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Afraid of what some people say on here/my session last night
  • Alright this is my fears about what some people say on here, and I will talk about my session last night.

    I have read a lot of what people have said about having orgasms without the aneros. Like "cargasms", and not seeming to have control over these. This disturbs me, and I'm kinda afraid to continue my aneros sessions because of them. The idea of super orgasms, and repeated dry orgasms and everything sound wonderful, it's what made me want to use the aneros as a straight man. But not having control of when I feal these sensations scares the crap out of me. I don't want it happing in places like Church, work, driving, on a date ect.

    So am I missunderstanding this stuff? Do these people have to focus to get these emotions or is it out of control for them?

    My session last night. Well I have been experimenting with the aneros on and off for a while without any success. However last night I inserted the helix and relaxed on my side. It felt good, and I began to feal little pulsating movements, this is the farthest I have gotten with it in the past. Nothing huge, but a little arrousing. Well I relaxed and tried a couple light contractions, even though they usually ruin and end the session for me. Last night however it didn't ruin the session. I would make a contraction, and then the aneros would move on it's own, then another contraction. There was a very pleasureful rythem. My heart was racing very fast and beating very hard (does this happen normally?) I don't know if it was nervousness, or arrousal or both but my heart was going so hard and fast it actually caused the great pleasure I was fealing to stop after a few minutes of excitement. I relaxed and tried to get them to happen again but to no avail. Anyways that's about it. Thanks for all the input, I could really use some.
  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    I would not let the "fear" of this keep you from these wonderful sensations. If you do, you will never know what you are missing. I do have car / chairgasms all the time but they are never what I call "out of control". Why would I want to control them because they feel so good.

    If you are worried about losing control while driving, at church, work etc. I can say that I have never been what you call "out of control". I do have these sensations at work many times and even at church. I focus on what I am doing rather than these sensations many times. If I am bored, then I enjoy them!! :D Most of the time I feel these gasms while sitting down or riding in a vehicle. I have a rather lengthy drive to work so the ride to work is very enjoyable now. :D

    Many times while sitting, especially when I am bored, I do focus on the sensations and that causes them to build. Then there are times they are very intense, which I love. I have found that with extended time away from the aneros these sensations die out. So if you decided that you didn't like them later down the road I am sure they would go away if you decided to stop the massages. Hope that helps.