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Newbie Questions
  • Hello, this is my first post, so forgive me if what I ask has already been covered.

    A long time ago, I got the Aneros. Not just one, but two. An MGX and a Helix. I had already been semi experienced with anal play and was curious about prostate orgasms which I had read about. At first, my use wasn't very successful, but after reading more I tried again.

    My first "real" attempt at prostate fun was more successful than any other. There was no Super-O, but it felt damn good. I have been trying to get back to that point, but with little success.

    Yes, I know. I am removing expectation as best I can and enjoying what does happen. SO, onto my questions:

    Is it possible for the rectum to produce it's own lubrication? I ask this because after a particularly long session, after removing it I noticed a substance that could NOT have been lube.

    My body quakes after a certain point of using the Aneros, and it doesn't stop. I'll try moving to another position, but these pleasurable quakes persist. Is this typical? Is it going to get in the way of my journey, or just another step?

    Finally my last question is about arousal. It's difficult for me to stay aroused during sessions. First "real" attempt was no problem, but now I either become distracted by what I'm feeling, or perhaps it's frustration. I try touching various areas on my body that feel good, fantasize, but it seems I can't either stay focused on being aroused, or I am becoming impatient and frustrated that I can't stay aroused. So, does arousal mean the same thing as erect?
  • rumelrumel
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    Hi ArchAngel_G,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    It sounds to me like you are progressing just fine.

    I am not a doctor, but as far as I know the rectum produces little if any lubrication, it certainly does not produce lubrication of the magnitude that a woman's vaginal lining produces. I know the kind of secretion you are referring to but I think it is more a result of diet and metabolism through the digestive process than a regular lubrication process.

    A Full Body Orgasm (...“body quakes”...) resulting from Aneros use may not be typical but it is certainly not unusual either. These are part of the journey, one of the Milestones described in the WIKI “Significant large muscle quaking with pleasure“ which would indicate your re-wiring is well along.

    The term “arousal”, as applied to Aneros use, refers to the whole body-mind connection regarding desire, eroticism and generally sexy thoughts. It does not refer to the erectile state of ones penis. You can experience an hour long Super-O without your penis ever becoming erect, but you can bet you are plenty "aroused."
  • Thanks for the response. Very informative. I'll just keep rolling with it and have fun with the discoveries along the way.
  • Would "body quakes" be what Arctic Wolves has experienced in his videos?
  • ArchAngel_G:

    Regarding natural anal lubrication I've noticed the same thing a few times with myself and it appeared on the Aneros. Maybe it's the salve and anal secretion glands mentioned as stated on this webpage that caused that natural lube substance to appear:

    "At this apex, most of your glands, including your salve gland and anal secretion gland, prepare for ejaculation, but your penis does not ejaculate. It is a superior and different experience."

    I even started a thread about it here:

    I'll quote Helixbill on this:

    "My wild guess goes back to a problem I was having about 30 years ago with difficult bowel movements. My doctor said that my anus was supposed to have a little secretion that lubricated the feces as it exited and apparently mine weren't working.

    The solution (as recommended by him) was to insert a small amount of Vaseline into my anus before bowel movements in order to make them easier. I have been doing that for 30 years now with no know ill effects from the Vaseline and it has helped make my bowel movements easier.

    On an evolutionary note, most mammals like dogs have 'anal glands' which not only secrete a small amount of lubricant but also has a distinctive odor that they use to park their territory. That is how dogs identify each other, by smelling their anus. That may be the predecessor to whatever glands we now have in our anus.

    In any case, the amount of lubricant provided by our anus is entirely insufficient for insertion of anything into our anus, hence heavy lubrication is necessary when using Aneros products."

    I actually remember this clear substance that came out of my ass one time too on my finger. It wasn't very sticky more liquid based. And it was after I was aroused too.

    Can you go into more description of the fluid that came out of your anus and how it looked and felt and its color?
  • artformartform
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    Hi ArchAngel_G and welcome to the Forum.

    I have just added a detailed post on natural anal lube to EB's thread he has linked above. Hope this information is helpful.

    all the best on your Aneros journey

  • artformartform
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    Hey EB81!

    Would "body quakes" be what Arctic Wolves has experienced in his videos?

    My "body quakes" Super-Os have been on my back with a lot of upper body and arm movements too, as well as laughter and tears! I found AW's and darwin's vids very helpful reference points in sorting my own experience of the various levels of Os! One can also have Super-Os without much body movement at all, IMHO.

  • awakeningawakening
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    Hi There
    I might be missing them, and have searched, but where do I find the videos by ArcticWolves and darwin, please?

    Hi, ArchAngel_G

    It sounds like we have some similar experiences so far, as I recognize some of myself in your description of progress. I have received some great answers from rumel, amongst others

    It, and I, wax off-topic later on, but there are some good tips from others at the beginning.

    I have learnt that the big quaking does interfere with the ability to really focus on the subtle internal sensations. That said, they are pleasurable, and in my last session I've found that a bit of intervention from my side can keep them rhythmic, rather than erratic, and that brought me to my first Dry orgasm. It felt like a really great gushing traditional orgasm, since there was some sheet-on-penis stim in all the commotion, but when looking, there was no trace of semen, just the pre-cum from during the session.

    Rhythmic was the key for me. With the sphincter contractions, one gets the quivers, but sometimes they build into a quivering pulse, if that makes sense, quite slow, perhaps 2 per second, which really feels like an amped up step towards something else. When the quaking started to feel really good was when it was to that same pulse frequency, and when the quakes would subside, I would keep up the humping motion till the involuntary motions kick in again shortly thereafter. That way there was no subsiding of arousal, and no lull in sensation.

    Not sure this is the straight route to the holy grail, but an interesting pit stop at least.
  • artformartform
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    Hi again ArchAngel_G! :)

    Just thought I should let you know that I have referrenced you and your mention of natural anal/rectal lube in a more recent post in EB81's thread on "slave and anal glands":

    Apparently those of us with these in operating mode are a small minority. You may be interested in catching up on that topic too.

    continuing best with your journey

  • newbie2009newbie2009
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    Welcome ArchAngel_G ! Regarding maintenance of arousal and focus for an entire session. I used to also drift, loose focus and wander away.

    I found Alana's CD a total winner. She puts the ring in my nose, leads me to the mini-O pasture and, keeps me inside the fences. Her coaching of breathing is excellent. Without her, I used to drift. With her I'm pretty good for a Mini-O somewhere near the 75 minute point. :D :o 8) :!:

    Someone asked about music. On last trip to the big city we managed tix to Mama Mia! so I'm trying some cheesy ABBA stuff. Also working with some cuts from Grofé. At first it looked like an easy task to build a remix to support an entire 90 minute session. Getting the transitions right is tough.