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Befits / Drawbacks
  • SamDSamD
    Posts: 1
    I found the site by chance and have learned a lot by reading the forms - something that I would suggest for anyone thinking about by this product. There is a lot of great information.

    My girlfriend and I are thinking about buying a Helix and likely a Peridise. However, even after reading, we still have a couple of questions in the benefits / drawbacks department. I suffer from something similar to delayed ejaculation. In my case I am able to achieve orgasm but not every time and when I can it is normally after very lengthy sessions of intercourse. If we have not had sex for a number of days things are good for the first orgasm but the following days I experience this delay unless we stop having sex for a few days. Some times I just can't orgasm at all no matter how long we go. It was during my search for help with this that I found this site.

    Our initial question was will the aneros help with this problem. After doing some reading I don't see any posts that would lead me to believe that it will. I see many people who have posted that it helps them control a very quick orgasm / ejaculation during intercourse but I am almost the opposite. If I am wrong I would be delighted.

    That leads me to the drawbacks question. It's already frustrating at times when I cannot orgasm. My fear is that if I use the aneros and ejaculate as well as orgasm with the intensity described by many here that I will end up worse off when we do have intercourse. Yes, I understand that orgasm without ejaculation is possible but I'm still in the learning / reading stage here. Maybe it's the long term effects that will be beneficial....

    I would be interested in hearing others thoughts - especially if you had a problem like this and it was helped by the aneros or some other method. Even if you don't have this problem I would also be interested in hearing how this has changed when you do have intercourse when you have not used the aneros beforehand.

    I will add that I am a healthy male in my early 40's. I don't smoke, don't drink excessively and do exercise. I did see a doctor who tested my testosterone level and said "it's normal" and offered no other suggestions beyond it happens. Geee, thanks doc....

    I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and reading your replies.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
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    Hi SamD,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    It is difficult to predict whether the Aneros massager will accelerate or retard your ramp up to orgasm. I suspect that it will help accelerate the process when combined with penile stimulation. I think the only way you can get these answers is to purchase a model and try it out for yourself. Fortunately you can try one out, risk free, if you choose the MGX and purchase it through the Aneros website you can get a money back guarantee.
  • MartyBMartyB
    Posts: 80
    Hi SamD, welcome to the forum! I can't speak with knowledge regarding delayed ejaculation but I can tell you about my experiences with the aneros that I think will interest you.

    I want to apologize for the blunt/graphic/personal descriptions I give. It sounds like you are familiar with the forum so you may have discovered we are a very open group.

    I can say with 100% certainty that Orgasm and Ejaculation are two completely different events that simply happen in short succession of one another, which is why we think they are the same thing. Orgasm starts shortly after the point of no return and ejaculation doesn't kick in until about 0.2 - 0.8 seconds later. The orgasm usually continues for the duration of the ejaculation. When I really took my time (40 -50 minutes) with low intensity stimulation, I was able to make the orgasm last 2-4 seconds before the first pump of ejaculation began. This extra 2-4 seconds blew my mind. This was the most pleasure I had felt in my life, before I found the aneros...

    Imagine the pleasure you feel after the point of no return, up until the first pump happens, it's the oozing / what feels like "priming the pump" part I'm talking about. That is what you can feel with the aneros for minutes or even hours at time with greater intensity!

    I'm not an expert. I haven't experienced the Super-O, but I have felt these levels of pleasure for minutes at a time. I've felt more pleasure with the aneros than what I’ve ever felt through what we call a traditional orgasm with ejaculation. It took me some time to achieve this, it didn't happen overnight. This is certainly a process or a journey.

    I've always found the aneros to enhance my lovemaking. Without learning a thing, on day one, the aneros added to the pleasure I felt during lovemaking. I hope to get my lovemaking to a point where I'm able to enjoy the orgasms I feel while using the aneros without having an ejaculation bring everything to an end. I think the user Pan is the grand master when it comes to this level of control, read his last post in this thread if you’re interested in what's possible:

    When I first started out, and didn't have a clue what I was doing, I found that doing a contraction with the aneros while masturbating would take me from having an orgasm/ejac in 10-15 minutes to it happening in the next 3 or 4 strokes. After some reading I found out that the prostate needs to build up a certain level of fluid before it triggers a traditional orgasm/ejac. I would have a certain level of fluid in my prostate, when I did a contraction with the aneros the additional pressure on my prostate would signal my brain its time.

    I've also noticed a marked increase in ejaculate after using the aneros. I'm guessing this has something to do with the extra exercise the prostate gets.

    Hope this helps,
  • Now I am speaking as much from experience as I am from my own research and theories here. I really do believe there is something to this, but I must give a disclaimer that I can't guarantee anything.

    It sounds to me like your problem has to do with brain chemistry. When a man ejaculates, there's a surge of a brain chemical known as Prolactin. Prolactin kills the sex drive and makes it hard to have orgasms. Since you get this delay only in the days following an orgasm, it sounds to me like this is absolutely what it must be.

    What you need to look into is finding a (natural) way to change your brain chemistry. One excellent way is by changing your diet. I suggest you go get for a book called "The orgasmic diet" by a lady who posts here under zaneblue. You can actually find a lot of her diet recommendations here as well if you look around. The basic idea is you eat foods that increase dopamine. she recommends eating dark chocolate and taking high doses of fish oil. (fish oil actually has other nice health benefits as well). I personally believe this may help you more than anything. Prolactin and dopamine actually cancel each other, if you can increase one then it affects the other.

    Now about the aneros. I have no idea why this is, but I am absolutely convinced that the aneros induced orgasms lack any prolactin release. This is why they are so good and why a man can keep going for hours in heaven. Because of this, I do highly recommend trying the aneros and seeing where it takes you. But I highly doubt it'll give you any results on those nights when you can't orgasm normally.

    I hope this stuff helps. I do a lot of reading on how orgasms work because I find it interesting. I was reading the other day about a powerful pharmaceutical drug that claims to cancel and reduce prolactin almost entirely. It has real uses for a few rare medical conditions, but some men on another forum were experimenting with it for sexual purposes. One man claimed he could have many powerful multiple orgasms all in one night while on it. Now, I DO NOT suggest you go this route, as pharmaceutical drugs can be powerful and dangerous and shouldn't be "played with". (for that reason I'm not even going to name the drug). But I found it incredibly fascinating.

  • In regards to the aneros allowing you to orgasm faster, i feel that this works both ways. In my experience the aneros will give you more control over when you want to ejaculate. It is difficult to explain but if you mentally want to cum the aneros will allow you to do this within a few mintues and yet if you want to delay it gives you the control to stop you from ejaculating until you want to.

    I suppose it really is your frame of mind that will control ejaculation speed. I would try to find ways to get yourself more excited.