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*Couples' Practices
  • View Poll Results: How does your wife participate in your Aneros activity? Voters: 1

    You may not vote on this poll

    Does your wife finger your prostate? 8 800.00%

    Do you mutually stimulate each other's G(P)-spot? 11 1,100.00%

    Do you each use Peridise models? 1 100.00%

    Do you use Peridise models together? 0 0%

    First two above plus Peridise? 3 300.00%

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    With the increasing number of couples represented here, it is time for what may be the first Poll directed at couples' practices. From the reading I've done in the Forum, those reporting are mostly heterosexual couples. However, gay, lesbian and transsexual couples please feel welcome to vote and report here too!

    The Poll Questions are necessarily limiting. The Poll Question is about assistance with inserting/withdrawing your Aneros and any other forms of play short of personally contacting your prostate and needs a comment by posting here.

    The voting options are about the next level, personally massaging your prostate and/or using Peridise models. I attempted to add a further option asking about pegging/strap-on/feeldoe/share practices but was limited to five voting options. So, please let us know about your more advanced joint ventures too in posts here! :lol: We are all in this together.

    Please post to fully describe your experiences! Individual partners are sharing their couples' experiences in threads and blogs. :wink: Perhaps it would be good to have a one stop compendium of different experiences here... :D
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    I'm 25 and Male, and my partner is 26 (27 on Monday), and a Female to Male Transsexual (Born female, but now living as male, and taking testosterone, but he hasn't had any surgery).

    I have had a Helix for almost a year and a half now, and have only really used it alone because of awkwardness and feelings of expectation and need to perform if using it with company.

    Just recently my partner bought the beginners' Peridise set, and has tried it out alone one or more times. We haven't really discussed it much though.

    I've tried using the Peridise now too, but I prefer the Helix for now.

    We probably should have a go of using them together some time but I haven't got around to broaching the subject yet.

    Funny story though, through my experience with the Aneros, I've become better at experiencing and enjoying sexual pleasure and activity without having to race towards orgasm and as a result he usually has a couple of orgasms and runs out of arousal while I'm yet to reach an orgasm because I've been luxuriating in all the good feelings along the way. (That's without either of us using any devices at the time)
    I have no trouble reaching orgasm once I decide to though, so he's not left waiting long at the end.
  • STARR831STARR831
    Posts: 71
    My wife (58) and I (59) are are definitely Aneros newbies; but, with all of three weeks experience, we've advanced light years in our intimacy and explorations with each other. Having shared my purchase of an MGX and Helix from the very beginning, I quickly observed that she was turned on by my use. We are at the point now where my wife is very comfortable inserting my Aneros and removing it. She has also started digitally massaging my prostate. The most remarkable experience to-date has been when my wife repeatedly inserted her finger into my well-lubed anus and contacted my prostate in the process --- Aneros is great but this exceeded any experience I've ever encountered!!! After a year that included a prostate biopsy, open heart surgery and NO sexual sharing, Aneros was the tool that brought us back to a relationship in which we both are more sexually alive than ever before. I've always cherished my wife and our 20 year marriage; but, what we're experiencing now is a blessing beyond all others!!!
  • My g/f (40) and me (33) are quite open to anal play. She often slips a finger into my anus during sex which turns me on loads (as does sex with the aneros inserted). She has also inserted into me and watched me using my Progasm in a solo session which seemed to turn her on as well. Really memorable occasions have involved me penetrating my g/f anally whilst being penetrated by the aneros myself :)
  • AnalLoverAnalLover
    Posts: 1
    I am married and have been secretly using my Aneros Helix when she was away from home, or when I was away on business for fear of her thinking I was strange for enjoying anal play. That was until about a week ago when she started hinting at wanting to use one of her vibrators on my anus. Still fearing that she might think differently of me I relented and allowed her to anally penetrate me with one of her vibrators.

    I must say that I was pleasantly suprised at her excitement that the experienced turned out to me one of the most mind blowing sexual experiences we both have had! She is now uses a strap-on on me and I am hoping to bring the Aneros into our sexual repetoire within the next couple of days!
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I kept my aneros use secret for a long time for the same reason as AnalLover but decided to come clean a while ago. the wife was very accepting and we have progressed from her using the aneros on me to her using her finger. I find the feelings quite different with a finger as opposed to the aneros, I am yet to experience an orgasm either way. Her finger up my butt brings me to new levels of pleasure and I'm not sure I could have gotten to that point without the aneros.
    Keeping a secret from your wife or girlfriend is never a good idea. Not only has this taken our sex life to a new level, it has also given me more opportunity to use the aneros on my own, as she is fine with that and I no longer have to sneak in sessions and worry about getting caught
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    After reading the latest of Pommie's progress, I left this comment. I thought then maybe more couples might connect to this experience and its pleasures, if you haven't already:

    >>>One of the things that mrs. a noticed and is delighted by when I have an Aneros in and we are having p/v intercourse, is that, if I do a moderate to strong contraction with the aneros having backed off first, she feels the little "bump" as the aneros contacts my prostate again, as well as the whole muscular movement in making the contraction. She feels pleasure, primarily at the Gspot, from that little jolt which seems to also pack some energy transfer, and feels my aneros "directly" benefiting her too! Together we feel the aneros/prostate/penis/Gspot (her prostate) as a great pleasure train. How Freudian is that!? :)<<<<br />
    Interesting the poll results to date, butt we need more of the many more couples here responding by voting and posting your experiences and stories here. Looking forward to that.

    putting a log in the firebox and assembling the consist of the Aneros coupled couple's coupling train