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Scared of the super-O
  • Dear Aneros members,

    I'm having a problem that I assume not most people have with the Aneros, it's a kind of paradoxal thing.

    Yesterday when I used my Helix for the 5th time, I had incredibly much control over it. The involuntary contractions appeared within 10 minutes. At this point I thought about what B Mayfield had said in his topic, namely that the loop of the involuntary contractions coupled with proper p-positioning and an aroused user would generate this total body orgasm. As soon as I felt the heaver involuntary contractions, I now made voluntary contractions to get this loop going.

    At this point I was laying on my side, but I turned on my belly now. Then I made some more voluntary contractions followed by involuntary ones. And that got it going for me. At that point I was feeling something I had never felt before. Namely as B Mayfield describes, the anus going outwards and the Aneros going in. This I had felt before, but not so much as yesterday. At that point a very strong feeling all over my body was rising. And I was sure that I was going to get a super-O. At this point some kind of stuff was going to my brain, I could feel it! This sensation was so powerful that I stopped it, because I was very scared of what would happen. I'm 100% sure that if I didn't stop it, that I would get a super-O. This was the srongest feeling I ever felt, but only for a short period of time, because I was scared.

    My heartrate was pumping like madness, I was extremely hot and as I said, scared! I'm not naieve in this matter, but often I like to have control. And I'm scared that I will get a heart attack or something else, I feel like: am I going to hold this?! This is so powerful, I will blackout for sure.

    So, can someone help me on this matter? Because yesterday I felt like omg, this super-O is to heavy for me, I'm not ready for it, although I am now sure that I can have one on command. I have the control over the sensations now, at my 5th session! Which ofcourse I'm very happy with, but also very scared.

    I hope anyone can give me some good advice, thanks!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    What you are experiencing is really quite normal and nothing to worry about. Does this sound familiar “The next thing I noticed was a tightening of my abdominal muscles...” or “At this point I actually got a little scared at the intensity of these sensations...”, those are my words from my first Super-O experience.

    The feeling of panic you encountered has been reported before. I too, experienced the same fear of the mysterious unknown sensations overtaking me before my first Super-O. This is what is known as “terror at the gates” over on the KSMO Forum. I think it stems from the fear of our ego to surrender control and "just let go". Once you recognize the feeling and acknowledge the fear, then you can reassure yourself that your body would never do something to harm itself and by extension harm your mind either. My advice is to just continue with your exercises, while encouraging yourself to relax and let your body lead you to the next level. Allow yourself a certain level of mental detachment, almost ‘observer’ status to pacify your conscious mind as you permit your sub-conscious mind and body to weave their magic fabric of enveloping pleasure.

    In the midst of a Super-O experience one can feel a loss of ‘ego’ consciousness and experience altered states of consciousness, time awareness dilation and even synesthesia effects but you are always able to terminate the experience through force of mental will. It is our mental ability to so thoroughly control our thoughts that makes obtaining the Super-O so difficult to begin with.

    Congratulations on the rapid progress, your re-wiring is well along. It may not be too long before you are posting your own report to the My First Super Orgasm... thread.
  • Rumel speaks rightly.

    Super-O is an experience most people are unaccustomed to; its power can be extremely intense and hard to accept. Letting go is the toughest part. Even after obtaining Super-O, each level of greater pleasure is obtained by letting go yet another step. I’m even scared with my progress at times. However, ones body knows more than ones mind, it can lead to untold pleasure, if you let it.
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    Wow! You must have read my mind. I was thinking of starting a thread on this very topic.I sometimes
    prefer the mini-os to the supers because I have a fear of making so much noise, that I will wake up the neighbors. and also a little fear of losing control.
  • "Terror at the Gates"!!!
    I've been there! Out of body experience, like I was melting or merging with things around me.
    I have not gotten back there yet. It is insane. Made me feel like this guy: :shock:
  • BunglesBungles
    Posts: 30
    Thanks alot guys for your tips.

    @ rumel

    "“The next thing I noticed was a tightening of my abdominal muscles...” or “At this point I actually got a little scared at the intensity of these sensations...”, those are my words from my first Super-O experience.""

    Yeah those words sound familiar, but I also read in your post that you were very natural with it, and just let it develop. But that is really the next step for me. So far, I would say that this is the hardest step so far.
  • I know just what you mean - I think it happens to everybody. Just be secure in the knowledge that your brain and body won't take you anywhere you're not ready to go yet, so just relax back and let yourself be taken on that amazing journey.
  • CollinCollin
    Posts: 56
    It all sounds familiar to me as well. When you take off on that higher level it can be unnerving to say the least. It's such an amazing feeling yet it's new territory and can be a bit scary to release and go on that ride. I've needed baby steps to become more at ease. Be patient with yourself and the process. I found that time has helped me. Each time you go a bit further and when those places come again you are more familiar with them and you are able to relax into them more. I would get so excited that sometimes my heart felt like it would beat out of my chest. I've become more at ease with time. I find myself enjoying and savoring the levels and not panicking like I once did.

    Bishop, I loved your description of, "Out of body experience like I was melting or merging with things around me." That describes exactly how I've felt on occasion. Feels like I'm being pulled into the sky or something. So wild! It does feel like we are giving up control in the process.

    Wishing us all more of that incredible ride, and relaxation once we get there!
  • One thank you collin for your comfort for the continuation(suite) of my journey I I use peridise I have a lot of pleasure but not still of super0 but I take advantage every day of the journey these déja great as ca excused I for the translation :o
  • 10 minutes???? lucky u