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Must see Aneros orgasm videos
  • This is a profile from This man has several videos of him having dry orgasms from the Aneros.

    Click here and then click on his videos:
  • Is this normal, that the aneros got so much out of the anus? (See in Video 6) This means that I have to press hard....

    Perhaps this is my error - I have not done this until now....
  • Interesting find equalityboy81.
    I guess this fellow is trying to educate the public about the benefits of the aneros, at least that seems his aim on the first video. The other videos would benefit greatly from a voiceover to what he is doing during the video.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    phischi said:

    Is this normal, that the aneros got so much out of the anus? (See in Video 6) This means that I have to press hard....

    Perhaps this is my error - I have not done this until now....

    If I've got this right, I saw what you're referring to in Video 4? In any event, generally the Aneros self-inserts down to the tapered portion. In my case I would have to contract rectally (the outgoing type of contraction) to make the device move this far out of my anus. I suspect that he is doing the same. It's likely that he enjoys the sensation of self-f***ing as some have termed it, where the unit is purposely drawn way out then pulled back in. That said, if one's sphincter lacks sufficient muscle tone, it is possible that the Aneros could slip out on it's a result of such a person simply relaxing.

    So to answer your question, no, I do not believe that you are doing anything wrong. It is not necessary for the Aneros to move this way to have a Super O.

    BF Mayfield
  • The guy has a "super orgasm" blog, mostly on the aneros too:
  • You are all in luck! As I'm such a big proponent of the Aneros devices, not only did I make the videos you are discussing here but the blog is centered around the device even though I am in the process of writing articles for the blog in how to successfully perform induced "dry" orgasms through digital means (digital in the way of using a finger).

    I apologize I didn't do voiceovers on the videos as one individual suggested. In the near future, I may try to do even better than what you saw happening to me on xtube, as I've been contemplating the production of a good full DVD of instruction on how I've achieved regular super orgasms. Unfortunately, a quality DVD can't be free like xtube allows all of us to be so I've been putting it off simply because most folks don't want to spend the money on such an item. If I happen to receive enough support over the web and enough do think it's a good idea, I may take it off the back burner and create it. Unfortunately, marketing is a different matter altogether since the vast majority of forums and even adult-oriented video services won't permit advertising. So this is yet one more reason I just set the idea off to the wayside.

    So, free video sharing sites are where things stay, including the shoddy video and sound quality. Xtube also has a very small 50-meg filesize max per file upload and this allows for video of less-than-webcam quality, which I don't much respect at all.

    I WILL try to do more videos on my account there at Xtube with more verbosity included, but it must be remembered that the more sound added to a track, the larger the file size which may just push a video over the edge of current adult oriented services.

    Now, on to some of the comments and questions I've seen in this thread..

    Surface area of the device protruding from the anal cavity

    You must top to realize that there is no such thing as "normal" or "abnormal" when it comes to using the Aneros effectively. For everyone using the device for it's intended purpose, the method is slightly different for each individual when attempting to achieve multiple, full-body super orgasms. Though the neurological and internal physical apparatus in the prostate area is pretty close to similar for just about everyone of male persuasion, there are small differences in placement of nerve endings and sensitivity of those nerve endings between one guy and another.

    IF one is able to become relaxed ENOUGH, the device does slide out to the point of the first "hump" closest to the perineum tab. However, once that hump comes to rest against the sphincter muscle, it stops. I've been able to become SO relaxed that the device naturally slipped completely out of my body as a matter of fact, with not a single muscle "push" whatsoever. This is getting TOO relaxed but after practicing enough, one can allow the device to move freely in and out without expelling the device.

    Movement is EVERYTHING with the Aneros, but during a session there are times where you must take in the unit completely and hold it there for thirty seconds at a time also. I'll explain below...

    It's important to alternate methods during a session. At the beginning, take the unit in as far as it will go and hold it for about thirty seconds. For most men this will cause an initial erection. It's important to then relax the muscles and the entire body as long as it takes for that erection to subside. Then slowly move the unit in and out with small movements at first, doing so for about five minutes while preventing another erection. If you begin having another erection, stop for a few minutes until the erection once again subsides. The reason for this is so that the internal abdominal muscles don't retract the position of the prostate gland! If one has an erection at the beginning, it can cause the abdominal pelvic muscles to draw the prostate upward toward the navel slightly (VERY slightly but it does happen). This causes the Aneros to not make as much contact with the lobe of the prostate gland as it should. Later on, erections will happen and there is nothing you can do about it once the waves begin, but by then it's the nerve endings in the prostate area causing the erection AFTER being stimulated for a period of time.

