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Mod on MGX
  • i bought the mgx one month ago. Had few session with it, but it seem the mgx did not touch my prostate. I read thru some mod on the forum. Someone suggest to cut off the handle so the tip of the mgx will tilt and touch the prostate. It is true? Need answer before cutting off the handle.thanks
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I have cut the handle off my mgx, helix and eupho
    I think they work better and are more comfortable like that
  • I did it and ended up regretting it.
    You do get more movement but you lose the pivot the tab affords.
    I ended up repurchasing the ones I altered.
    They worked better as designed.
    But the bottom line is: to each their own.
  • I would be very interested in hearing from other people about this as well. I don't think my MGX quite hits the spot either, and I have thought about modifying mine, too.
  • I have modified my MGX and only my MGX. I had great results with it prior to modification and thought that the mod would make it better but I didn't really think it improved anything. Becuase of this I haven't bothered cutting the handle off any of my other models. However, I do recommend that if the p-tab is not hitting the right spot to adjust its location using a heat gun. I have done that with a couple of my models and their performance has greatly improved.
  • liquidflow,

    How do you know where the P-tab is supposed to be hitting? It makes me a bit sore sometimes, so I put an eye-dropper rubber bulb over it. I'm just not sure it is hitting where it needs to be.
  • There are a few places to find more information as to finding the 'sweet spot' on your perineum where the p-tab should be touching. The one I found most useful was in B's Key to the backdoor. You can find more detailed information there. To sum it up basically get a partial erection and massage your perineum starting at your scrotum working your way towards your anus. When you get to a spot that feels particularly good that should be your p-spot ( it is a small depression about the size of a pea). I found that my p-spot is closer to my anus than the factory model was designed for so I used a heat gun to bend the arm of the p-tab closer to the insertable part of the aneros. This had the added benefit of the p-tab applying more pressure to my perineum. I hope this helps you Newbie.