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Aneros Chat - After Hours
  • Looks like we have a very nice alternative once the chat room shuts down here. Sure would be nice if Aneros considered an option to host a chat room on our own etc... But until that day comes I present to you the Aneros Chat - After Hours.

    Just register at this website for free to create an account and then join the chat room. Make sure you are in the Aneros Chat - After Hours channel. Hope to see you there.

    Sorry Aneros Support, but the chat events are so popular now that we'd like to be able to go longer... :wink:
  • CollinCollin
    Posts: 56
    Hi Frost,

    I only see a 'Lounge' chat area at your site. Is there an Aneros room?

  • BunglesBungles
    Posts: 30
    Same here
  • It's not my room... It was only a temporary room for that night. Once everyone leaves the channel it's gone. However, the plan is if we have enough interested in continuing the chat after aneros support shuts theirs down for the night/weekend then that's where we'll head for the next few hours. It doesn't mean the room will be open 24/7.
  • I can host a chat system using my web server. I have a dedicated server that i rent out and do web hosting and voice chat hosting on it. I can install and setup a chat system. If there is a chat system you all want to see on the site let me know i can look at different options.