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GP has me information that contradicts what i have read here
  • thecrittathecritta
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    Hello there after speaking with my counsellor today, she told me that the male
    GP i have visited numerous times about my problem with the device wanted to
    see me because he heard that i got a job where i work in IT at a job agency
    where i am also a client as well as an employee, so i saw him told him about my
    job asked me whether the Austin Hospital had actually made an appointment for
    me and i told him i had one on the fourth of november and told me they would send
    him a report of what is discovered to be causing my problem and that he would
    see me probably two weeks after visiting the Austin urology clinic and reluctantly
    i showed him a picture of the womans vibrator i had used and printed out at an interent
    cafe today but it was only a small picture here

    And i told him that when i used it about nine or eight months a go when i was using
    it i stopped using it and had not touched it since because i got almost immediate
    pain when using it, and i told him that i feared it had damaged my prostate
    and that this was the cause of my problem and pain and discomfort i have been
    experiencing, but then he told me that it would put pressure on the prostate
    but it wouldnt damage the prostate because the tip is very rounded and the pressure
    would be evenly distributed over the prostate, but then when i come here i hear
    a contradictory opinion that if you put too much pressure on the prostate it will
    damage it.

    So i want to know who is right and who is wrong?

    And thoughts or opinions cheers thecritta

    :? :? :? :? :? :?
  • Well im no doc so take this with a pinch of salt.

    Some docs use very hard pressure to literally squeeze prostate fluid out of your prostate if you have an enlarged prostate (this is very painful). Others use just light strokes (more common) to stimulate the prostate to release its fluid.

    These two types of docs seem to argue with one another as to which the best technique is. I guess there is no evidence as to which is best or if hard pressure is harmful so they just argue. Or thats what I have read anyway.

    Personally I say light pressure only to play it safe and I think the Aneros company recommends light pressure too to make it impossible to cause any injury to the prostate avoiding any potential lawsuits.

    Also the prostate is squeezed incredibly hard by the surrounding muscles as well as the prostate itself contracting substantially during ejaculation to pump out semen which I think equates to a lot of pressure on the prostate. Also take into account that the majority of the prostate is hidden under your bladder and that prostate stimulation through the rectum only reaches a small part of the prostate. This leads me to believe that the prostate is capable of taking a lot.

    Hmmm..reading that back to myself I make it sound as if hard pressure is ok and I don’t want to give that message. I say don’t use any more pressure then what feels perfectly comfortable.

    New people to prostate massage should make sure they don’t keep increasing pressure just because they arnt feeling anything. More pressure will not increase the pleasure.
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    As with everything else here - less is always more!