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My First Super O , Nearly gave up ...
  • Favoring brevity , here's highlights from the start to the super O

    Oct 10 - Got the Progasm ( I am a big guy with anal play experience , I thought the bigger the better )
    Oct 11 - Got the Helix. Had a session with each . Super T - with the progasm
    in the next 9 days 7 more sessions. the vast majority with the helix . the progasm proved to be so big , that only in 1 session it was pleasurable . I found the Helix to be much more agile and pleasurable.

    Sleeping with the Helix :the 3rd session I left it in and went to bed with it. as I read that can be very pleasurable.

    It was everything but sleep ! 4 hours of super strong sensations . Just when you think it's over , and nothing too exciting , it throw sparks at you .

    session no.4 to 7 - after reading deeper - involuntaries contractions. pleasure waves. but thats it.the convulsions started when I was typing , half standing on my PC... out of all places...
    But here was the plateau , and most setback , I was at the edge , almost there , so close , but not there.

    session 8 and 9 - strong convulsions , but it was tricky to follow through . I read more blog entires by users here , trying to hone my expectations and actions.

    Oct 30 - the big day . started with the progasm . unfo' I could not fit it in fully and it felt too awkward.
    Switched to Helix. 30 minutes of the same old involuntaries.
    Took it out .
    Re-inserted , and then just kept it in , laying in bed proved to be unexciting , so once again to the PC .
    I noticed that when I am in very uncomfortable positions , my muscles tighten up , and then the contractions and P-waves get very strong.

    With that in mind , I sat on the floor , one butt cheek on the floor the other one not . Shortly the pleasure began . One mini O after the other .

    for those of you who are frustrated -
    I nearly gave the whole thing up. I thought that a finger there feels much more pleasurable , let alone the toys . But this toy requires a bit more reading than the usual no brainer toys - straight out of the box , average , expected , ubiquitous toys .

    The sensations were very subtle , unlike any toy I ever tried. It really involves changing many "circuits" and habits. Like , not touching your penis , or focusing on the sensations and not on things one's used to focus sexually . Also , to follow those sensations proved very tricky .

    When I say to follow , I mean , if you really focus deeply , even when they subside , they are about to return , in greater magnitude . Intensifying to mini O's .

    The mini O's were a story by themselves. Not identical to ordinary anal orgasms ( like other super T's or or plain orgasms ) . If an orgasms is about 10 seconds , and them a huge tiredness and relief , those are just pleasure waves , each lasting 30 to 180 seconds... with a break of about a minute or 2 in between

    After what felt like forever , I sat on 2 chairs of identical height , by now , i did not need to do anything , the cycle was self sustaining , at the most ,a little squeze here or there .
    After 7 mini O's , ( I barely kept count ) , suddenly I was hit by a HUGE sensation . I could almost not contain it anymore and it was almost too much to take . It was about 1 minute long , but had I not taken the Helix out , I would be typing this lines from heaven...

    So here are my tips , in short :

    * empty bowels
    * keep perineum and tabs lubed as for me it tend to dig in , and then movement is restricted.
    I used a modified cover on the K tab for this.

    2 very important tips :

    no.1* Recognize there are 3 groups of muscles involved :
    -anal - clench \ unclench anus . most newbies focus on those , I think thats where they are getting frustrated
    -PC muscles - the ones used to stop the urine flow . The most pertinent muscles . If you can clench those , thats the make or break of the whole journey , at least for me.
    -rectal muscles - the bear down \ expell muscles , which negate the rest .

    no.2* Think of your PC muscles as a volume knob,low vol - low contraction . high or full volume - max clenching

    hold the PC muscles 25% to 50% roughly clenched . over time , like a minute, it will become fatigued . then involuntaries starts , thats where the fun starts and strongest sensations. like a finger thats raising hell in there.You add some anal muscles to spice it up.If you're really experienced with this , you will make it repeat more and more often to the point that it's self sustaining and then it's intense !

    Those are the most important tips I can share.

    Finding which position works best for you is highly personal.
    For me , I found that the most strenuous positions , not in bed , were the most pleasurable and conductive to those shakings. Even working around the house , or sitting on the PC .

    So , 20 days , lots of aggrevation on the way , but what a reward !
    it's like a new language my body can speak to me and it's all pleasure

    The weirdest is , that the helix can be immobile even in me , and I feel as if I am taken out of my body , or in other tems :like a HUGE toy is inserted in me , or a finger is massaging my prostate so rapidly fast . I do not shake that much , my penis is flaccid , and yet , I am so high .

    Best luck to you all out there on the journey , if you have any comments or Q's I'd be glad to help.

    Armed with a Helix
  • AWESOME! :D :D :D
    Glad you stuck with it and finally got there! Some things are REALLY worth the work. :wink:

    hold the PC muscles 25% to 50% roughly clenched . over time , like a minute, it will become fatigued . then involuntaries starts , thats where the fun starts and strongest sensations.

    Thanks for the tip! Rummel had the same advice, so I know this is the way to go! :D

  • Hi Bishop . Thanks for your words . a hard , sometimes very frustrating , catchy , touchy journey with its ups and downs , but definitely worth it .

    How long did it take you ? days\months and number of sessions wise to reach the super O ?
  • session 11 and 12 sharpened some weird pointers for me :

    Some days the prostate is very sensitive , some other days , it's a war trying to get anything.

    The days it's less sensitive , the progasm did a better job than the helix . I am glad I have 2 models.

    Injecting 5-7 cc - inhibited the aneros movement and ended up very messy.

    For me , and I assume for me only , only 1 or maybe 2 -very weird- positions worked.
    Some frustrated users out there - if the involuntaries do not find you , try straining positions like no.24 and 25 . Thats the only ones that work for me .