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Dreaming Aneros?
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    I've been meaning to post this thread months ago but just haven't gotten around to it. So I figure while I'm in a flourish of posting here I might as well continue with the one I should had posted first.

    I've been studying dreaming,lucid dreaming, Astral projecting, etc... for over a decade now. In the last decade I've become very proficient with all this especially with lucid dreaming. When I'm not lucid dreaming my dream recall is still very good and it's impossible to wake up without a lot of dream recall.

    In the past(and recent past) I've often woken up from a sexual dream having an orgasm. As I wake I grab the end of my dick fearing that I'm cumming and I don't want to make a mess though nearly every time I'm just having a dry O though it feels like a wet one. Normally these types of Dry O dreams occur during a very low level lucid dream. That is I'm aware I'm dreaming but this awareness often comes after I'm already involved in some kind of sexual scene and I continue on with the dream that's taking place instead of trying to become more aware which often will make me stop the course and path of the dream. But it's in this sexual scene semi lucid state that I'll often orgasm into a dry O awakening.

    When I become very lucid in which I'm more fully in control of the dream, and I decide to have sex with a dream character (...or two) I find it much harder to achieve orgasm. This might be the same thing that occurs during an aneros session, when one is trying to force things to happen instead of just letting them occur. It seems in waking life and in the dream world there still needs to be a certain level of conscious detachment for things to flow right.

    Now what made me think about writing this post months ago was from a certain dream I had. In it I was not lucid and with some friends in some living room. At one point I realize that I'm naked and have my aneros in me (not in waking life, only in the dream). Though this doesn't make me lucid I think on a very low level of awareness I was aware it was a dream. Once realizing the aneros was in me I started to feel the arousal begin to build. Though I was surrounded by friends it didn't stop me from enjoying the pleasure. And as the pleasure rose, my awareness/lucidity did as well. And as my awareness/lucidity rose the pleasure began to decline.

    So again too much focus or awareness/lucidity in the dream and in waking life seems to interfer with the build up of arousal and achieving mini or super O's (at least for me).

    Since that dream I've made it a side focus for my dream work to attempt to have multiples in my dreams or lucid dreams and to try to use the lucid dream state as a platform to launch into dry O's into the waking state and if I can stay relaxed while doing it, to ride it into the waking state into multiple dry O's or super O's as well instead of panicking and grabbing my dick to try to stop the ejaculation.

    Since I've started this new lucid dream task I've managed to have several low level lucid dreams in which I start orgasming and ejaculating (but only ejaculating in the dream) for very long periods without stopping. Normally what stops it is if I gain too much awareness/lucidity or the dream characters don't comply. For instance in a dream recently I was getting head while playing with another girls pussy and I just started cumming nonstop. Eventually the girl giving me head stopped and I looked up at her like "why, don't stop" but apparently she wanted no more to do with it. That was probably so far the longest orgasm I've had in a dream. But again it seems like if I gain too much lucidity it makes it harder to orgasm.

    I had a sexual dream today that reminded and inspired me to post this thread as well. In it I was having a very intense fantasy sexual dream that really got me going and like the aneros dream the pleasure built and I was on the verge of orgasm but then the lucidity came. Having a high level of lucidness I was on the verge of orgasm for quite sometime which felt good in itself. But I was trying so hard to push myself into orgasm that instead it evaded me even more. Just when I thought that I was super close to orgasming the dream started to fade and I woke up. Very frustrating because I was very close to orgasming from the dream into waking life and was hoping to give my first shot at waking up relaxed though Dry O'ing and seeing if I couldn't mentally stay detached enough to let it propel me into multiples

    So again the more I tried the more elusive the orgasm became.

    One good thing about dream sex for me is that you can go about it like you would waking sex as far as being able to (well mentally since it's a dream but real enough when your there) touch your penis and have intercourse all you want and instead of ejaculating at the end I instead dry O. :D

    Curious to see if others here at this forum have experienced any dream aneros sessions and if you've been able to have multiples in them.

    For me the journey continues. The possibilities are endless. And what fun it is! :D
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    I think you may have been an aboriginal shaman in a previous lifetime. Thanks for the reports back from ”Dreamtime” .
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Yeah, I understand all that and remember having nested dreams... one dream within another. Sometimes, the outer dream would 'fake reality' and realize that the inner dream was 'only a dream.' Similar to Billy 11's situation, I'd drift the 'outside' dream into consciousness then send it back into sleep. Usually the more erotic stuff would be buried in the 'inner dream.'

    It's been too long ago to recall details of the O's but I'm tempted to believe that the inner dream O's were all dry. I do recall that some O's started inside the inner dream then migrated to the outer dream and then 'burst' into the waking state as a wet one.

    Most of that was between age 25 & 35, long before aneros.. As I cemented my married life, nested dreams became less frequent. :(

    Wonder if these are signs of a severely demented brain? :twisted: 8) LOL
  • MartyBMartyB
    Posts: 80
    Hi Billy11,
    I have had a fair amount of experiences with the aneros in my dreams. Most of them are with the aneros in and one without the aneros. I can't give you the whole picture as I'm on the verge of having a super-o and have a bit more rewiring to do.

