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Sleeping with the Eupho
  • I had the most amazing experience with my Eupho last good I had to share!

    I havn't had a session in a while and as I got into bed late I thought I'd give the Eupho an overdue run out. I lubed up and started watching some porn. I began with some light contractions and it almost immediately began to feel great. I was lying on my back, stimulating my nipples when I felt engulfed by pleasure. Precum was streaming from my hard penis and as I held a contraction my whole body began to shake. It felt amazing. I held this for as long as I could and then eventually relaxed. I then turned over on to my front and held some more contractions. Again....bang. Another blissful body shaking orgasm. This continued on for about an hour or so and where as I normally finish with a super T, this time I decided to just go to sleep with the Eupho still inserted.

    I woke a few hours later in the middle of the night to feel a throbbing in my prostate. It was quite mild but as I concentrated on it it began to grow. I was about to have my greatest Aneros experience yet!
    I held a very light contraction and just concentrated on the wonderful feelings I was having all around my anus and through to my penis. I found myself gasping and moaning as the most incredible sensations washed over my whole body. My penis was flacid but it felt like it was going to explode. As bizarre as it sounds it felt like I was floating....almost drifting on a wave of pleasure out of my body. I'm not really sure how long this lasted but after a while I stopped to take a break and move position. As I did this (I was lying half sideways/half on my belly) I began to have another incredible Super O. This one was different but again it was weird and involved a kind of floating and drifting away feeling. I felt a surge of pleasurable warmth wash over my body and I began to shake involuntarily. The Eupho was twiching wildly in my anus and sending me further into ecstacy. I have honestly never felt so good. After what seemed like ages I tried to rest but it was as if my prostate was begging for more. My body felt drained and tired but the thought passed through my mind that the Aneros had me as its prisioner and was going to stimulate me until I couldnt take any more. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me until finally I had to remove the Eupho and try and get some sleep.
    As I write this now I'm trembling just thinking how good it was. By far the best sexual experience of my life and I've being using the Aneros for over 4 years!
    Its amazing how this little toy can surprise you after all this time. Cant wait for it to surprise me again!!

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Great post Eddie, and congratulations to you. It is nice to see that you are always in for surprises.
  • FakmanFakman
    Posts: 45
    I was wondering what kind of lube you used. I am always afraid of leaving it in so long because I think I will "dry" up.
  • I used a lube called Maximus Anal Lube which was perfect for the long session. I didnt have any issue with it drying up.

  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    Try KY Intrigue.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 747
    Or Slippery Stuff gel.
  • Fantastic story! Very exciting to read as well to experience I'm sure! :D
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Having read your post, I got to thinking that perhaps I could make it work for me! Although my experience last night was not as dramatic as yours, I too have just had the greatest sexual experience of my life.

    Unlike you, I had not undergone an extensive refractory period leading up to last night, having had a session with my Helix two nights ago and sex involving an ejaculation with my wife during the following morning.
    It was a hot night in Melbourne with the temperature in the mid to high 20s. That’s about 80°F. Needless to say, there was no need even for a sheet on the bed. Indeed it was so hot, I doubted I would be able to enjoy a good session at all!

    I had prepared my Eupho with a thin coating of Shea butter, and before retiring, inserted a plug of refrigerated Shea butter deep into my rectum, with the assistance of my smallest Peridise.

    I lay in bed for a full half hour, mostly on my back, before anything happened. Slowly but surely, mild PC contractions resulted in mild mini-Os, which steadily grew in intensity until they became more-or-less continuous, only varying slightly in intensity, but the whole process being driven by the Eupho.

    After at least two hours of this activity, I was clearly becoming tired and was prepared to fall asleep. Sleep was however only light but I did enjoy a dream, which involved preparation for sex with a beautiful young woman.

    That dream must have woken me up and once fully awake, I experienced the most amazing sensation I have ever had. It felt as if there was an explosion of red-hot energy at my prostate and this spread steadily right through my genital region, encompassing my rectum, anus, perineum, testicles, penis and abdomen. It took a good five seconds to reach through the entire region and it remained for at least two minutes, without any input of any kind on my part. I was afraid that if I made any movement, it might destroy what was happening. Eventually, the delicious feeling did subside, but I was aware that my penis felt as if it was rock hard. My feeling was confirmed when I reached down to feel it. A good deal of pre-cum was flowing from it as well.

    This is probably the closest I have come to a Super-O, and I rather hoped this event might be leading to my first experience of one. As it turned out, it was not to be, but a few light PC contractions did lead to a further three or four mini-Os; one of which encompassed my whole body.

    Being aware that by now, the Eupho had been in place for over five hours, I thought it wise to devote the remainder of the night to sleep and so removed the device before lapsing into proper sleep!