .
    What I need is precise instructions how to use the Peridise .
    I understand it's different in the way used than other aneros .

    So forth 2 sessions and nothing ...

    can someone specify or give link ?
  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    Hi Opmayhem

    What search text did you use?

    I have been using the Peridise for over a year now and can honestly say for me it is the best model. I ordered the advance set and both work equally well.

    I prefer it because you can use then anywhere, on a train, sitting at my desk or in bed.

    I use Coconut oil at the lub and insert the device until the first bulge is inserted then my body takes over and pulls it in to the required position.

    When laying in bed on my side I keep both leges together in the fetus position. I use a little anal squeeze but not too much and wait for my body to take control.

    If I am sitting at my desk I insert the device and gently sit normally. The device will be pushed further in then just wait...

    First you will notice a tingling sensation deep inside which grows. Just let it happen. Then you will notice your heart rate has increased (just like when you are watching porn). let it happen.

    Don't try and induce anything or set expectations. Squeezing too hard can kill the sensations. So be conscious of how much squeezing you are doing and relax it. Above all else just let it happen

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Hi OpMayhem,

    Just go to High Island Health and under the shopping Tab, find in the list down the left side of the page the item "Instructions". BTW, they call the "Peridise" the "Peristal" but they are exactly the same thing.

    This gives you a little more than a full A4 page of instructions and all the details you need.
    Dead easy really!
  • Thank you so much Guys for the link and instructions .