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Insertion problems
  • Hello to all, I think I may be inserting my Aneros to far in and can't feel if I am touching my prostate or not, I insert it all the way in but how can I tell if I am, touching the prostate? what does it feel like? Or am I inserting it to far? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Richard
  • What does it feel like for YOU? :wink:
  • Sandrail welcome to the forum!

    It depends a little on your model, but in general insert it roughly halfway into your anus and as soon as you feel you anus sucking it in the rest of the way, let go. It will slide in to the perfect depth by itself.

    As for feeling it on your prostate, dont expect to feel it on your prostate at first. Yes it is making contact but the snesation will be alien to you as you never felt it before. Over time you will learn what it feels like. To me it feels like light pleasurable pressure in the region.