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Size Matters!!!???
  • stmfttrstmfttr
    Posts: 40
    The new ICE really seems like the wave of the future, with the use of the very smooth material. After having the HELIX for 3 years, the ICE's size seems impossing. At 1.3 inches, as compared to less than an inch on the Helix, I hesitate to get the ICE. I've had only limited success with the Helix.

    Thoughts from anyone, as to taking the BIG leap to the ICE (aka Progasam)?
  • strugglerstruggler
    Posts: 43
    Yes, it is a lot bigger. I thought the same thing when I opened it up. But I would get it.

    I'm kind of in your situation. I started with the Helix and have had little success. I got the Progasm Ice and was surprised to learn that, despite its size, it goes in a lot easier than you would think. And I just had my first long session with it this evening, and I like it a lot better. I didn't have any dry orgasms or super-O's, but I certainly felt some new sensations. As I did contractions I felt it dance in my rectum as it quivered. Despite its size, I feel like it "fits" better can feel your body envelop it. Like I said, I didn't have any amazing orgasms (aside from the ejaculatory one I finished up with :D ), but I think this is going to get me somewhere.
  • stmfttrstmfttr
    Posts: 40
    Thanks, that helps.
    Question??? Insertion, I usually use lots of lube. Was inserting difficult?
  • strugglerstruggler
    Posts: 43
    Not at all. Just loosen up with a couple fingers first and then it should be pretty easy.
  • stmfttrstmfttr
    Posts: 40
    Again Thanks!!!
  • TenmagnetTenmagnet
    Posts: 4
    Why is the progasm considered a big leap on these forums? Im sure every male of the face of the earth has has a shit bigger in diameter then the 1.25 inch diameter of widest part of the progasm, not to mention the much smaller populace that looks at these forums... That means everypone can insert the progasm. its not for pros... only those who want a progasm. The only difference is that your anus and rectum are naturally and fully relaxed during a bowel movement and therefore open naturally to whatever size they need to be in order to fully expell the feces. I started with the progasm last february and the only precautions you need to take before insertion are making sure you've had a bowel movement in the past few hours, knowing your regular on BM times (i.e. good diet), and making sure your bladder is empty before insertion because relaxing your bowel fully requires relaxing your piss stopping PC muscles and you will take a piss all over yourself inserting the progasm without a wince of pain if you have not fully released your bladder.
    Ask yourself this. Who hasn't pissed even a little bit during a large bowel movement where you were fully relaxed in order to accomodate its incredible size? Never has this been the case for me. Everytime before insertion of the progasm(the only model i own) I always spend atleast a minute getting rid of the last rements of urine in my bladder. I then fully relax my rectum anus and pc muscles muscles like I'm going to take a shit (but i don't because im empty and I know it) all over my bed while heavily prelubing with ID glide on my ring finger. After I have finished with this I apply generous amounts to the progasm and I am ready to go. At this point I normally have a half erection and I am already aching for it to be inserted. I push down just like I am taking a shit and the progasm goes in easily with only about a total of maximum 20 seconds insertion time since care needs to be taken with a slow steady insertion because of the the hump present in its design (no one wants to stretch themselves out down there). If it painful your not relaxing enough and its probably due to you not wanting to piss all over yourself. I suffered from the same problem the first two times I tried to use the progasm but my third time after trying it after a morning shit that invovled my fully releasing all urine from my bladder I figured out the trick. I was to tense during the insertion first two times but the third I had no sense of this after not having to worry about shitting/pissing myself. As this whole process of the obtaining the unobtainable Super-O is, it is all about relaxation, and i couldn't fully relaxed without the fear of not shtting/pissing myself and that is the kind of relaxation you need to insert the progasm. I can't really answer your question about the progasm compared to other models but i can't even imagine the same feelings observed and teasing orgasmic bliss created without the utmost pressure and fullness the progasm provides that other models seem to lack. Thats why I went with the progasm right away as aposed to starting with a delicate smaller model and I feel that the sucess created by this is something many members here can't expereince because they aren't open to a bigger model even though they have most likely had much bigger shits in thier life.
  • stmfttrstmfttr
    Posts: 40
    I've been involved with the forum for two years and in that time, no one has clearly been able to communicate what you did, in a few paragraphs!

  • MartyBMartyB
    Posts: 80
    Tenmagnet - Bravo!

    I couldn't agree more. Sage advice on relaxing the sphincter, I'm sure it will help many people out there.

    "...i can't even imagine the same feelings observed and teasing orgasmic bliss created without the utmost pressure and fullness the progasm provides that other models seem to lack."
    The idea with the peridise is advanced = smaller. For me looking at the journey as a whole, advanced = no aneros needed (the smallest possible is non existent). I'm looking to increase my sensitivity to the point where I don't require anything at all.

    Enjoy the journey,
  • TenmagnetTenmagnet
    Posts: 4
    Im glad you guys like my straight forward way of putting things. I wasn't sure how those of this board would respond because I don't see many posts that literally spell things out for you in what could be considered a harsh manner.
    Anyways. Marty, I couldn't agree with you more about how having no aneros is the most advanced but I will let you know that while greatly pleasurable it is certaintly not the most pleasurable as I learned to gain control over my ejaculatory reflexes before ever hearing of aneros or trying its amazing devices.
    About 3 years ago while beating off stoned out of my gord, I learned that by getting really close to ejaculation and then tottally relaxing all sexual organs (pushing out on my PC muscle no matter how good my dick felt), and then doing this act of getting "close" over and over again I would reach a continuous plateau of frequent orgasm without ever ejaculating. The intensity of these orgasms are about half that of a full ejaculation with orgasm but I've maintained them for hours to the point of exhaustion and if it were not for that potentially unending.
    I'm not going to credit myself to the discovery of this technique as I followed a guide called "continuous male orgasm" which explains the process in much better detail in the informational section at It also provides a exceptional description of what physiologically happening as you slowly reach the point of orgasm and should be read just for that reason.
    In this same guide the writer talks about how amazing massaging his prostate felt while he was expereiencing continuous male orgasm and I always remembered this fact but really felt awkward anytime I tried to rub my prostate for a longer period of time with a finger up my butt.
    Then I discovered the aneros webpage and saw the progasm on the front page and I knew I had found the key to unleashing the untamed sexual energy I had felt grasps off. I instantly purchased one and began to increase my sexual organ vasocongestion (if you read the guide you'll know what that means, i don't have time and there is no sense to rewrite something already explained well) to an extremly high level. When my progasm finally came 5 days later I had such feelings of fullness and sexual readiness I was getting a rock hard boner from any sexual thought or slight tease of my pants. After finally getting it inserted, I started involuntaries within minutes of insertion and by what I would say felt like only about 10 minutes I could already feel the orgasms wash over all different parts of me. Needless to say, I've been enjoying the progasm and super o's since.
    That was quite a long description but I couldn't really explain why no aneros probably isn't the best goal because it is actually much less intense compared to the aneros in. I plan on getting a eupho soon to see what the smaller size does for me but I can wholeheartly say having an aneros in makes all the difference in sensitivity and it is the best tool for raising it tremedously. Instead I recommend if you want to feel the same feelings without it in practice stopping your ejaculate and acheiving emissions orgasms via relaxing after getting extremely close to ejaculation. This is really pleasurable within itself and once you can preform it you can go into your aneros session with your prostate having that warm, full feeling and if you leave yourself vasocongested for several days your body will be begging you to insert your aneros. Your prostate will be humming with aneros lust and it gets to a point where you can do nothing but insert it and float of to orgasm.
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    Excelent posts, Tenmagnet. Welcome to the forum too by the way. I look forward to reading more of your posts. You definitely have a way of making your points and ideas clear and understandable.

    I also read that article on a few years ago, and while I did try out some of the techniques and ideas discussed in it, I never quite got to the point that you did by the sound of it.

    As to the topic, I can't really comment on the size of the progasm since I dont' own one, but I do have a helix and the beginner peridise set. I have only had one session with the peridise, but I found it no less good than the helix. I've also had various aneros-style sessions without any device, and I've found that I can get most of the same sensations without as I get with.
    The one big difference with the helix for me though is the P-Tab. The pressure from that tab has certain unique feelings attached that I haven't found other ways of producing.
    For me, if I were to get a Progasm I think I'd be as much interested in the K-Tab as difference in size of the main body.