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Writing about Orgasms.
  • Hey guys

    After a wonderful night spending 2 hours in ecstasy with the progasm, and this morning spending an hour with the MGX, I just felt like writing about something.

    Ever since I started my journey almost 2 years ago, a major part of it for me has been just wanting to understand what an Orgasm really is.

    It's funny, there's a thread here titled "I'm not sure if I truly know what an Orgasm is." While I'm sure he meant something else by that title, I honestly have to say I have felt many really powerful orgasms with the aneros. But to truly be able to define an orgasm has to be impossible. It falls into one of those hazy philosophical realms. There are so many ways to define it, and every experience is so unique that it would take it's own definition.

    I think an orgasm is actually many wonderful feelings wrapped into one. During some of the most intense pleasure, I have tried to "meditate" on it. Or really, just spend some time trying to mentally focus on each part of the feeling to try to understand it all.

    Anyway, I just thought I would relate this feeling to some other experiences I have felt in my life.

    There is a feeling of "Intense relief" This feeling happens usually right as you start getting those powerful involuntary contractions. I could relate this feeling to the kind of relief you get from breathing after holding your breath for a while. Or if you've ever had your body in an unusual strained position, say reaching for something or maybe holding something heavy. When you finally recover from this there is a feeling of relief that you get. This same exact feeling occurs during a good stretch. Imagine this relief feeling magnified 1000 times, and that is what occurs during an orgasm. This feeling right here is perhaps one of my favorite parts of the whole experience. I love focusing on this specific feeling when it comes.

    While the relief feeling is more of a physical one, there is a whole plethora of emotional feelings as well. One of these feelings is what I would have to relate to "Childhood Excitement" I remember when I was a kid, I could get VERY excited over things. Say getting a new toy, or finding out that friends were coming over. I remember jumping up and down with excitement over such things. There is definitely some connection between an orgasm, and the really excited feelings that I would get as a child.

    There is something about a really intense orgasm that makes it definitely NOT something superficial. It feels as if the very core of my being is touched by intense pleasure. It is no wonder one of the biggest keys to having an orgasm like this is "letting go" If there is any tension at all, then there is no way to be touched so deeply. It is a very profound feeling.

    Back to the emotional aspect. There are so many intense emotional feelings that are evoked. Love, Trust, Happiness, Friendship, Bonding, Excitement. It is as if every positive emotion you could imagine is all packaged together.

    There are even more good feelings too! Some of them, I'm not even sure how to describe... but it is all so incredible. I'm sure others here could describe many others that I haven't even thought to put up here. With all of this very intense and profound goodness, it is no wonder that in my mind I am thinking thoughts like "Oh Yes..." "I can't believe how good that feels..." "Woah, How is this even possible..." All I can say is that is is very unreal.

    From a darwinian perspective, there is nothing better that can happen to an organism than for it to find a mate and pass on it's genes. It is no wonder that our brains are made to feel incredible pleasure and overall good feelings from this. I personally think the aneros cheats what is normally possible for a man to feel, and stimulates specific nerves in a way that nature hadn't planned for. It is as if we are putting on a "cheat code" on our bodies to allow us to feel the absolute height of pleasure for much longer than was normally possible.

    I have done a lot of reading, trying to understand or figure out what is going on in the brain to create all of this. There isn't really hardly any research into this, and in fact I think most of the western world would still laugh at the idea of a man having waves of continuous orgasms for 2 hours. Anyway, the best I can tell from reading. I think one of the biggest reasons for the pleasure is that the pituitary gland releases massive amounts of pleasure inducing chemicals. I was reading how one of the chemicals, Beta-Endorphine is actually 80 times more potent than morphine. 80 times! I personally believe there may be other really powerful opiate type chemicals that are released. With the incredible lack of research, it is likely that there are many as-of-yet unknown chemicals involved.

    My own personal theory is that there is some incredibly powerful fast acting chemical that is released right at the onset of orgasm. It's probably very volatile with a half life measured in seconds. If you notice, the VERY BEST feeling comes and sometimes goes very quickly right at the point of the orgasmic contractions. With it being so volatile, it is likely that this chemical hasn't even been discovered. Again, this is all just my own personal theory, it could be entirely wrong.

