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Slightest Touch device
  • Anyone hear of a new device called the "Slightest Touch." Its a device that provides gentle pulsating and tingling stimulation with electrode pads which delivers electrical stimulation. It's a dual pole module with wires that connect to the electrode pads and adjustable intensity control. It is supposed to magnify the intensity of a Super-O. It may look like it is just for women but it's not. I've been thinking about getting one and checking it out but I would like to find a guys review on it with the aneros first.

    Check out this site that is the manual for the Aneros/Slightest Touch together, Slightest Touch and the Super O.pdf
  • rumelrumel
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    Welcome to the Forum,

    Yes, that device has been discussed on the Forum previously. If you will look in the Aneros WIKI you will see a link to that device plus a couple of others. Also you can read 'B Mayfield's post I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC in the B's Keys to the Backdoor thread, which discusses this very topic.
  • PromassPromass
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    I just wanted to say last night after reading about the slightest touch i pulled out my old tens unit i use for back pain. I placed one pad on the back of each knee turned it up to where i felt it and backed down till i did not. Almost immediately i began to have p-wave like sensations then my prostate began to buzz like it does with the aneros. Only i did not have the aneros near me then it began to build my whole abdomen began contracting on its own.

    I was leaking pre cum in a matter of 2-3 minutes i am not sure if it was a placebo effect but i had a clear mind and was not expecting it to work. Wow i have to try it again because it was late when i tried it 1am i had to wake up at 6am. So i just masturbated like normal and when i came it was fiercely intense it was a super t hands on but still very good.

    All this time i could not feel the electrical pulses in my legs but in my groin it was like i had it full blast i am going to try it again tonight if time permits and keep it hands free. :D This tens unit only costed me about $30 too several years ago.