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  • thewanterthewanter
    Posts: 15
    I started using Albolene about six months ago, and used it at least four times a week. At my last visit to my Doctor the blood tests indicated a big change in my colesterol level. I quit using it, but wonder if anyone else has experienced this or has knowledge related to this issue.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I am sorry to hear about the elevated cholesterol level. It is possible that your use of 'Albolene' was a contributing factor. Have you examined your dietary habits over the same period of time to see if that may have influenced changes too? This could be an unforeseen side effect of lubrication compounds remaining in the rectum for extended time periods. This is a condition that member 'Virg' has been concerned about in his posts dating back to September of 2006. I think it is something that is worthy of some scientific study to get some real data about all these different compounds. The problem being, who is willing to set up the study and pay for years of administering it?

    'Albolene' contains petroleum based compounds (mineral oil, petrolatum paraffin, ceresin) and beta-carotene. I personally don't feel comfortable having my body absorb these types of compounds directly into my bloodstream through the rectal membrane. Even with more natural and edible compounds such as shea butter, coconut oil or the 'Natural Jelly' recipe, there is no assurance that bypassing the natural digestive process makes these any safer. I don't think we will soon have a definitive answer to the extended lubrication application issue. Thanks for posting your experience, posts such as yours at least put everyone on notice there could be a problem with that particular lube.
  • MaximusMaximus
    Posts: 64
    I use Albolene from time to time, but usually not more than twice a month, alternating with a waterbased lube.

    I think it unlikely that Albolene would impact your cholesterol level, it hasn't mine, but who can say? I don't use alot of Albolene, just a very thin coating to make the aneros slippery.

    I also believe that just because something is "all natural" doesn't preclude it from being harmful. There are many natural substances that are deadly. Perhaps variation and moderation is the answer to the lube question.
  • thewanterthewanter
    Posts: 15
    Thanks for your posts. My Dr. has given me some meds for the cholesterol. I am waiting to start until my next fasting lipids blood draw to start them and have gone to a different lube for the time being. If the numbers return to what has been my normal levels I still won't be sure that there wasn't an error in that one blood test. I want to use the safest possible lube, but who really knows.