    The problem with using real drugs such as morphine or heroine to achieve pleasure is that they break the brains natural ability to regulate itself. What happens is those drugs stop feeling good, and you become dependent on those drugs just to feel normal. I was reading that people who are addicted to heroine completely give up sex, because they say it doesn't feel as good as the drug. What has happened in this case is their brain has completely shut down it's natural ability to feel good. All I can say is, what a tragedy! This is why these drugs are incredibly harmful. With the aneros however, what we're doing is pushing the brains natural ability to feel pleasure to a whole new level, without breaking it. In a sense we get to cheat what is normally possible in another way. When I am using the aneros I am putting on a "cheat code" to allow me to feel the heroin, or morphine high without any negative effects. There is no "day after" crash, In fact... I feel even better the next day! I don't even believe the aneros is physically addictive at all (although it might be emotionally! Who doesn't want to feel this kind of pleasure again and again?). Earlier this year when I was really busy with school, I was able to completely abstain from it for over a month, and I honestly felt like I could keep going, but I didn't want to.

    Anyway, I'm not sure how to end this post. I think there's a lot of good information here, but it's just all kind of lumped together. Any thoughts/comments?
  • plantationplantation
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    thank you for miles to post yet still beautiful yet :lol: :lol:
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    Great post, binaryfellow!
    I don't really have much to say in response, but I understand a lot of what you're talking about there.
    Relief, excitement, pleasure, chemical responses. It's all pretty amazing isn't it?
  • Diesel2215Diesel2215
    Posts: 105
    Thanks for Writing binaryfellow, I don't have any contribution but really enjoyed the read. Really clear and very nicely written.


  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Fantastic read binaryfellow!
    Thank you for taking the time to gather your thoughts and type this up.

  • Anon17564Anon17564
    Posts: 57
    This post reads almost as a preamble to scientific study.

    It's a sad fact of capitalism that the only way research is going to be funded for things that make us feel better are if there's going to be a pricetag somewhere along the line, so we have no economic drive to investigate this part of our own programming.

    Heh, any scientists on this forum? Anyone in an actual position to investigate these hypotheses? Because I know I'd love to know the mechanisms behind this.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Tks binaryfellow for the post. It's in my file of personal nuggets.
  • Yes I've remembered things from my childhood as well. It's amazing that the author of this article mentioned that because it does bring back a lot of erotic emotions and memories. It's so ironic that he mentioned that because I was actually thinking of speaking of that on this forum a few months ago. I've known for a very long time of this phenomenon.
  • I like to express myself in writing as well. When in intense sessions with the Aneros or Aneros Peridise I would come to having a lot of sexy thoughts, memories, emotions, and feelings. This would often bring me back to some erotic memories of when I was a child or teenager. When a person had their first orgasm or had sex for the first time it was the most exciting. Well the Aneros tends to bring back some of the excitement. For me it tends to make the nostalgia of it all more vivid and almost like I am having the same excitement as I did at the time. The Aneros really taps into the brain somehow. Remember the brain is the most powerful sex organ. It brought back many erotic memories that I didn't remember prior to the sessions. During some of my sessions I would recall of how I liked to sleep naked at times when I was a kid. I think I was maybe seven or something. I remember lying in my sleeping bag at night in my bedroom. I used to get on all fours in a doggy style position and look back toward my crotch. I could see a little bit of my figure in the dark since the hall light was a shining in a bit and I had the opening of my sleeping bag open a bit where light was coming in. I would study how my balls would hang down low and then end up moving up closer to the body in a bunched up ball. I would look at my penis hanging there. I've always been a "grower" not a "show-er" and still am. I noticed it would get much bigger (erection) and then back to small (flaccid). It would sometimes get hard by me fondling my penis or just staring at it. It felt so erotic and "naughty" to be naked. It was fun! I recall rubbing my hands all over my butt cheeks and loving the soft and silky feel of the inside of the sleeping bag rubbing against my bare butt. I've always remembered when I was four how I would play with my penis and wondered why it got hard and wouldn't go back down. lol. I used to stare at it when it was hard in amazement and had these undescribable thoughts, emotions, and feelings which were something shy of being horny. I remember at that age sitting naked in an indian style in the closet and staring at my erection standing tall like a tower and it made me feel so powerful, masculine, and in charge for some reason. I liked the feeling of it being hard and my penis being all big, tall, and strectched out. It would last for a long time and I wanted that, that feeling, and that moment to last forever. Aneros has brought me closest to that level of excitement.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    What a great initiative binaryfellow!

