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  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    After my Super O session lastnight it got me wondering.
    First cumming on my setee completely flaccid, wave after wave, hour after hour of ever increasing xtc...I was exhausted and completely soaked with sweat so I decided my dick needed some contact with the bed I'd rub myself to an ejaculatory release.
    Thus I proceeded.
    I got hard the Super O was getting even beter, amazing sensations in my prostate and now as well in my was like I was having both a prostate as a penile orgasm....and probably coz the prostate orgasm overruled the penile I still wasn't ejaculating...but the rubbing and the hardun still intensified(if that's even possible) the experience.


    Has anyone tried the fleshlight, and if so is it true that it really feels like a labia?
    And how do you position it as to keep it fairly static?
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    the fleshlight really does feel like the real deal. like the aneros, there are many different models with different feels. If you warm it up and lube it properly, you would swear it's real.
    there are many techniques for using the fleshlite that are discussed on the fleshlight board - if you already haven't, you should check it out.
    I was a regular on that board until I read of the aneros from a thread from evil zombie. Once I check out the aneros, I haven't been back to that forumn and my fleshlites are collecting dust
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    IMO,once you get the Super O going, penile stimulation definitely enhances the pleasure. I would have thought the combination Aneros- Fleshlight would be MINDBLOWING.

    Anyways I've done a few google searches and also I've been trying to visualise how I'd use it, but apart from 1 suggestion(putting it in a shoe which doesn't seem very comfortable in my mind's eye)I can't really find anything how to keep the fleshlight still while youre in thrusting motion....
    Feedback would be greatly appreciated
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I used to find that putting it between a mattress and box springs worked well if the height was right - usually on my knees
  • Actually, the shoe technique works pretty well. Throw a pillow over it, makes it easier to hold down.

    I might give this a try with the aneros in place...hmm...
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    it used to be one of the more popular topics on the fleshlite board.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great event well told Helixer!

    AW I agree re Super-T :D, but it sounds to me like Helixer did not ejaculate!

    I have had somewhat similar experience, where after a great string of Super-Os, thinking a Super-T would be appropriate, I started penile stim, and into yet more Super-Os to the point of well really, who needs to ejac after all that ecstasy and energy! :lol:

    This may difference may well be explained by substantial age differences AW! :lol:

    Anatomically though, I find the Frenulum nerves remnant in the glans of my penis is one of the most sensitive and delightful areas. There is some thought that those nerves are related to the prostate and were left behind in males near the opening of the urethra. That is where the whole prostate/Gspot still resides in the female uro-gential architecture, whereas the great bulk of the male prostate migrated back along the clitoral roots as they formed the corpus cavernosae in the innovative invention of the male penis as happens again in every new male foetus, approximately.

    Helixer and all, does this resonate for any of you who have also had this experience?

    all the best of every possible multi-orgasmic event all

  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    I've been a Fleshlight owner for several years and I think they're great toys. The penile sensations it gives are definitely better than the hand. I don't use mine as often since I've gotten to know my Aneros', but I still do and really enjoy them. They're high quality products, and I'd definitely recommend getting one for an alternate experience. I have used my FL with the Aneros on occasion, and it rocks.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Thanks for the feedback guys I'll definitely be ordering a few of those...I think I'll try out the stamina one first...although...if I'm super O-ing probably superfluous as I don't ejaculate anyway when I take that 'route'.But as Artform said, at least if I understood his anatomical voc, I think having a Fleshlight in combi with an Aneros it would be like a women stimulating both her Gspot as her chlitoris.....Even when not ejaculating penile stimulation adds to the fun and what better to that purpose than with a cunt you can have when and where ever you want it
  • VicVic
    Posts: 47
    I place my Fleshlight close to the cliffs edge, that way it pushes back hard against me so as not to fall of the side, ecstatic!
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Yeah I recently checked out some fleshlight fora. Seems like some guys really see it as the real deal(some going as far as cunnilingus). I guess looking at it from a far attempting to be objective, it would be like a women expecting gifts and flattery from her dildo before allowing it to fuck her