    So, continue shallow movements for five minutes, then relax for two or three minutes. For every one of these cycles, reduce the amount of time for each by thirty seconds. The next cycle, do shallow movements for four minutes and thirty seconds and then rest for two minutes and thirty seconds. The next cycle, movement for four minutes then rest for two minutes. Keep going until you are down to one minute movements and thirty seconds resting. Once at this level, continue this ratio for about twenty minutes.

    Now after the twenty minutes of this cycle, let your body rest and relax as deeply as you can for five minutes then move on to the next step...

    Take the device all the way in until the perineum tab presses as hard against your body as possible, doing this slowly. If the tab causes some discomfort, consider applying a cotton ball to the tab with some chilled vaseline jelly to help hold it in place or... use some "silly putty" to form a ball around it. Then when the device is drawn in, keep the muscles pulling on the device as hard as you can for one full minute.

    What the above does is forces the head of the device to PIVOT upward, pressing the rectal wall against the bladder slightly. This stimulates the nerve endings between the prostate and the lower wall of the bladder, sending some slight "electrical shock" sensations into the tissues surrounding the prostate gland. It also cradles the prostate gland in the "valley" between the two humps of the device.

    After one minute of "holding it in", gently rock the device back and forth only about a half inch in and out... not much movement at all, only a little. This causes the prostate gland to be massaged both ways by the two humps which are "cradling" it without letting up. Do this SUPER SHALLOW movement for one minute, then relax for one minute. Perform this for the next ten minutes. In all the way, rock it SLIGHTLY back and forth one minute, then relax one minute. Do three to five of these cycles then relax completely for five minutes after this series of cycles.

    At this point, the prostate and surrounding tissues are gorged with oxygenated blood supply. The tissues dilate, allowing more blood to flow through the prostate area. As the gland and the tissues fill with blood, they expand causing even more surface area of the prostate coming into contact with the Aneros. If you've done all of the above correctly, the next steps will bring about several gushes of cowpers fluid (precum) and mini-shock sensations traveling down through the testicles and into the inner parts of the legs.

    Next step: concentrate on relaxing your sphincter muscle as completely as you can, allowing the device to exit the body to the Aneros lobe closest to the handles. Once the device is at this position, take a couple of deep relaxing breaths and then tighten your ABDOMINAL muscles (not your sphincter or pelvic muscles!) drawing the device ALL the way in rapidly. When you do this, you will notice your penis jumps and your glans flares each time you do the "deeply relax then gently assault" routine. You will see this happening in one of my videos on my xtube account... penis erect, jerking every time I "cycle" in this fashion and an occasional flow of precum. Continue doing these until the results aren't as strong as the first ones and the penis doesn't "jump" much anymore. Once you stop, let the device out again as far as possible then draw the device in and hold it as tightly as possible. If everything works for you as it does for me.. you will experience at this point what I will describe in the next post...
  • Glad you finally joined us eroticuspeterzil, what took you so long? :wink:
  • The previous post was getting long and unruly, so figured I'd give your eyes a break and to split this up a bit.

    At the point where I left off, what you've done is actually started over with the "pull it in tightly and do shallow half-inch rocking motions" routine once again. And it is at this point that, if I'm going to have multiple and super orgasms, they begin. Generally between an hour to an hour and a half. The reason it takes so long using my routine is because you are going SLOW and gently, giving your body deep relaxation breaks in between the various cycles. This is IMPORTANT... don't be a "savage" with your body... the relaxation periods ARE THE KEY TO THE MULTIPLE AND SUPER ORGASMS!! The varied movement cycles and rest cycles in between add a sort of "neurological suspense" to the nerve signals between your sexual organs and your brain. An irregular "on and off" switching to the point that the brain isn't permitted to "predict" what it will receive in the form of stimuli next.

    In response, the brain will try to cope with this irregularity. It WILL realize that something is "going on" but since it doesn't know what's coming next, it begins over-producing endorphins and adrenaline on a continual basis so it can best cope with any possible "surprises" later on. The brain is expecting more of "this something" but it doesn't know how often the variances will be. So, it increases your body's glandular secretions to help "level things out" - thus restoring the neurological system to a state of "homeostasis" (scientific term for equilibrium).

    Endorphins, testosterone, adrenaline and the other host of body chemicals and hormones begin flooding all of the other neurological sensory adaptation circuits in the body, which causes involuntary muscle expansions and contractions all throughout the body due to the sudden increase of pleasure stimuli in an IRREGULAR yet continuous manner.

    This is the point where you see others mentioning how the body takes over control of the Aneros and itself at a specific point. Once you can get your brain and your body "fighting" over each other with "conflicting" stimuli "expectations" you will begin experiencing what can only be described as "shooting miniature electrical shocks" all throughout your body. This sets off a CHAIN REACTION as follows:

    The mini "shocks" cause expansions and contractions of ALL your body's muscles and it begins to happen out of your control. The muscles tense up in response to the sensation of those mini "shocks". When the muscles in the body tense up, they spasm slightly. The key here is that the anal/rectal area muscles also have these involuntary spasms and contractions.

    At this point, the nerve endings in the prostate region are hyper-receptive (extremely sensitive). When involuntary spasms in the anal/rectal area occur, they cause short but rapid quivering movements of the Aneros against the prostate and it's surrounding tissues. This, in turn, causes those nerves to send yet another series of "mini shocks" all throughout the body, causing all of the muscles to expand and contract again. And, again, when this happens, it stimulates the prostate area for yet ANOTHER mini "shock".

    Once these begin happening, it's all over! You will NOT get control over your body again until the higher levels of body chemicals and hormones start getting depleted down to "normal" levels again. That won't happen until a bit later, however, as the best is yet to come!

    The muscle expansions and contractions will start getting stronger and stronger and closer together at the same time until they are so strong and so close together that your body will begin shivering as though you were standing naked out in the cold... a sort of rapid, full body vibrating sensation really. Now, here is what I think the Aneros company means by "Super-O". I'll describe this the best I can for those of you who have never experienced it.

    First off, let yourself go back in time to one of those times (at least I think everyone's experienced this) where you lightly bumped your "funny bone" in your elbow against the edge or corner of an object. Not enough to cause pain, but you feel what can be described as a rapid shock going up into your shoulder and down into your fingers causing them to experience a numb and slightly vibrating sensation which only happens for a split second and then disappears.

    Now, imagine that sensation being ADDED to the sensations of a normal ejaculatory reflex with emission of fluids. Same but that much stronger.. with repeating "shock/vibrate/buzz" funnybone-like sensations that travel through your ENTIRE BODY! When they start happening, it feels like ejaculation contractions only not as close together. They will be anywhere from ten seconds apart to thirty seconds apart.

    Now, let yourself imagine the sensation of regular penile ejaculation. You feel the warm sensation as the muscles expand over about a half a second and then contract for half a second.. each time emitting a flow of semen from the body. Now let us apply that to the whole body, the way it happens, during a super-o.

    The entire body feels like your groin area during an ejaculation, only they feel like "funnybone" shocks traveling through the WHOLE body. But they also happen in slow motion.

    You will feel your groin area tightening up as though about to spurt semen, but instead of fluid release, it keeps tightening up more and more and more.. and seems endless. Your body begins begging for release as it feels like semen is filling your legs, your torso all the way out the top of your head. If you aren't expecting it and you try to fight against it, it can be a frightening experience. It's important for you to relax so you experience the pleasure from it!!!

    This building up will keep going and going and going.. like the energizer bunny, for about thirty seconds to a half a minute until the muscles cannot tense any further and then you will feel your groin release as though you just ejaculated the first quantity of semen.. yet there is nothing exiting the penis. When this release happens, you get the funnybone shock sensation rapidly shooting up and down your body for half a second to a second and then your whole body feels released and relaxed. But, it's not over yet. You begin feeling the groin area tightening up again as though your going to emit a second burst of semen and you have a really long full-body tightening once again, and then a funnybone-shock release.

    During a typical rapidfire ejaculation, you'll experience between ten or fifteen expand/contract cycles until the seminal vesicles are emptied of semen, upon which the typical ejaculation and sex act are completely over with. But during the super-o, they are very drawn out tightenings with warm fluid-like "filling up" sensations all throughout the body and each "tightening" takes up to thirty seconds to a minute before each release. So, essentially, the entire body gets the sensation that it's a slow-motion ejaculating penis.

    And, further, most super orgasms I've had produce about twenty or thirty of these over an equal number of minutes. Twenty long drawn-out body ejaculation reflexes over twenty minutes, thirty long drawn-out body ejaculation reflexes over thirty minutes, etc.

    And there you have it. Now, let me get this off my chest before I forget... even once you've gotten your body to having super orgasms, THEY DO NOT HAPPEN EVERY SESSION! Get used to the fact that your body won't respond every single time with super orgasms such as this. In the videos I produced on xtube, I took a session where I was having full-body tensing and quivering with short-lived yet involuntary multiple orgasms. I need to get the camera trained on my body every session so I can capture a SUPER-ORGASM.

    For the gentleman who started this thread, who saw my videos, and any of the rest of you who have seen them, what you saw in those were involuntary body movements during mid-level full-body multiple orgasms - NOT a super-orgasm! And, as you can see, the whole body moves.. shoulders heaving, back arching, legs tensing, penis jumping around with copious amounts of "precum" flow.. and those are uncontrollable and very powerful on their own. But if you can imagine all those movements throwing my body around with the "uh uh uh uh" sounds coming from a man's throat as the diaphragm is having some spasms as well... THAT is what a super-orgasm is truly like. And though it sounds scary, as long as you know how to relax to accept what your body wants to do without fighting against it, you experience something NO ONE could ever truly put into words to completely get the point across. I've done my best here, but it still falls way short.

    Out of the 41 Aneros sessions I've had lasting for an hour or slightly more, I've experienced about seven super-orgasms. Since I didn't know what to expect on the first one, it frightened me and I fought against it by trying to regain control over my body. I've always been a guy who hates not being in control over my body! And because of this, my first super-orgasm was extremely frightening to me. It scared me so badly that I didn't use the Aneros again for two and a half months. The key point here is that I fought against the rhythmic "mini shock, full body" waves as they weren't what I considered normal body response.

    So in reality, I don't really count the first of seven super-orgasms as I didn't let it run it's course and it became an unpleasant experience, to say the very least. However, after thinking things over for those two months, I realized that perhaps I should experiment once again now that I knew what to expect, to see what would happen if I just let my body move the way it wanted to. The other six super-orgasms were hyper-pleasure and... well, again, it's so VERY hard to put into words. Let's just say it's phenomenal, so full of pleasure and so powerful, one could almost equate it with an Eastern spiritual experience - as they mention the "unfolding of the Kundalini serpent". Do some search engine browsing with those keywords: "unfolding kundalini serpent" and you will get the idea put into better words than I can describe here.

    At any rate, these two posts could almost qualify as a small book. But IT TOOK THIS MANY WORDS and a bit of repetition also to get anywhere even close to impressing upon the reader's mind what this experience is all about.

    As I mentioned in my videos, this was all experienced thus far with the Helix I purchased from Aneros about a year and three months ago now. I'm contemplating the purchase of the PROGASM to see if I can increase the number of super-orgasms from seven out of 41 sessions to perhaps doubling or tripling that!

    Any questions, please ask them here. I haven't been on this forum very often, but figured I'd visit since I came here to read up on the PROGASM anyway. To my shock, I didn't realize how far and wide my video series on Xtube made it out onto the greater web. I certify that what is seen happening to me in that video is legit and very, very real - even though they were only medium-strength full-body orgasms... I hoped to use my lack of bodily control for the benefit of anyone seeking to use the Aneros.

    Aneros company has made such an impression upon my life, they've possibly earned themselves the sale of another PROGASM to an already extremely happy customer.

    At any rate, due to the length of these posts and the material I've covered, I'll check back here often over the coming weeks to answer any questions or concerns.

    Keep wet and... STAY ERECT!

    Eroticus Peterzil
  • Glad you finally joined us eroticuspeterzil, what took you so long? :wink:

    Sorry brothah! I have only been checking in on this board maybe once in a blue moon or so. Decided to come here to check into the PROGASM as I'm hoping to increase the numbers of Super Orgasms within a set number of sessions. I've had 41 sessions with the Helix with only 7 super orgasms out of all those. The rest have been medium-strength full-body orgasms and about five non-events (no type of orgasm).

    At any rate, if I go ahead and get a PROGASM, I plan on reviewing it on Xtube, as always :)

    I haven't been able find the time to complete my "Aneros Review" series on Xtube as of yet due to the serious cancer and passing of a family member. As soon as the ol' heart heals here (lost my dad!!) I'll get back to work on that series. And by that time, perhaps I'll have some things to "show and tell" about whether or not the larger SIZE of the Progasm has much of anything to do with more super-orgasms. Not sure the "fuller" feeling really makes much of a difference as that's simply a "full" feeling. The nerves in the prostate area are so dense that the region really doesn't need much pressure - yet I'm thinking perhaps just a bit more pressure may do the trick in my case. Seven super-orgasms out of 41 sessions isn't very good. Once you've experienced the joy of a Super-Orgasm, you want one every time, dammit!!! :twisted:

    At any rate, thanks for the greetz.

  • "I WILL try to do more videos on my account there at Xtube with more verbosity included...."

    I certainly appreciate your enthusiasm and the videos that it has inspired, but I'd consider less verbosity. Perhaps a little bit of the dog chasing his tail?

    I think you put it best in your first post when you said, (and I'm paraphrasing) that the method for achieving Super O's is slightly different for each individual. Your highly detailed account is therefore but one method for achieving that end. While I'm delighted to hear that it has worked so well for you, it seems to be presented here as the prescription for everyone.

    The expert users in this forum (of which I'm not), have written about this in terms of a "journey", one that has many paths to the same destination. While a regimented set of instructions is attractive, particularly to the newer user, it is not necessarily the only way to go. I know that in my own case, I found myself becoming distracted and drawn away from the experience of sensation by the preoccupation with doing something the "right way" from a list of instructions. While it is no doubt necessary to have some technique to be able to create sensation, it's not always enough to get you over the hump, at least it wasn't in my case.

    For me, visualization was the key. I found that if I focused on the image of myself ejaculating while using the Aneros I produced pleasure waves. As a matter of fact this is how I had my first Super O. Granted I had some technique under my belt at the time, but there was no precise series of steps that I was following to make this happen. I was more or less going with the feelings that I was having and responding to them mentally and physically.

  • Thank you for the very informative videos.

    I look at all of the forum information about methodology as 'guidelines' rather than 'rules'. I think BF Mayfield has made it abundantly clear that each person has to find their own path and that it just takes practice and trying different techniques to find the one that is 'right' for each person.

    As a brand new user I really appreciate all of the different descriptions and suggestions.

    I just remember not to take any of it as 'rules' but merely suggestions of different methods to try.
  • Hello a small advice(council) I use aneros every day counterparts one hour has you he no dangers for energy in the téte thank you for your answer :?:
  • I readily admit my choice of wording where I said "rules" wasn't the best choice.

    Keep in mind, I only posted what has worked for me and simply made it available for anyone else who may want to try it just to see if it will work for them too.

    As for the fellow offering the advice on time issues per session, that also depends upon the individual. When I first started using the Helix, my muscles weren't conditioned yet, so for the first couple of months my sessions only lasted maybe thirty minutes tops.

    Over time, the muscles tone themselves to endure longer sessions with the Aneros products. I've worked up to the point where I can have a full 90-minute session whenever I have the time. Most of the time it doesn't take that long to have a super-o if relaxed enough but then there are many times it simply takes 90 minutes to become relaxed enough to experience one if it's going to happen on that given day.

    As for more or less verbosity in the videos (Polecat)... I realize many here are experienced with prostate stimulation using many various methods who find verbosity boring and "dog chasing the tail". I'm only doing what I do because I wished there was this information available when I first got started with prostate stimulation. Hopefully it fills the need for beginners which I had to figure out on my own.

    The videos where I'm just simply talking are more of a "brief overview" in video form for those who may not like to read. And in today's multimedia world, sometimes video and audio are the only ways to reach some specific personality types.
  • I'm only doing what I do because I wished there was this information available when I first got started with prostate stimulation. Hopefully it fills the need for beginners which I had to figure out on my own.

    Please, don't get offended by anyone's remarks.

    One absolutely invaluable thing I learned from your videos is how much pressure to use on my anus. While all the written guidelines talk about using "light" pressure (or something like that) no matter how much they describe it I don't know what they mean by "light".

    In this case your video is worth more than 10,000 words just for me to see your techniques and the amount of pressure and movement you use.

    BTW, your blog is also an excellent source of information.

    Thanks for your efforts. As a new user the information is enormously helpful.

