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An irritating topic -- Jock Itch
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Need some thoughts & suggestions on Jock Itch...

    In past years, August-September has rarely caused the issues that it has this year. This year, the itch doesn't seem amenable to getting killed. Shower, dry w/clean towel then loose clean soft cotton flannel boxers twice a day, spritz with Cruex morning, noon and night. Tried Lotrimin spray and the burning pain sent me through the overhead. Last week my wife saw the Cruex can out two days in a row, noted that I was filling the hamper with skivs and has cordoned off her side the the bed, sending me to the virtual dog-house. (Alana's still an easy lay but it gets lonely.) :(

    Diet is middle of the road and I've never had food sensitivities. Swallow a container of Yogurt every day. Early this year I switched to a pro-biotic yogurt (Activia). Am not practicing any pH or green diet stuff. Late edit -- I have jumped on the Omega-3 bandwagon this last month.

    Always shower with an anti-bacterial soap-- Dial at home and Irish Spring at the gym (hard water in the gym showers.) ....rumel's recent thoughts on anti-bacterial cleaning agents gives rise to some thoughts about foregoing Dial etc. Thoughts?

    I don't think this is coming from intestinal flora as the itch is confined to my sac and doesn't extend along the perineum or form the kind of anal rash I get after a course of antibiotics. Enema gear gets a regular rinse with bleach and peroxide. Am on Shea Butter thinned with a bit of Olive Oil. The p-tab usually has a film of lube on it so I know I do leak. Oh yeah, I don't shave.

    Thoughts, suggestions, and all findings of gross stupidity or ignorance are welcome.
  • PromassPromass
    Posts: 84
    Shave sack and apply a quality lotion 1 hour after shower or before bed. I never have jock itch and have been doing this for yeas. Not to mention your wife will probably love your junk if you lotion it regularly both bat and newly shaved balls.

    Also another thing that helps me is massage/scratch your sack with a palm type comb that men use to comb their hair back. I cant remember the name but i do this daily it removes dead skin cells this probably helps more than the lotion. This is the comb i use it feels great. I just stroke the sack up and down as i massage it trust me it works the more broken in the combs is the better it feels after time. I have p-wave like sensations almost orgasmic as i stroke with it.

  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    Maybe you overdoing the chemistry with antibacterial, antifungus, antismell, antimite etc - try going natural.

    Try and find a soap that is made from vegtable oil only - most commercial soaps are mineral oil based with lots of chemistry. (possibly you can find in an organic shop) I personally use a soap made from coconut oil and herbs. check here chandrika ayurvedic soap I do not know if these are available in your country but here in Dubai I pay the equivalant of about U$0.40 per bar.

    If you suspect a fungus then make sure your underware is washed properly - a soaking in bleach before washing could also help and steam ironing for heat treatment, otherwise you just keep transferring.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi newbie2009,

    I have had fairly consistent problem with jock itch the last few years. With me it is always connected with being hot. It does not flare up too much during the winter months. It can be a problem when it is warm out because there are so many activities where you can get sweaty. How many showers can you take in one day?? I use an over the counter cream or spray when it flares up. I might not stick with the med as long as I should and maybe that is why it keeps coming back.

    I didn't provide any answers here but telling you how I live with it.

    Good luck.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Guys!

    NuBe09, your dietary profile and mine are somewhat similar and I too have an itch from time to time. Mine is limited to my sac only and to specific regions of it. I too worried at first about something fungal and did some treatment but that did not stop it.

    Then intuition took over and here is what added up for me to date. At first I thought the patterns of occurrence seem to correspond to the periodic changes in the dose I take of probiotic supplement capsules and occasional consumption of Activia. Butt no! There were too many exceptions.

