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  • jp8653jp8653
    Posts: 9
    during aneros sessions where i am focussed (concentrating, not trying too hard, startin to breathe heavy in n out, etc.), i start to feel the involuntary contractions --> aneros movement in n out slightly (which feels gd), --> pleasure building occasionaly leading to increased heart beat and more feeling of pleasure, which then fades away and is hard to return to (possibly because of tryin too hard)
    is this a mini o i am experiencing?
    what specific advice is given to continue these feelings not lose the involuntary contractions and movement to build the pleasure?
    also last nite felt feelins of pins n needles all over the body (altho slight diff) and let out a few little groans but nothin near the pleasure of a real orgasm

    thanks for you help, Jay
  • I think those are P-waves your feeling, there's a good paragraph in the wiki about it that seems to address your issue, here's the link:
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Good signpost on the way to a Mini-O. Relax and appreciate those pins and needles and be alert for other generalized body feelings. Remember to 'belly breath.'
  • jp8653jp8653
    Posts: 9
    thanks for the replies.
    can u explain 'belly breathin' please?
    and also what contractions if any wud u recommend from personal experience to keep the movements going?