  • eroticuspeterzil:

    Sir, I came across your videos and profile by pure luck. I don’t know whether you have them posted under gay, straight, or both but I did not and cannot find your stuff by searching the tag Aneros on Xtube. I was already subscribed to the term Aneros in my Subscriptions Center and was checking it out one day and found it but I don’t know how easily others can find your videos unless they go in their subscriptions and already being subscribed to the aneros tag. They certainly will not find it on either the old or new version of the site by searching the term aneros in the search box. You should contact Xtube about it. They are very good videos by the way. ArcticWolves has two videos that are good. Darwin (also from Aneros) and Cremaster1973 (Cremaster on here) also have some good Xtube videos.
  • thhnthhn
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    many of the vids don't work for me? are they down or is it me
  • I was unaware of XTube's seeming difficulties when trying to find the videos. Perhaps I need to log in and make sure they didn't delete them for some odd reason, though being into the types of adult content that they are, I wouldn't think they would feel any need to delete them unless they considered my mention of the Aneros products as a violation of their advertising prohibition. I'll log in here in a few and make sure they are at least still on there.

    As for straight/gay/bi whatever, my orientation preference is straight and, even though my target audience was in getting other heterosexual men to dissolve some of their fears and anxiety regarding prostate stimulation, I was full aware that there would be many gay/bi individuals who would pick up on the information as well.

    Every one of the videos I've posted to their site was tagged with the keywords "Aneros", "Prostate" "Anal" as the three core search words. I threw a few other keywords in with those, but those were the first three entered within search on every single one of them. So now I'm curious why they aren't showing up in searches. Checking into it.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Looks like all the vids are still there and available. I tried their search using "Aneros" by itself and three out of the ten videos I have on there came up on the first page. Clicking on my username takes viewers to my profile where all the vids are displayed in the little "Videos" dashboard.

    Not sure where the difficulty has been originating but it could very well be that things have been getting messed up occasionally as they've been upgrading their site to the new version. Several times I've been there I was unable to view my own videos and got error messages. Waiting a few hours and trying again helped during the few times it's happened to me.

    It's difficult trying to balance quality and size limits with them. I MIGHT produce a more professional level "video diary" on DVD sometime in the future. More detail can be put on a DVD and Aneros would have some free advertising to boot in the process. They deserve to sell more of these devices, they are the best!

    My problem with Xtube has always been their 50-megabyte filesize limitation. I have to use very high compression to fit a good five minutes worth of video into a 50-meg filesize so the quality is horrendous compared to what I shot it at. Even the audio volume is lower than what I recorded at! But... at least it still serve as a good outlet for at least some of the demonstration video.

    Perhaps Aneros should permit videos to be hosted on their own servers in a nicer quality format so prospective users and those with little experience in prostate stimulation can see just what the device will do for them! Of course, it's their choice whether to take such advice or not. Figured I'd mention it with the hopes they might see it.

  • I've had trouble viewing videos on the new Xtube ( site too where it would keep skipping to an error/page cannot be displayed page and it was hard as hell to arrow back a page. There are a few other sites like XTube and that are exclusively gay: and For some masturbation techniques some may want to incorporate into their aneros sessions look at: and
  • Jesus, did you major in English? Holy cow... tooooooooooooooo many words for me to even begin reading. Anyways, thanks for your contributions to the aneros community.
  • Jesus, did you major in English? Holy cow... tooooooooooooooo many words for me to even begin reading. Anyways, thanks for your contributions to the aneros community.

    Just want to respectfully disagree with those saying the post was too long. I very much appreciated the detail (five minutes reading is a small task if it works for someone).
  • eroticuspeterzil, I just want to apologize for my comment the other night. I had been stressed out from reading all day at college and I guess it kind of rubbed off on here. I have since taken the time to read your posts and appreciate all of the information that you have brought to the table for the men that haven't yet experienced a Super-Orgasm.

    I highly suggest for you to contact Brian Mayfield on this forum and contribute this wonderful information to him so it can be considered for permanent placement in the WIKI. You have a very descriptive idea of what a super-orgasm feels like that any man should be able to relate to really well and I think it would be very beneficial to the WIKI for beginners starting out.

