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Some success - but advice sought
  • n_ladn_lad
    Posts: 2
    Hello all,

    Thanks for the efforts many of you put into this forum - it's a great resource thanks to you all. This is my first post here, so apologies if it's in the wrong place.

    I recently bought an aneros progasm and have used it about 7-8 times. Really enjoying it, but sort of too much in a way...

    Much of the info on here seems to indicate that as involuntary contractions increase along with sensations, users may feel like they are approaching an ejaculatory orgasm, but do not ejaculate... Instead they may have one or more dry orgasms and continue on their path towards 'super o' ness!

    In my case though, on the 3 occasions that these great sensations have built to this point - I've had an ejaculatory orgasm. Feels great! However, I'm wondering if theres something I'm missing at this point.

    Like most here, the 'super o' is the goal - but the sessions are more pleasure oriented than goal orientated (i.e. I'm doing my best to enjoy the moment without focussing on just achieving a 'super o'). I've had dry orgasms before (from edging when masturbating), but I've never had the impression from what I've read here that I should hold back or try and restrain the sensations when using the aneros.

    Any pointers welcomed.


    N_lad :?
  • Well make sure that your penis is rubbing against bed sheets or your legs/belly or anything that might cause you stimulation.

    Some users do ejaculate with the aneros but it appears to be quite rare.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi n_lad! :D

    I think ET above meant "...make sure that your penis is NOT rubbing..." :wink:

    It may be that the Progasm is taking you right to an ejaculatory prostate orgasm, without any mini-Os, dry-Os, or Super-Os on the way. That could be a pattern from previous anal stim when going for an ejaculatory orgasm, if this is part of your experience to date.

    I experience Super-Os and then must "intend" a Super-T (super traditional ejac-O) to "switch circuits" and ejaculate. That pattern was a development with intention in my re-wiring process gradually. As a previous prostate massager over the years, I started with the MGX (which uniquely among Aneros models, comes with a satisfaction guarantee) and later went wild with a Eupho, which is recommended as an advanced model. You may get better initial dry-Os/Super-Os and re-wiring with a smaller model than your Progasm.

    all the best as your journey here extends and unfolds all

  • n_ladn_lad
    Posts: 2
    Thanks for your responses - yep I guessed thats what ET meant! :)

    Hmmm - yep, I think you've hit on something there artform. I've tried prostate stimulators in the past before I discovered the existence of such a thing as a super-O. I tried the rockboy and the nexus, and I guess the the reasons where pure curiosity, with expectations of ejaculatory orgasm. And the expectations were satisfied!

    Like I said, the aneros is a new experience for me. Perhaps as you indicate, I need time to 'rewire'. I'm more than happy to 'smell the flowers' whilst taking this journey, so I'll give the progasm more time before I consider another model. I'll read up a bit more on rewiring - any pointers to useful posts or resources would of course be welcomed.

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement.