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First experience, not a very good one :(
  • Hey Guys, its me again.

    So i got my Helix on Friday. i wanted to try it the same day but didn't have time. Sat morning, i started getting ready and bang! i tried it.

    At first i had a HARD time trying to get it in. it hurt tooooo much! so i relaxed my anus and finally got it in. it kept on hurting so after 20 mins or so i just pulled out.

    weird thing is that i felt as if it was still in there. strange.

    Any ways. i was wondering... if it hurt too much, does that mean i should have gone for the smaller one (the one for asians or the MGX)? Im 5'8" 165 lbs. Will my anus get used to having in there and feel comfortable later?

    Please tell me i didn't spend $74 on something i wont be able to use/enjoy!!


  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    What kind of lube are you using?
    You might not be using enough lube.
  • The Helix has a large head and that can make insertion a little tricky. Dont force anything when inserting, use loads of lube, and above all you need to relax the anus. You cna also try to slighlty "push" as if during a bowel movement which can help with insertion. Also you can prelube your anus with your finger to make things slide in easier.

    Your natural raction will be to tighten your anus once inserted which will be uncomfortable at first so try to stay as relaxed as possible, use deep breathing.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi boydspence,

    My assumption is that you were pretty excited about trying this thing out. That in itself might have been a contributing factor to your sphincter not relaxing enough to have easy insertion. I would also assume that you had enough lube to get the job done. Why don't you spend a few minutes before insertion and put some lube on your finger and do some circles around the opening and maybe slip your finger tip in to get used to the feeling of insertion. You have certainly had objects bigger than a Helix pass through there, but just not in that direction. I don't think you need to run out and get another model. Be patient with this one and it should work just fine. Take your time, it will be time well spent.
  • Thanks for replying Guys,

    Despite my failure attempt on Sat, tried again yesterday. I came home from the gym, took a hot shower, and while in the shower started playing with my butt, touching me all over, enjoying the hot water on my sour body. So when i got out i started reading my book when all of the sudden felt this "urge" to try again.

    I just read your comments but i did what you guys suggest. i started with a finger and lots and lots of lube (KY Sensations, or something like that). surprisingly the finger just slipped right in. then i try the Helix again. i did have trouble with the head (as you say is kind of big) but eventually it went it.

    Illl have to say this time i had better luck. i still, however, had that sensation that something was in my butt (duh!) I don't know if i like that sensation. i did ignore it and eventually it stared to fade but then it came back again so i don't know.

    I stated watching porn and i think i liked it better than just listening to music (like in one of the videos here on this site).

    Anyways Guys, thank you for your comments.


  • If that lube is the one i think it is, one that intensifies sensations get rid of it for anal use that can be causing the unpleasant sensations . Go with KY Jelly lube its thick or better go with the walmart store brand. Equate personal jelly lube. Inject about 3-5ml in anus massage a little on the opening of it and some on aneros. Then pop it in slowly and once relaxed then try working it as you would from directions here.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    For me, the best lube is Slippery Stuff Gel, in the big pumper. 10-15cc up the rear with a little Vaseline Jelly rubbed on the Aneros, and it's good for several hours.
  • took me a good month before it didnt feel uncomfortable! Your muscle need conditioning to relax when its in. I find the PROBE thick and rich the best lube. The applicator sold on aneros site is a must and you may find better results cleansing your bowels with warm water before lubing up. If you are constipated at all it won't be fun. Eat a good fiber cereal each morning. Be patient, relax.
  • Thanks for your comments guys. :D
  • That feeling will fade a little after every session until you will miss having the aneros up there! Just keep at it you are on the right track.