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Going on hiatus
  • KetchupKetchup
    Posts: 12
    Had my helix for awhile now, my prostate is definitely more sensitive now.
    No super o yet, but I enjoy my aneros sessions alot.

    I think I'm gonna stop using it for awhile though, realised that I have quite the taste for something more intense... Maybe i'll get a progasm in the future...
    But for now, I'm going on a break from my helix and I'm not returning untill I get my girlfriend to try pegging me.

    Any advice on which types of strap-ons are good?
    I am turned off by those that look like penises, which unfortunately is almost all that I've seen so far...
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Ketchup, :)

    There is an ongoing pegging thread with lots of good information at the following link.

  • KetchupKetchup
    Posts: 12
    Thanks :D
    This forum is awesome, no one that I personally know is so open about such stuff.
    Not as knowledgable too.