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Slightly off topic...Libido Enhancers: Bremelanotide/PT 141
  • Hey all. Happy Sunday to you all. Just been chatting with another friend on here and I thought I'd ask the general group. Has anyone on the forum used Bremelanotide (a.k.a PT 141)? It was developed to treat people with skin pigment problems (it reacts with melanin, giving you a tan) and they discovered it was giving men spontaneous erections and generally making them very horny.

    I'm not a recreational drug user for physical and spiritual health reasons but this is not a psychotropic drug per se. It's main effect is on libido, producing a "gotta have it" sensation we all recognize as hornyness (sp?). It's the only known medication known to actually work on arousal...a true aphrodesiac (sorry guys, my spelling is horrible but I'm really not an idiot). It's a nasal spray and it's the only drug they've been able to discover that also ramps up libido. The FDA did not approve it because in certain patients it caused a spike in blood pressure. You can buy it online from overseas suppliers and I've been thinking of trying it mainly for the same reasons I got into the Aneros in the first place...

    My wife has a great sex drive and if I was hard 24 hours a day that might not be enough for her! I know, terrible problem to have, right? It's just that I can't keep up (pun intended) and I'm wondering if this would help.
  • NG,
    I used to work on the melatonin pathways and just looked this up on the FDA, Palatin, and wikipedia web pages. It's a very interesting mechanism, one known for some time.

    My caution to you is that this particular molecule has quite substantial effect on blood pressure. When you see that they canceled it for libido, and tried it for folks with life-threatening low blood pressure from hemorrhage, that's a potent drug. I saw that they tried softening the dose and using it nasally, but there were still patients with problems. So, even with pure drug, it could be dangerous, particularly during sex with its own blood pressure effects.

    Finally, there's a lot of counterfeit drug being sold, and who knows what's in that.

    My advice is leave it be and work on the other approaches to libido,many discussed on this forum.
    best wishes,
  • I have tried PT-141 a handful of times over the past several years. I certainly got the intended effect from it, but the expense and hassle of using it have limited my use. There were a couple of undesireable things about using it. First, in the form I was able to obtain, it was ineffective when made into a nasal spray from the crude spray bottle I used. Apparently Palatin uses some special process to prepare it as a spray. This meant it had to be injected subcutaneously. Not sexy, pleasant, or totally safe. It also seemed to produce a tolerance to the immediate and most intense effects that occur about an hour or so after the dose. It took a week or so for that to wear off. It did, however, produce less intense, longer lasting effects if used during this period. I also experienced some of the more well known side-effects like facial flushing/warmth, sleepiness, and mild nausea depending on the dose.

    As for the positives, it did make me quite horny, to a degree I haven't experienced since I was a teenager. It made stimulation and orgasm *quite* pleasurable. And even for a few days after the initial dosing, I experienced frequent spontaneous erections and arousal. On the one hand it was nice to know my body was capable of this since it rarely happens anymore, but on the other hand it got annoying. I had always wished for the days when I was 14 and constantly horny again, but I had forgotten that it was actually quite awkward having to hide big honking boners from friends and associates, and not being able to do anything about them.

    All in all I would say the experience was a wash. I may try it again some day, but at this point I don't think it's the solution for the dissatisfaction I feel with my libido. It did enhance the few aneros sessions I tried with it, but I've had better sessions without it since. And frankly, cannabis, which comes from dirt, water, and sun rather than a peptide synthesis lab, has done more for my sessions when I've tried it. And really the best thing overall I have found to boost my libido is to lead a healthier lifestyle. My libido and my aneros sessions went on an upswing after I started eating whole unprocessed foods and exercising regularly. It hasn't gotten me to PT-141 level, but I also don't have to inject sythetic peptides from shady internet merchants into my belly.
  • There are many ways to naturally increase your libido, and these can intensify the lovemaking sessions of couples who still love each other but that have lost the passion. It also can strengthen the level of intimacy between newer sexual partners who may be compatible in every way but do not have a high level of attraction to one another. One of the more practical ways to “get your motor running” is to participate in regular exercise. Maybe a 30-minute power walk or run in the morning helps. Either that or some other type of physical activity such as playing on a sports’ team might be to your advantage.
  • So I had the same fears as you guys but you should be aware of the history. 

