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*Couples' Additional Practices
  • View Poll Results: *Where are you with additional (anal) techniques/tools? Voters: 2

    You may not vote on this poll

    None 7 350.00%

    Thinking about it 4 200.00%

    Manual Dildoes and related 7 350.00%

    E-Stim 2 100.00%

    Strap-On partner's dildo 4 200.00%

    Strapless partner's dildo 0 0%

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    There are other anal play practices that may precede or be added to an aneros practice. Is this of interest, or are you there already? Do you mix other practices with your aneros sessions? How? What are the results?

    In gay, bi or trans (m+m>f) couples, do both use aneros?

    Do you mix both peridise and aneros models and practices in the same session? Singly or together?

    Do you mix strap-on or strapless in the same session or key these practices separate?

    What other prostate stim or anal play practices do you pursue not listed here?

    exploration brought us here and this for some has opened the door to more

  • My wife and I are about four-and-one-half months into our Aneros journey. I have and enjoy an MGX, Helix, Progasm Ice, Eupho and beginner's set of Peridise. I purchased my wife a small vibrator and three dildos; but, she has yet to experiment or really get involved with them. We are both very comfortable being nude with each other now; and, my Aneros collection has become an accepted part of our intimate times together. Lately, my beloved has been inserting a Peridise for me about half-an-hour before I start massaging her. By the time our sharing becomes really intimate, my dry O's are are ready to explode. After our intensity subsides, I'll replace the Peridise with my Eupho and settle in for the next couple of hours. By morning after such a session, it takes very little encouragement from my wife to bring on an erection firm enough to facilitate a memorable ejaculation! From time-to-time, my beloved will actually slide her finger into my well-lubed anus for a stupendous prostate stroking session --- with every tickle bringing indescribable joy. :lol: We are now reading several books that promise to suggest even more richness and possibilities for our menu of delights.