    Great post BF! And you too equalityboy81!

    These kinds of considered thoughts and evocative descriptions of these richly complex phenomena we are encouraging and opening to are very valuable to us and to those who will join this community over the years.

    BF you are helping to expand our internal personal mapping of what feels like what, where and when, and possibly how and why. Given the emerging knowledge of neuroplasticity and how our thinking remakes our brain in part, the more we follow these phenomena with conscious intent and meditative visualization, the stronger we may be re-enforcing the very rewiring we want to achieve.

    EB81, your tender, innocent, heartfelt, childhood memories are so warmly evocative and call each of us back to our own childhood erotic sensing and self-recognition. How many others find their aneros sessions take you back in time like this? This too is key re-enforcing of the body/mind rewiring and I believe strengthens/expands the neural web that enables these orgasmic energies to come forward and stay forward in our senses and our whole being-in-the-world.

    EB, you take me back, to my youth both before and during the three years of pre-puberty, puberty, post-puberty summer camp. Like you, I loved the sensuality of the soft fleecy sleeping bag lining on my skin. I would strip in the bag and raise myself on my elbows and slowly moved/caressed my penis and scrotum lightly along the lining of the bottom of the bag. My mind raced to take in the great gamut of tantilizing sensations and the feeling of slowly getting an erection. It is a magical time for young boys.

    Your post, along with similar reminiscences of your teens and emergence as a sexually active young man, would also be a very valuable contribution to the thread in the Male Sexual Orientation Here poll.

    all the best to orgasmic explorers and questioners

  • Thank you Artform. I would be nice to hear from you and others of more memories the Aneros has brought back. It's amazing what this little piece of plastic can do. It makes it feel like it's your first time.
  • CollinCollin
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    I'm a bit late coming to this thread, but I just had to reply. I enjoyed reading it so much. It is so beautifully expressed!

    Binaryfellow, those are excellent ways of describing an orgasm! I particularly related to your comparing it to "Childhood Excitement". During one of my orgasms a couple of years ago, I realized that a certain rush of feeling that almost feels like a magic breeze that blows through you, is the same one I'd get as a child when I suddenly became happy and excited over something. That is such a touching and profoundly beautiful thing. It does make you feel really good about orgasm in general.

    Equalityboy, I enjoyed reading your thoughts and memories that are evoked by these orgasms. Thank your for sharing those. Now that I am experiencing multiple orgasms as an adult, I too find that it awakens basic feelings that I had as a young person. It reminds me of my first sexual feelings and how incredible and raw they were. It helps me in my aneros / multiples sessions because I can locate more easily the things that really turn me on and highten my arousal. It seems that as we get older and more into the world, we sometimes become disconnected with our true feelings. They begin to feel a bit watered down. Discovering deeper levels of my orgasmic potential has helped me reclaim certain things I was not quite as aware of as I once was. And man, is it fun!! It is such a pleasure to allow myself to dive into ecstasy and release feelings of guilt that I had as a young person about sexual feelings.

    Artform, it is great to read your thoughts as well! Reading some of yours and EB's memories take me back. I too remember that some of my early sensations involved my penis rubbing against clothing or blankets. I remember how intense and awesome those first sensations felt. On a couple of occasions I was caught playing with myself and I was shamed by adults. It hurt me and made me feel strange about sexuality to some degree, but I am glad that as an adult I am more unconditional with myself and allow myself to freely experience who I am as a full being. I'm so grateful that I explored this world of pleasure. It's given me so much.

    Wishing you all lots of good feelings!
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    Thanks, Collin, for bringing this thread to the top with your excellent post, otherwise as a recent arrival I might never have seen it.

    Binaryfellow, that was an absolutely superlative essay on what makes up an orgasm. Followed up by marvelous reminiscences by equalityboy, artform and Collin. What a great thread! It revives memories from my own past that I had totally forgotten. I remember when I was a kid, wondering why I had many of these feelings, and if anyone else had them, worrying that my near-obsessions about them might not be “normal;” it is very gratifying to find that others went through them as well, that we’re all so much alike.