    PT-141 is a derivative of Melanotan II.

    Melanotan I & II were developed in the 90s to prevent skin cancer.  It was never approved by FDA for market due to 1 particular side effect.....erections (which is utter bullshit) and unfounded concerns that it causes skin cancer.  I have read reviews and research that shows that even though it increases moles and freckles, there is no evidence that you are at more risk of developing skin cancer if you use melanotan.  I have psoriasis and have been tanning for the last 25 years.  I have studied and learned and know a lot about skin and skin cancer.  Personally, done properly and safely, tanning is the number 1 way to prevent skin cancer.  I have known this for a decade.  Not having a tan or skin color puts you at high risk for developing skin cancer.

    Instead of focusing on preventing skin cancer, guess what the Palatin did?  They focused on boners and derived PT-141 from Melanotan II.  Meanwhile, many Europeans enjoy the benefits of Melanotan prescriptions while north americans are at the mercy of governments and big drug companies who capitalize more by treating cancer rather than preventing it.  Melanotan will likely never see the market in USA or Canada.

    As far as PT-141 goes, it was developed to treat sexual dysfunctions in men and women and trials have shown that Sub-cutaneous injection eliminates the blood pressure concern.

    But yet again, there is more interest in using PT-141 to treat hemorrhagic shock than helping people have better sex.  This will likely make it to the medical market for use in ER's/surgury and we probably will never see it in pharmacies for sexual dysfunctions. 

    Anyways, MT1, MT2 and PT-141 have been available for lab use since at least 2006.  Despite the warnings that is not for human trials and strictly for lab use, many people have been legally buying from reputable north american labs and then using on themselves for nearly a decade.  When used responsibly has no serious consequences/side effects that I have heard of.  However, whether legal or not, prescription or not, everyone reacts differently to substances and a severe reaction is a risk no matter what you are taking. 

    Personally I plan to try melanotan II to see how well it helps my psoriasis.

    As for pt-141 I am thinking of trying in combo with aneros.

    Just my opinions.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Did they try it as a topical crème, rubbed on the genitals? or as a penile suppository? It would be interesting to note if they did, and what the results were.
  • rookrook
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    I first learned of PT-141 when I was active in the Yahoo extension to the newsgroup.

    About a decade ago CBS, 60-minutes covered its development and test at a public university in Arizona (either UofA or ASU).  This was during an era of ultra-conservative political influence over the FDA and sanctioned trials were going no-where.  When Palatin started their lab-development I purchased several blocks of their stock.

    I decided to give it a personal try and opted for administration via the nasal pathway.  I bought a small 'sample amount' of the peptide and an aerosol dilutant from a lab in Texas.   I tried it about a dozen times spread over two months.  I had the advertised 'spontaneous' erections, most notably on the first five or six administrations.  Like other erectile support meds, its effect for me, seemed to decline as my body experienced additional doses.  I didn't use it in combination with either Viagra or Levitra.  I did increase my meager holding in Palatin though, in part due to my hopes for PT-141, egged on by promising reports from off-campus labs across the Canadian border.   

    Ten years ago I felt that the FDA seemed very 'influenced' by an ultra-conservative political element When the general public climate shifted I expected PT-141 to move forward.  The climate within the FDA didn't seem to change.  Palatin's market value spiked about five years ago due in part to it's acquisition of other promising medications.

    As things stood then I didn't see it as a practical E.D. treatment and I disposed of my holdings.   However, I'm sensitive to its effects on skin pigmentation and take note when persons in the political or entertainment arenas suddenly get deep tans without having first displayed a sunburn.    :))