    Take Care,

  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I would like to hear some opinions on this guys instructions and specifically his movement of the aneros in vid 2

    it seems like there is quite a range of movement (in and out) of the helix almost to the point of it is going to fall out. I don't think I get this much movement. I have the helix but it is not one of my favorites and perhaps the procedure works better with the helix. I find that with the mgx and progasm that the seat themselves once inserted and I could'nt push them out that far. Once the waves get going it feels to me like they are being sucked in deeper and deeper
    I am finding that very subtle contractions are giving me good results, but then I have not had a super o yet, so what do I know?
    He sure has taken much time to describe the feeling of a super o in great detail. Is his description of a super o accurate for most of you that have experienced this.
  • atm853atm853
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    read everything here and THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP EROTICUSPETERZIL!!!

    ps. I can't find your videos on xtube anywhere and the link on here doesnt work...:(
  • atm853atm853
    Posts: 51
    yeah i guess they were all deleted?
  • thecrittathecritta
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    Mr Mayfield now it is your turn, i can see you have been advoiding the subject you didnt reply
    to my post where articwolves posted the links to his new videos come on now it is all quiet evidently clear now, you know what i mean lol come on now lets us have a look at your hairy behind lol
    i want to see you having multiple morgasms lets see how loud you moan you can even show off your
    new progasm ice, uh come on and crack us all up will you please just for laughs let us see the master guru at work, then i promise i will do one as well i even shaved both my legs and the ummm errr the rest of it, if you know what i mean my bum looks soo sexy now in my new budgie smugglers it will all look even sexier when i film one of my sessions i promise i wont dissapoint anyone i will do my best i might even use some oil on my skin with the proper lighting and a decent video camera

    C'mon now Mr Brian Mayfield time to be very brave and show us and the rest of the world what your made of lol Do it Do it Do it Do it come on now everyone get behind me ummm errr i mean help mr Mayfield find the courage rofl.

    Cheers thecritta "going where the sun dont shine and where few men dare to venture"

    :lol: :lol: :D :D :oops: :oops:
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Hello thecritta, :)

    You've either seriously jacked upped the pressure to get B Mayfield to do this. Or you've scared him away! :lol: In all seriousness though, even though as a heterosexual man I have a hard time looking at these videos, I'd be curious to see B Mayfield's technique and responses since he pretty much is considered the guru of these devices.

  • BunglesBungles
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    Agree with Love_is

    Also I'm heterosexual and I have a hard time looking at those videos, mostly is pure out of curiousity.

    But I would definitely be interested in B's technique :)
  • With all due respect guys, if Brian Mayfield wanted to do a video he would have done one by now. There's no rush or pressure Brian. While I agree it would be interesting and what not, there's no need to put any pressure on anyone. Brian does so much more for us than we all think. He is one of the best and his advice is like none other. Thanks Brian for all you do for us and behind the scenes... :twisted: :wink:

    I will reiterate this once more. Aneros videos of a super-O are not meant to be sexual. They are to be used as a guide to help you.

    Isn't it strange why ArcticWolves and Eroticus's videos are gone? Maybe it was the pressure? (not from here of course)
  • atm853atm853
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    is there any way to get those vids back on xtube?? (talking about eroticuspeterzil)

    after all the info he left i'd like to see him use it...
  • Eroticus's videos were extremely well done. It was a privilege to view his videos while he was comfortable and willing to help us. I have no idea what happened to him or his videos. I am saddened to see the removal of his very informative videos.

    On a side note - do you guys have any idea what crap people have to put up with on xtube. We're only trying to make educational videos but the PM's never ever stop. Most of them are just downright rude, vulgar, or just plainly a lot of pressure that isn't needed. Hopefully, this was not the case for eroticus. It would be nice to see the return of him to the aneros community.
  • BunglesBungles
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    FrostFire said:

    We're only trying to make educational videos but the PM's never ever stop.

    On a side note: how can suh video's be educational?

    I never understand why people would upload their videos, because aren't all the feelings inside your body and especially the mind that goes with it?

    It's not hard to understand that you would get alot of negative comments on your video's this way.

    Anyway, that's my tought.
  • thhnthhn
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    I agree with you Bungles.... although I usually check out all the vids, I'm not sure what is to be learned from watching 5 minutes of some hariy ass bouncing around
  • Thanks for proving my point...
  • rickgrickg
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    I have stated in the chat room that I do find them instructive. As far as what to expect, how to breath, how to position the body and the Aneros moving in and out of the anus. Also, the response of the penis and how it is affected ( or not affected) by the Super O. I DO want to thank the guys that have put up videos. It does take some "balls" to put yourself out there for the world to see. Maybe because I am Bi, I have no problem looking at a nice looking male body enjoying himself.