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Super-O and Memories
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    While enjoying the Super-o ride, after a while I find myself in a new situation. I would lie in bed, my hips thrusting the involuntaries doing their work. My mind somehow gets detached from the present experience, not thinking about clenching or positioning the Aneros that is being done automatically, and very old memories (good and bad) would surface, all memories which I have not thought about for years as they are absolutely trivial and seemingly forgotten (like a football game played in the neighbours garden when I was about 13 years old). All these memories are so vivid as if they happened yesterday. These would then be interrupted with a wave of pleasure rising from my pelvis erupting in a full body orgasm, once the orgasm subsided the cycle is repeated.

    This can carry on for 2 to 3 hours when finally after the exhausted butt is so relaxed and the Aneros found a neutral position that the body finally comes to a rest. An aimed clenching of the pelvic muscles can set of another cycle. That so much time has passed is always a surprise to me.

    Can others relate to this experience?
  • The Aneros always brings me back to pleasant erotic memories. It brings back the excitement one feels the first time they've masturbated/had an orgasm and/or the first time one had sex. I really think it taps into parts of the brain we don't often use.
  • thank you equalityboy81 can give you more esplixations brain I think we're moving in the right brain? Sitting in the Aneros
  • Exciting posts guys, hope to get there one day. :)
  • thank you equalityboy81 can give you more esplixations brain I think we're moving in the right brain? Sitting in the Aneros

    Run that by me again?
  • Now that you mention it memories do pop up every now and then. Perhaps its a result of being in a relaxed state.
  • This happened to me when I first starting using the Aneros, and still does every once in a while. I'd get bad memories coming to the surface, or strange vivid mental images that would distract me when I'd start getting relaxed, and it felt like I had to start over. Good memories too that would really get things going

    A lot of Eastern religions talk about repressed memories that surface during meditation, or specifically in the case of Tantra, during spiritual sexual practice. Supposedly you can cleanse you mind of unpleasent memories (bad karma even...) this way. I've found that unpleasent memories only seem to come up once, and I noticed I've been getting fewer of them. It would be interesting if you have the same experience, ALV
  • lurkish your post m'interresse much can you tell us more about this subject. a big thank you in advance. :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:
  • I also get images or memories flashing into my head during a Super-O, things that I obviously find erotic subconsciously, it's pretty mad to be honest! :)
  • My mind doesn't go back to memories but I find that the most mundane female attributes become sexy and erotic. Thoughts of female hands or backs, hair or anything flash in and out of my mind. . I agree also that I don't have to think about anything I am doing . . . it just happens.

    The statement that the mind is the most erogenous organ in our body certainly holds true for me. Erotic thoughts flood my head and leave no room for anything else. Especially time flies by.