    Then I happened to be working on techniques for intentionally moving and storing energies in my lower abdomen. This goes on without intention or intervention too! :wink: Yin jing is stored in the perineum and sac area, yang jing in the front lower abdominal muscles and surrounding tissues. (Back to your youthful pubic bone orgasms NuBe09!?! :shock: ?) Intuition then said wait! :idea:

    My Key Sound caress in my KSMO practice is a gentle touchdown on the butt cheeks valley walls just above the anus caressing slowly down and along the perineum ridge up onto that great smooth sac skin and up and off before the gnarly cortex-like sac skin. Two things I am doing packing energies concentrations at the sac! Oh happy sac! :lol: Twitching in localized energetic overload!?! :shock:

    What I have found these "itch" times respond to best is a good localized massage and skin pulling. Your suggestion Promass resonates perfectly for me, and perhaps connecting the possibility of increased sensitivity to increased stored energies there, focused by the Key Sound caress in my case, or your own personal practices with your sac/testicles... Who knows? :roll:

    I haven't spread anything that itches to Mrs. a, except these astounding energies as we share them through various orgasmic/energetics practices! :lol:

    Does this seem a possibility for anyone else?

    great jumping bio-energetics and bliss propulsions all

  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    ================================== =========
    And in exchange, I offer everyone a new, sure-fire arousal technique and a quick way to soothe the itch:

    -- Have a loved one take an electric hair clipper to your balls.! (cordless recommended) ... better than any vibe!

    A bit dicey at first and she threatened putting me in ankle restraints. (also, no Aneros in place -- she said the p-tab would be in the way.) Exercised massive self-control and had an absolutely great morning, albeit w/no Aneros and with the gloves my sig-other chose to wear. With luck and using all of the advice I got here I might be out of the virtual dog-house by the weekend—meanwhile I'll try to generate some jealosy between my bride and Alana.

    -- Vagisil™ (yeah the one that's on TV for vaginal itch) soothes Jock Itch--pronto! However, it also takes 'that edge' from Alans's suggested testicle caresses -- not a fasttrack to the O-zone.) :(

    Meanwhile, tks for all the suggestions. My wife issued me a new bar of her mild bath soap. Will use that and visit our neighbor's herb and candle shop manaña. Will get alv's coconut based soap. Hope she does better on the soap than she did with the perfumed Shea Butter. from our neighbor's herb & candle shop.

    One of Promass' hair comb/massagers has gone unused in the shower for a year or two was ready to toss it. Will put it to good use--- stimulating you say??

    Buster, thanks for suggesting, "be persistent" -- Probably true. My doc used say that athlete's foot needed 6 weeks of med application after the symptoms went away.

    Tks artform for mentioning KSMO...felt I was stretched a bit thin and have been dragging my feet. I had intended to attend on the 22nd but lingered too long after Saturday TaiChi and screwed up my schedule for the day. Will try to at least track the forum. (different handle over there.) I'm the guy with the freshly shaved balls. :o
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Just to be clear "Jock itch" (Tinea crusis) is a fungal infection. This particular fungus likes warm, moist areas of the body. Remember if you have an active case of Jock itch know that you can re-infect yourself with it. So never forget to change your underwear and never use the same towel twice! (I would often blot the effected areas dry with a paper towel to avoid continual washing cloth towels.)

    Once it's gone, for purposes of prevention, the strategy is about making the area inhospitable for the fungus in the future. I concur with one of the earlier posts, a good natural vegetable based soap is sufficient for cleaning. I too strongly recommend shaving your scrotum and groin folds ( the creases where your thighs meet your pelvis). Remember, hair traps moisture and heat making the these areas fertile ground for Tinea crusis. Remove the hair and the area stays drier naturally by allowing greater ventilation. Furthermore, I recommend using body powder after every shower. Powder traps moisture and lifts it away from the surface of the skin. There are several on the market to choose from however I would avoid those containing talc (powdered mica) as this has been known to produce respiratory symptoms in some people. I use good old J & J Baby Powder which is corn starch based.

    Prior to using this protocol I was plagued by flare ups of Jock itch almost every summer. Since I developed my little program I haven't had a single case (it's been over 6 years now!).

    BF Mayfield
  • Final report:

    Tks again all. Thot I'd be given my 'up-chit' yesterday but had to wait another day.

    Am promised that I'll make it out of the virtual dog house tonight.

    FWIW: Alv's soap worked. And, the "you're overdoing it" comments were right on target. Turns out I blamed "Irish Spring" unjustly. It wasn't Irish Spring, I had "Zest" in my gym bag. -- pretty much detergent and deodorant. I think it was getting me "too clean" stripping all the natural oil out of the skin etc.

    Two days on natural soap and a twice a day spritz of Cruex worked.