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Which Aneros is best for an eager newbie?
  • Hello all,

    I have been lurking on this board for a few months, blown away by the stories I read here. :shock:

    My wife and I have sex about 4-5 times a month, but my sex drive is WAY higher than hers. :lol: I'm thinking that the Aneros may open up a new world of solo exploration. Based on what I've read on the board and wiki's, the Helix would be a great first time buy for me (my height: 6', weight: 215lb, age: upper 30s). I've had minimal anal experience, but I'm not squeamish about having my tush penetrated for the sake of seeking pleasure.

    I know there are many "Newbie" threads, but I'd like to solicit some fresh opinions before taking the plunge.


  • isportisport
    Posts: 12
    Hi and welcome to the forum NY.

    I'm roughly the same size (6'0", 195lbs). To me your case is made easy by not having much anal experience. I would have to suggest the helix. Keep in mind I to am also deciding on which model to take, and have it down to Helix and Progasm (due to toy experience). The other models don't seem like they would be suitable for you either. The SGX is for shorter men. The others as I understand it require that you have developed the muscles and 'know what you are doing' to achieve the affect. You'll find some good information especially from OpMayhem, B Mayfield and Rod of Plastic.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome The New Yorker! :D

    You might want to consider the MGX as your introductory model. It is appropriate for your size and has been very successful for many in this role. It unique stepped tail and the satisfaction guarantee also unique to it in your size range offer more flexibility, and a greater/easier mobility, IMHO.

    MGX is the model I used exclusively for my first year, and the one that successfully launched my rapid expansion with the Eupho advanced model, and later the Helix and Progasm Ice.

    There are opportunities to bring your wife into your practice in several ways, including the unisex Peridise foursome of peristalsis rather than prostate stimulus design.

    all the best with your journey and your love life with your partner all

  • Hi,

    I would go with the MGX ! I've tried the MGX, Helix, Eupho and Progasm and like them in the order I listed. The MGX by far will produce the most fluid at the tip of the penis.

    Good luck and be patient with it.
  • The MGX is the other option I've been considering. But the Helix looks slightly bigger and more aggressive, which is what I'm leaning towards.

    Looks like the Helix has a partial money back guarantee so it wouldn't be a total loss if it doesn't work out for me. :lol:

    Keep the opinions rolling in please. I'd like to make the right decision. As for getting my wife involved. . . she's not into anal play at all. But then again, I wasn't into it either until recently. So I'll explore solo for now.


  • isportisport
    Posts: 12
    As you've been lurking, and you don't really have much experience with anal play, combining these two polls gives you the answer.
    Helix, the best for newbies, and seems the majority's favourite. Although I would think this would be skewed since a greater proportion would own the Helix, which in itself is a recommendation. Although it's touch to get a feel without people listing their anal play experience and size, which seems to factor into the equation as well.
  • NewYorker ,

    I'd say Helix , if you limit yourself to only 1 . Even though every person is built and reacts in so many different ways , There seems to be a strong consent about the Helix .

    If you wish to really spoil yourself , get the Progasm as well . Most of the time I work with the Helix , but some days , when I do not react to it as much as I want , I find the progasm to be a welcome tool in my kit .

    You may notice if you read around , that most people here have more than 1 model in use . and many have the entire collection , as they find every model to have its own benefits and unique touch .

    The recommended down-time between sessions is 24-48 hours , the prep is lengthy - namely : enema .
    As you can see, there's a window of opportunity here , time wise . It is so aggravating to start a session and be stopped due to low sensitivity . Why not keeping your options open ? Thats the time when the 2nd or 3rd model ,which had been around unused for so long, comes into play and saves the day . Check out on "multiple aneros during sessions in polls section .

    I had 2 sessions out of 13 so forth that my mostly unused progasm proved worthy . The super O though I owe to the Helix .

    Hope you have lots of fun with whichever model you pick .

    Armed with a Helix
  • MGX is the prototype.

    Helix is the product. Everybody loves it.
  • I'm going for the Helix :D

  • Helix. Best compromise between large and small, but utterly satisfying.

  • Got my Helix in the mail today. Looks bigger than I thought it was going to be. Can't wait to take it for a spin! :twisted:

  • fun4twofun4two
    Posts: 14
    New Yorker,

    Post with your results of the Helix. Im in the process of deciding on which one I want Im 6ft7 about 185 and played with dildos for some yrs. Im looking for the one that gives the quickest results far as feeling and precum.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    [quote=The New Yorker]Got my Helix in the mail today. Looks bigger than I thought it was going to be. Can't wait to take it for a spin! :twisted:


    Congratulations. Good choice.

    For many guys, MGX (and Progasm) provide a higher level of stim on the Cowpers glands (precum producers).

    On your belly or side, Helix is an excellent Prostate tool (somewhat less force than MGX or Program) but more agile and as you develop muscle, you can do some interesting things with lateral (wag) movements.

    When on your back, you may find Helix superior to either MGX or Progasm in doing a nice :D job along the posterior of the anal/rectal canal.

    Helix is nice for foreplay since it's fairly mobile.

    At your ages you're wife is probably immune to a bladder infection if you should leak contaminated lube. Once post-menopausal be alert to leakage of thin lubes. When this occurs, consider avoiding missionary and have her ride you. Our Urologist suggested I use vegetable shortening on the Helix when we expect to go into missionary position (that's worked and for almost a year and Mrs. r has remained infection free). We've adopted an SGX (even though I'm 6' x 180lb) for foreplay or any activity where I'm going to make large or rapid moves.

    Welcome and enjoy !!
  • fun4twofun4two
    Posts: 14
    thanks I was thinking of the Pro myself but you saying its not real mobile cant move around with it in alot???? I was after the Pro for what you said more precum producer I think it must be more aggressive if it produces more My almost 7 foot self will be squirming I hear the Ice is smoother than the White in the Progsm thinking of the ice......The Helix sounds good to but might not be agressive enough......Which I think it comes with 100% money back guarantee so could always just pay difference get the Pro if helix dont work.......Decisions !!!!!!!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    Just to be clear about a couple of topics :

    Purchasing the Helix – You can only get a partial refund on that model , not a 100% refund, see the Guarantee conditions for the Helix model.

    Production of precum – Some men experience increased precum production and others DO NOT. You may wish to take a look at the user survey ”How much precum (Cowper's gland secretion) do you produce?”. I don't know of any supplements or exercises which will alter your natural production amount. You may experience increased flows or you may not, it is impossible to predict how you will react. I hope you are not purchasing with the illusion you will experience copious discharges.
  • fun4twofun4two
    Posts: 14
    not at all i love anal stimulation and the feeling. From what I read this feels good I also read where some dont reach and hit the prostate like it should......Just trying to decide on which one