    I have also spent a lot of time pondering the mystery of orgasms, especially in the last few months, after some remarkable dry ones I posted about earlier. I agree that the aneros somehow cheats (or I might call it “fools”) our bodies into responding to something that isn’t really happening (intercourse), and of course that’s pretty much what we’re doing when we masturbate.

    One of the most precious gifts of our humanity is the ability to retrain our basic sensory mechanisms to give pleasure far beyond what evolution ever had in mind, or cared about. Our sense of smell was there to keep us from eating rotten food, and to respond to the sweat of those with whom we wanted to mate. Our hearing, which probably evolved to let us hear the approach of predators and to grunt crude messages to others, can now bring us to tears when we hear an opera aria.

    It’s ironic that we in the western world like to think we are so advanced. Yes, maybe we have the greatest science, but in some respects that has inhibited our receptivity to true understanding of something as profound as an orgasm. Eastern cultures may not have come up with the precise physiological/psychological explanations of sexual pleasure, but ultimately one can argue that they are far more successful than we are in recognizing the vital importance and potential of the body’s sexual mechanisms, and their centrality to our very humanity, not just an accessory function that no one talks about in polite company.

    Religious and cultural forces have been the other impediment. I was raised in a religion (Catholic) that teaches that any form of sexual self-stimulation is a sin, that sex is permissible only for procreation. This didn’t really stop me from masturbating when I was young, but I felt guilty about it for years, as well as a sense of shame that I lacked self-control. Those of you who grew up without this kind of a cloud over such a natural and healthy act are indeed fortunate (I can’t even imagine what frustration priests must go through, and the guilt they must feel when they finally do what comes naturally).

    Of course, cultural restrictions are essential, otherwise eighth-graders would be impregnating each other. Back in prehistory when most of our existing basic behavior traits were formed, people lived about 25 years and sex at the first sign of puberty was probably the norm. Now we are in a vastly different “civilized” world but are still saddled with the same primitive drives and instincts.

    The emotional aspect is in many ways the best part of all, and probably the hardest to explain. Especially the evocation of the joyous feelings of our childhood. And, as you point out, they are all positive. The quickie orgasms we have all experienced, whether alone or with a partner, are often devoid of much more than the basic physical pleasures of release and satisfaction. They are the Big Mac of sex: over with quickly, little nutritional value, soon forgotten. Most of us started life thinking this was what it was all about. As we mature we learn there is more to food than Big Macs, and more to sex than the need to just release some sperm. When we are young the sex drive is so strong as to be nearly overpowering. It is like the sun compared to the night sky, it blots out everything. Later as we age this intensity begins to wane, and it becomes possible to see the stars. My orgasms have actually become stronger the older I get. The orgasms you are all talking about are the ones that in a very real sense give life a whole new meaning.

    Other posts on this board have talked about resonance. From an engineering perspective, I believe the nervous system has many of the characteristics of a resonant circuit, in which all the elements are tuned to a specific frequency and energy coupling is maximized. I picture various nerve circuits each operating at their own pace, or frequency, until some kind of external stimulus is applied. If it’s the right kind, the circuits begin to synchronize and work in harmony, building and building until there is a massive transfer of energy, much like the feedback that happens when a mike comes too close to the speaker. Physiologically, that could be the point of orgasm.

    Your theory of a fast-acting chemical at the onset of orgasm is intriguing as well. I believe I read recently that prolactin is released in the brain at the moment of orgasm, and may be responsible for the rapid wind-down. I have often wondered how it is possible for my rational mind to so quickly and dramatically change in the few seconds after an orgasm starts. This starts raising philosophical questions about free will. Do we really control our thoughts, or are we just reacting to the chemical broth in our bloodstream?

    Artform, your comments about recent discoveries in neuroplasticity are right on – I believe this lies at the core of our ability to not only grow our sensory receptivity far beyond what nature originally intended, but also is the whole reason this rewiring process, the basis for the aneros, is possible at all.

    Collin, I loved your magic breeze metaphor, and the comparisons to innocent childhood pleasures.
    And I’m glad you were able to overcome your feelings of guilt and shame about your sexuality, just as I was. What a waste it is that so many people have to go through that sort of thing because of the pernicious “sex is dirty” obsession hanging over so many cultures. And how fortunate we are that we have gone beyond it.