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Looking for advice
  • Hello everyone,

    I need some advice on getting over the edge to the Super O. In all of my sessions I can get involuntaries going rather quickly and keep them going for quite some time. I start to feel a build up of pleasure and pressure on my prostate and the involuntaries get to the point that my legs/body starts to tremble but then the feeling just seems to pass. At this point during my sessions I continue on looking to get back to the same place but it never happens. The feelings are still very pleasurable but the built up pressure never comes back. During my sessions I feel as if I'm on the edge of a Super O that always eludes me. If anyone has advice on what I can do to try to push myself over the edge please let me know.

  • Wish I could help, I have not gotten that far yet.
    Maybe someone else has advice?
  • I find that this happens to me when I am either not relaxed enough or have grown an expectation of pleasure. I get to the edge of super-O, then whether consciously or not, I begin to take over. When this happens I loose the self reinforcing oscillation and expansion of pleasure that the involuntaries produce and the pleasure subsides. I get the best results when I don't think about the toy at all and let my body do all the work. Instead, I concentrate purely on the feeling and my breathing. You must let go completely.
  • Donkeylover ,
    You seem pretty close to the super O . Yes , those P waves and involuntaries come and go . Just follow through in between the P waves . In my session , the first half an hour it just built , the next hour was P waves . the last 30 minutes to an hour was coming closer to the super O .

    At that point , the involuntaries take control of their own and very little , if any action was needed on my part . After the super O , it started picking speed like a car going downhill without breaks ! Had I not taken it out , I would be dead from pleasure . But then , thats just me .

    Keep on and follow through , give it the time . Kindle the fire , coax more involuntaries and when you least expect it , it will hit you like nothing ever did