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Multiple Super-O's Without Aneros Inserted?
  • I fear there might be something wrong with me. I have only had my Helix for six days, yet have traveled a great distance on my journey. I have already documented my first four days here, I shall not repeat it here. Essentially, at the end of the first four days with my Helix I was able to have multiple Super-O’s on command. It did not stop there, however.

    Outside of my sessions I started to notice spontaneous surges of pleasure, to the point of being obtrusive. I had them while taking a shower, watching TV, even while working. I could even ride and build P-waves on command. In fact I enjoyed the mild pleasure driving home from work; looking back it probably was not safe.

    Today I further scared myself. I was reading about others experiences on the forum; this always gets me turned on. I decided to try to ride some P-waves while reading, no Aneros inserted. After a short while they started building until BOOM, I had a Super-O right in my chair. Immediately I moved myself to my bed and had another four or five, again with no Aneros inserted! Even as I write this I feel pleasure through my whole body, like a mild orgasm. Granted these are all milder than with an Aneros, but they won’t seem to stop.

    Could there be something medically wrong with my prostate that would be making it this sensitive? Or is this common?
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    Congratulations DonkyLover. You are very fortunate that you have "re-wired" so quickly. It's unusual that it has happened this fast. Many of us who have experienced Super-O's with the Aneros can experience them without it also. In fact, some users have referred to the Aneros simply as learning wheels. It is not uncommon during the process of re-wiring to have frequent episodes as you have had, but once the re-wiring has settled in they do not come as frequently nor as spontaneously. There is nothing wrong with you. Enjoy the journey!

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Yes marmot! Hi! and Hurray DonkyLover!

    DL, you are indeed extremely fortunate, even if feeling overwhelmed. As marmot says, it will become more routine, butt never dull. :lol: More familiar and friendly would be a better way of putting it. And don't despair if these phenomena disappear even for a time. That too has happened to some. :cry:

    The key thing is that you, your body/mind, are "sensitive" to these energies that are transmutable and taken several different forms. Are you married? Or have a significant other from time to time? That can add a further astounding dimension to all of this. Orgasmic energies, once separated from the ejaculation response so that that becomes a matter of choice! 8) are able to take many forms and do extraordinary things for you!!

    Part of what you are experiencing now are referred to here as Day-After Effects. These are good indicators of active rewiring underway. There is a Poll with some posts discussing them:

    You can also do site searches here on topics of your choice. Here is one I have just done for you on Day-After Effects:

    Also relax deeply, stay open to these possibilities, allowing them, making friends and soon they will respond to your intentions about strength, format and the transformations/storage to suit your situation. I don't have them happen intrusively any longer, and I can drive safely while having quite entertaining/energizing, butt non-interrupting/non-distracting, Cargasms.

    all the best and just keep chatting here too

  • Thank you for your reassuring words. Don’t get me wrong, I love the feelings and am honored to have taken to it so quickly. It is good to know that it gets friendlier and more familiar, though.

    "Re-wiring" makes it sound like its all-mental, that's hard for me to believe. If that is the case, then why does one use an Aneros to "awaken" at all? I used to go through phases where I would do Kegel exercises. Never once did I gain any pleasure from them, yet now, by performing a similar action, I can orgasm greater than any penile stimulation. I certainly am not complaining, although it leaves me wondering what exactly happens in the body and mind when one gets "re-wired". Is it just a matter of knowing the possibilities, accepting the pleasure, and understanding how to build it up, or are physical changes happening to prostate?

    Nevertheless, because I took to my Helix so quickly I have ordered a Progasm ice. I hope it's not a bad idea, should be interesting whichever way.

    Thanks for the links, artform. Ill check them out.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    You are quite welcome DonkyLover. :)

    Mnay have said that our biggest sex organ IS our brain, or our skin... Having a fertile imagination is an excellent added arrow in the quiver as we all take this journey. Good visualization can make a significant difference for some.

    The bio-mechanics of this seem to involve shifting signalling priority to some degree from the pudendal nerve channel more to the vagus nerve channel(s) outside and away from the spinal column. That is toward a more female proportioning, contributing to the separation of your orgasmic response from your ejaculatory response. That separation is the key act of rewiring.

    Most guys notice a reduction of penile involvement in your aneros sessions and more often a flaccid penis. You might find cockadoodle's Penis NOT! thread interesting:

    It is all definitely a mix of physiological and mental activities and effects, butt I prefer to think of it as an integrated body/mind phenomenon. There are several other techniques for achieving male multiple orgasms; one that has less physical contact is Jack Johnston's KSMO technique and several guys from, including your truly, have found that and other complementary practices to also be beneficial. KSMO ( ) is even more a mental body/mind play.

    all the best on your journey