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  • MasqurinMasqurin
    Posts: 3
    I own an Euphos and one thing I can't quote figure out is, how far is it supposed to go?

    I noticed that towards the handle end the body flares out a little. Is the flared part meant to be inside or outside the sphincter? I figured its purpose is to keep the whole thing inside, so it must go inside the sphincter, but can't quite get it far enough in.

    The other thing that I'm confused about is that the tip seems to be going too far in - I feel it touch my prostate while inserting, but once it's settled in I no longer feel it making contact. Could anyone else relate to this? I saw another poster having the same problem ( but none of the replies confirm whether this is the case for everyone.
  • wohdinwohdin
    Posts: 42
    From what I can gather about Anerae(?) in general is that for pretty much all models (except perhaps the Peridise?) the part that the sphincter should be "wrapped around" is not the thin base where the handle attaches, but rather, the "waist" before it, like so:

    I would surmise that the Eupho has a longer "waist" section for added mobility, since it needs the extra surface space to glide without much pressure differentiation against the sphincter muscles. Here it very gradually expands, with a much less deep curvature than the other models - at least in appearance. (I haven't seen one up-close so I can't really make mechanical assessments with a 2D image.)

    Also, by what you're describing with the insertion, I don't think it's really hitting your prostate immedately; it's more likely the general pleasurable sensations that come from the change in pressure, the soft stretching that occurs. I always feel a burst of arousal at the penetration - though not all people do, as far as I can tell.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
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    Hi Masqurin,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    The Eupho and Helix models lower half have an almost identical shape, if you check out my post in this thread you will see an illustration of the proper location of the units in respect to the sphincter. I think it should be noted the flexibility of the organs allows some internal movement due to the effects of gravity. Your body position when the Aneros is inserted can have an effect on how much contact the Aneros makes on your prostate. That is a good reason to try different positions to find one that proves effective for you.