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Two Consecutive Daily Sessions
  • Has anyone else noticed the impact of doing a session (an hour), resting a bit (hour or more) then jumping in to another session? For me, the second session always reaches greater heights of pleasure than the first. It's like the first becomes foreplay for an over-the-top second. I've also noticed that if I practice nipple play for a while before inserting the Aneros (I'm talking maybe 30 minutes to an hour of nipple play), it's almost like my prostate and anus are quivering, begging for the Aneros. Does anyone else experience this?
  • Oh yeah. Full moon night was pretty much one session, rest, then another, rest, then another...
  • aye,got much better in the 2nd session, but there were days the progasm would not even hold right where it should as the region was too loose