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1st time try - no sensation of anything "orgasmic"
  • I tried my new Helix this morning for the first time. I was not really horny other than all the anticipation from the forum testimonials about p-orgasms and Super-orgasms.

    I used astroglide and lubed up my anus and the aneros and inserted the Helix with the handle facing back. It felt like a small sex toy in my ass. I rolled over onto my back and did notice some feeling, but nothing to get excited about. I relaxed for about 15 minutes and changed positions of my legs a little to try to get a feeling. Nothing. Total time, about 20 minutes.

    I thought it might feel the way it does when I have a bowel movement and it sends shockwaves of pleasure through my being, but it did not honestly feel like it was massaging my prostate. A small amount of precum came out of my flaccid penis but that is all. I did not try to get an erection.

    I feel really let down, I was looking forward to at least having a non ejaculation orgasm.

    What should I do?

    I don't want to share my Helix with my wife until I know it works FOR ME, so I have limited time to practice with it. I take care of our 4 month old daughter during the day while my wife is at work, so it is hard to get an hour of quiet "me" time to work with it.

    I have read that it takes other guys awhile to cum but it really doesn't feel like anything to me.

    I need some advice.

  • Welcome to the forum.

    First of all it is pefectly normal not to feel much in your first session.

    You do not yet know what feeling you are searching as prostate massage is a totally different feeling from penile stimulation.

    Next time try to forget about what the aneros should be doing dont expect anything and make sure you really relax your entire body. Use slow deep breaths to relax and eventually you will feel a new kind of pleasure.
  • Whoa....whoa...whoa, jk...take a deep breath and relax.

    First, welcome to our wonderful forum, you'll find a great bunch of guys here who will be willing and eager to assist you on your, what we call, "journey" to both prostate health and prostate pleasure.

    I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that we're not surprised that you felt little sensation on your first Aneros session. Have you read the wiki? There's a lot there regarding relaxation techniques and many testimonials regarding your initial use of our little toys. You would be among the very, very (lucky) few who have success the first, second, or even fifth time. By the way, twenty minutes is barely enough to even let your prostate know your Aneros is there! I don't think I'll get much flack on this, but, IMHO, you're cheating yourself if you don't allow at least an hour or more for your sessions initially.

    Speaking just for myself, it took me weeks of patient use before my Aneros became effective. We call the process "rewiring" where you really have to spend the time to rewire your thinking from traditional penis centered orgasm to the wonderful release and pleasure of multiple male orgasms MMO. One thing I can assure you of, this really does work, and it's worth the time and energy to get there.

    As eternaltraveler just wrote, relaxation, calm, a quiet mind, and patience are all necessary to get the process moving. Every time you use your Aneros, expect nothing. Find a physical position that is comfortable for you, on your side, on your back, whatever, and then just relax.

    Your body actually knows what to do, of this I'm convinced, so if you just relax, the Aneros will work naturally with the rhythm of your breathing to start its work.

    Please, don't push it. Don't expect anything at all. There are guys here who have been faithful users, enjoying the learning, rewiring process for months who have yet to experience a Super O. There's lot's of enjoyment in the process, but don't expect miracles, dude.

    Have a wonderful trip. It's worth it. Even with your somewhat limited time for use, it'll work.

  • CCockadoodle thank you for your support on forum will stay with us much time for all your advice for my windshield I'm enjoying the trip for 12 months still not great 0 but wonderful sensation of each session that I did not even runs after the super 0
  • Read and re-read the WIKI.
    Your body needs to learn how to use the aneros. There needs to be a paradigm shift in you for it to start to function. It's a process. The Aneros is less of a sex toy and more of a lightning rod. :shock: