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No hands+No Aneros=Super Orgasm
  • View Poll Results: Can you have an Anerosless Super-O? Voters: 741

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    Yes they are great 27 3.64%

    Nope 714 96.36%

  • So how many of you can go all the way with no help? Just your imagination and muscle contractions.
  • Brian Mayfield can have one just from watching fireworks shows I hear!!
  • wohdinwohdin
    Posts: 42

    Brian Mayfield can have one just from watching fireworks shows I hear!!

    What a kink! XD
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    What happens if you vote no, but then in the future develop the ability? There's no way of changing your vote.

    I'll abstain from voting for now, but I'll explain my situation.

    Currently I haven't experienced Super Orgasm with or without the aneros, but I have found that I can sometimes replicate the sensations of an aneros session without using the aneros. This leads me to believe that once I gain the ability to have Super Orgasms with the aneros I may well find that I can get them without it too.
  • I have Super-O's with and without my Aneros Helix in. My wife's touch can bring them on too. I one heck of a lucky guy!
  • ltgltg
    Posts: 36
    Yes, but I think I do have more pleasure overall with my Helix inserted.
  • Hand raised! It's been an amazing transition from feeling like the Aneros was the only way to get to an orgasm, to now where I can lay on the bed, close my eyes and within a few minutes I'm in total "Blissville"! My body and mind know how to get there...when I get out of the way! Amazing!
  • mogmog
    Posts: 183

    You've said it T-G!

    It's a truly great skill that you have acquired and one that to the uninitiated would seem an impossible dream." Blissville" always only five minutes away! 

    For how long have you been able to do your device and hands-free MMOs? Perhaps you've already discovered the fractal nature of the every-growing sensations and know that there's always more novel and extreme experiences waiting in line for you. And the more you practice the better it gets!

    It becomes a never-ending ride into the unknown.


  • @Mog --- I've been on the journey over three years now, and over the last year and a half, I've been multi-orgasmic with almost just a thought or two. I can attain p-waves pretty much whenever the mood strikes...sitting at my desk, in a meeting...they are only a slight contraction and a brain twitch away! Laying flat on my bed, I'm in a blissful state after about 5 minutes of relaxing. It doesn't take much to get my p-waves moving! I love this journey! If I add a little porn, I'm in a full body orgasm in about 10-15 min.

  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    @TG _You've clearly made a great success of your MMO project and your account of your current state of the art is an inspiration to others who may be just embarking on a quest for the Zone. I can mirror your account almost exactly (even for your inclination towards a spot of porn) except for not needing as long as 5mins to get started<G>. The fact that I've been at this business for longer than you have (9 years I guess) will probably account for the small difference!

    It was the KSMO and Aneros that started me off on the trail. The Aneros I don't need any more but sometimes I plug in a Peridise for some icing on the cake.

    The most incredible discovery of my trip along the super-highway has been what seems to be a never-ending escalation of the intensity of the sensations, not only in their strength but in their powerfully erotic nature. This is still happening.

    Are you yet into the "gateways" phenomenon - sudden, unanticipated and persistent surges in orgasmic results that can occur from time to time in your long-term progress? 
  • mog said:

    @TG Are you yet into the "gateways" phenomenon - sudden, unanticipated and persistent surges in orgasmic results that can occur from time to time in your long-term progress? 

    Ive not heard of the gateways phenomenon until now, but I can say absolutely YES...and this energy is aimed squarely at my heart...and it feels awesome! It's not scary because it feels like a healing energy! Tell me more of what you know about it!

  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    The term "gateway" has often been used over in Jack's KSMO forum but it might also be more widely used elsewhere. I've experienced several of these in my MMO career (at a rough estimate some 15-20 over the years, it's hard to be precise) - no-where else - but I've heard that intensive sports training can make them happen.

    Whenever one is about to descend upon me I suffer an unexplainable and sudden drop in my session results - fine one day, nothing happens the next. My immediate reaction is that I'm going to have to realise that my trip of a lifetime cannot continue forever and that all good things must eventually and finally end. An insidious depression comes over me. I might refrain from practice for a day or two.

    Then I resume operations, not expecting much to happen. To my utter amazement the session turns out to be one of the best ever, taking me to extremes that are new to me, giving me sensations of an intensity that I've not encountered before. This lifts my spirits to the stratosphere!

    Each one of these "gateways" has represented a very significant breakthrough in my MMO career. You might think that I would welcome the onset of one of these but they have always taken me by surprise so that I don't realise that I've just had one until I experience afterwards my new elevated level.

    @TG..........I can say absolutely YES...and this energy is aimed squarely at my heart...and it feels awesome!

    Awesome to the power of N ! Over at the KSMO these are generally known as "heartgasms".  You might find that the extreme orgasmic sensations grow and gradually encroach upon other parts of the bod, eventually to reach everywhere.

  • @mog --- Thank you for that explanation!

    My experience does seem to have a natural rhythm of highs and lows, and I don't worry at all about what I experience day to day because I believe it's my body's own system, nothing artificial, that is in control!

    I continue to improve my healthy lifestyle with increased exercise, better food and appropriate vitamins. And as I do, I believe my body may have to adjust how it manages the energy generated by my journey, this being one explanation for the perceived rhythm.

    As far as orgasmic energy encroaching on other parts of my body, in addition to my heart, I get some of the most invigorating energy sensations in my joints which makes me hopeful that I'm not going to experience the same arthritic issue of some of my relatives.

    All that being said, this continues to be a journey of exploration and amazement for me and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

  • @chris_SoCal - To me it's the best because of very little clean up. As somewhat of an germaphobe, and dealing with shit germs as we do with Aplay, the time is cut down to almost nothing when it's just an Aless session. A week ago in fact after a few days of not having the time to do anything, I had an afternoon Aless and ended wet as a result. Oh those TGirls and the spells they cast on me!

    @Theme_Gasm – Amazing indeed! And you said it, about getting out of the way of your mind and body. When I do that riding with or without, only good things will come. And hell, even WITH the Aneros at one point I didn’t feel anything… Nearly two years in, thank God that’s no longer the case. And it’s funny you describe yourself as MO, and that we have what you described in common, to think of myself as MO! To me its about manipulating the OE and just succumbing and surrendering to it.

    But yes, add a little porn to the mix and it’s beating the hell out of me. Tell me this, do you generally end with a HFWO?
  • I've never had a HFWO in my life. Haven't tried for one either. Actually, if you count wet dreams, I had several as a teen! LOL

  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    Hey friends! What's an HFWO?  

    >I believe it's my body's own system, nothing artificial, that is in control!< 

    Wise words indeed T-G! One sees so many here searching for a magic formula when really the only thing that works is what's inside you. Together with lots of practice! 

  • @mog - Something I've been experiencing for quite a bit now and am not complaining. A Hands Free Wet Orgasm. Lots of guys get there for a bunch of reasons, I find that for myself, unless I work to keep the session going and the energy inside, at one point my legs just go nuts and the Orgasmic Energy becomes so strong that it just needs to come out... At least how I interpret it. Either way I've always ended my sessions wet, for a while by grinding my pillow.

    And related to having an A-Less session in general? Well I rode last night with my helix, lasted about an hour and a half and was done. Thankfully I'm not a screamer \ moaner \ really all that audible with these because if I was, the Poe Poe would have been called many times. But I thought what the hell, a few hours later I went again, quick and A-Less, and in about forty minutes I was cleaning my pillow yet again from another super soaking. (I kid, it was just a soaking, the one earlier was just, well, it was easier to just take the pillow in the bathroom and clean it there!)
  • @mog hfwo means hands free wet orgasm. In other words, an ejaculation without touching the penis.
  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    @Ray - Ah! I'm well familiar with those. Thanks.

    @Hopeful - > Thankfully I'm not a screamer \ moaner \ really........< 

    I find that when I get into top gear an audible release can provide a great boost to the intensity of any orgasm. It's got to be involuntary of course - a forced one is just no good. The ones that are the most effective for me are a low-throated roar coinciding with the tail end of a wet orgasm and leading into the prolonged paralysis or ride phase. Again, they have to be natural occurrences. Why do you not let yourself go? - are there others nearby?

  • @mog - Yep, you said it perfectly, involuntary, if you force it it probably wouldn't work. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a church mouse, and when I do make noise its because it's natural, but by and large my theatrics come in the leg spasms. I just made the joke that if the noise I made correlated with the pleasure I'm receiving, the whole street would know. But I'm sure it actually feels good when you do make noise coinciding with your wet O's.