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New user looking for helpful comments
  • DanMMDanMM
    Posts: 5
    I actually just bought my Helix last Sunday. I was doing some research on prostate stimulation, and went with my wife to go "toy" shopping. We were going for her, but I first found, I think was the Progasm, which quite honestly scared me, but then I did notice a helix, and told my wife that I wanted it.

    Anyway, my wife had plans that night, so after the kids went to bed, I decided to try it out. I tried it out for a while, with not much happening, but then my wife showed up. It was that time of the month so she wasn't interested in sex, so I continued. What I did at that point was slow breathing in, slowly contracting my anus for my whole in breath and relaxing as I exhaled. I started geting some pleasureable feelings from it. I also think having my wife there helped some of the mental part of the arosal.

    Anyway I tried again the next day. (I've since read that you should give it a break, but I didn't know at the time.) Again I went with what was working the night before, breathe in slowly contracting my anus, breathe out releasing. Again I got some pleasureable experiences. Still nothing I'd call an orgasm. More like foreplay.

    Yet again I tried the next day. but this day I wasn't as into it. I wasn't getting relaxed and it just wasn't happening, so I decided to try something. I masturbated with Aneros inside me. That is when I learned, at least for me that not only do I not get erections with the Aneros, that it is actually not as easy for me to get erections. I had to work harder getting me and keeping me up for the duration, and it wasn't that special.

    The next time, (A couple of days later) my wife wanted to get involved. So I inserted the Aneros, then we worked with her on her new toy. Then we had sex. I had read how you would be able to last longer and be harder (oh that does remind me when I masturbated once I got it hard, it was harder than it had been in a while.) Anyway I'm not sure if I was any harder, but I really didn't last too long. In fact the sexual experience was painfully short. It wasn't that pleasureable since I was spending most of the time trying not to orgasm.

    Well I tried it again last night. Again working on what had been successful for me. What I found was with my anal contractions, I was starting to get involuntary pelvic thrusts. Still no feeling of what I would call an orgasm, but still pleasureable.

    I guess I would like to know if I'm on the right path? Do I just have to be patient, or am I doing something wrong? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    Each person is different so the time you need to get there where the pleasure is is unknown.
    I do feel you need to chose between giving you're sex live a boost or go for the not touching your penis and the body orgasms.
    If you read some of my post you see how long it took me to the point i'm now, i can tell you that you're in for an amazing ride if you go for the second option.
    Good luck. :wink:
  • Hi, sounds like your way ahead of the game! :D It took me 2 months to get any good fellings. Enjoy your progress!
  • Welcome aboard, DanMM! It's great to hear you have involved your wife in your Aneros journey. The Aneros have helped enrich our marriage beyond any expectations. My wife has both inserted and removed my Aneros for me; and, she finds pleasure in doing so. I guess I would describe my Aneros as part of a widening spectrum of pleasure and satisfaction --- a tool or a bridge but not an end in itself. Sometimes, an Aneros will be a part of an actual session of pleasure we both share, while at other times, I will insert an Aneros after my wife goes to sleep or during the night. If I insert during the night, I can depend upon an energized close encounter with my Beloved in the morning. Take things slow and easy, Dan; and, appreciate every second of pleasure that comes your way. I didn't masturbate for probably the first four months after I started my journey. I now save it for after an Aneros session to help reduce the level of energy (or "clean the pipes" as artform says). Like you, I started using my Aneros daily. Now after listening to the experts, I try to space things out with a couple of days inbetween. Once you rewire, you may experience similar sensations (chairgasms and buzzing) even inbetween your Aneros sessions. You're welcomed to read my blog if you wish for more detail. I wish you and your wife well --- the journey has begun!
  • Dan, welcome, yes...aneros and patience go hand in hand - but keep at it. I'm no grand master and it's been a year - but I've made excellent progress.

    Are you making mistakes? I'm going to be controversial and say yes, but only because everyone makes a few mistakes at first. Whether it be, not enough lube, or not relaxing enough, or not being in the right state, or being too tired, or trying to force the issue by manually contracting...(the list goes on)

    There's a wealth of information on this forum which I'm sure you're already going through, but stick with the program.

    Try and throw in some private sessions as well as with the wife and see where the journey takes you my friend