    To get an idea of where I am, I can tell you I've felt the rush of pleasure as you heart beats like a drum. I've felt what can only be described as the pleasurable hand of god grab me by the ass and push me into the clouds. I've bathed in the pool of pleasure and felt it hug me on all sides. So far these events last about 15-30 seconds before the intensity tapers off. I'm still learning.

    I usually remember my dreams. I've had nested dreams were I can fall asleep in the outer dream to begin a new inner, or nested, dream. I've even been able to wake up to the outer dream and go back to sleep and return where I left off in the inner dream! I haven't had the inner dream merge with the outer dream as newbie2009 describes. I like the fake reality concept. Most of my aneros dreams are set in a fake reality.

    My normal sessions are usually at night. If I've made progress and haven't resorted to a T-orgasm, I'll add a few CCs of lube and fall asleep with the aneros in. My first dream with the aneros was a breakthrough. I hadn't ejaculated in 10 days; my dreams really start to get erotic the longer I go. In my dream, things were starting to get sexual. I felt a bouncing or light buzz coming from my ass. The breakthrough was this was accompanied with pleasure! I woke up and the pleasure continued. It was the first time I experienced actual pleasure from the aneros. This was the moment I knew the aneros was for real. Before this the aneros just felt good, without any pleasure.

    Fast forward a bit. This is a dream with the aneros in and another first for me on my aneros journey. This dream wasn't very sexual in nature when the aneros (grab you by the ass and hold you down) pleasure began. It seems my mind didn't know what was going on and made do with what (or who) was around me at the time in my dream. This was the first time I felt this intense/extreme sensation. In my dream I was waiting in line for something with a friend and my uncle. I'm straight, I love women and wasn't abused in any way as a child or adult. I would like to consider myself a well adjusted individual, so you can understand my confusion with what happened next in my dream (It just sounds really bad..) Anyway, in my dream, my uncle was trying to push his finger up my ass. In my dream I remember thinking, "Hey, what the hell" as I was squirming trying to get away from the painful sensation. I remember thinking, "If you were a chick I might be introducing you to my aneros collection." It's funny I remember thinking about the aneros, without realizing it was the aneros I was experiencing. I woke up with the sensations still there. I was relieved to discover what I felt and originally thought was pain, was extreme pleasure. You would think one should know the difference; I didn't until I woke up. This breakthrough was a whole new level of intensity I hadn't experienced before. It felt like I hooked up my junk to the power mains, lol.

    I went back to sleep. My next dream/aneros experience, that same night, was in a much better setting. In my dream my Girlfriend just started to give me head when I felt the buzzing begin. This time I was armed with the truth. In my dream I said to myself, "Relax, don't panic, this is pleasure. Enjoy it." I was able to enjoy it for about 15 seconds before I woke up with a smile.

    I remember drifting off to sleep 3 or 4 times during a session and didn't know I was dreaming. The dream was set in my bedroom just as I was when I fell asleep. I've had much better sleep/dream sessions than I've had awake sessions. I have been able to find the pleasure zone easier and with better repeatability in a dream session.

    I've had a dream session without the aneros in. It was just as good as a dream session with the aneros in.

    During a dream session, I have no idea I'm dreaming. I'm relaxing and not focusing on controlling anything. So my focus and awareness is no different than a normal session. Perhaps dream sessions work well for me because of my infrequent lucid dreams.

    I haven't had many lucid dreams, where I'm in complete control. Sexual dreams are hard to come by for me unless I haven't ejaculated in 5-8 days. Then it goes from not interested (and I wake up before I get close to T-orgasm) to them asking me for sex (and I wake up in the middle of a T-orgasm). I think I'm the odd man out on this one.

    When I become aware of the fact I'm dreaming and start to take too much control of it, the dream will start to fade (me waking up?). If I notice the edges of the dream going grey and fading away I can relax (fall back to sleep?) and wait for the dream to fill back in. If I persist when the dream is fading I will wake up.

    Enjoy the Journey,
  • rainstomprainstomp
    Posts: 51
    These are some inspirational comments. Thanks guys! I'm sleeping with my aneros in tonight!
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Hey good stuff here MartyB and newbie2009!
    Don't have the time to respond as I would like but will add a little.

    That's really cool Marty how you've been able to have so many breakthroughs and success from your dreams. My intent for this thread wasn't about using the aneros while sleeping, but instead of dreaming yourself into multiples aneroless. Plus I am curious if people have been dreaming of doing aneros sessions and getting pleasurable feelings in there dreams but not actually having the aneros in in physical life. I'm assuming if people are doing hours long sessions especially before bed, that it could very well transfer over into their dreams. Just very curious if people are getting results in their dreams.

    But I can see how using the aneros while sleeping can definitely help trigger dreaming sexually and then awake into having multiples with the aneros in. I've yet to be able to produce any results while sleeping with the aneros in (at least that I recall, maybe I have in the past but just am not remembering it now). I usually just wake up sore and feeling like the lube has dried up.
    Very cool how many experiences you've had dreaming with the aneros in.
  • MartyBMartyB
    Posts: 80
    rainstomp said:

    These are some inspirational comments. Thanks guys! I'm sleeping with my aneros in tonight!

    rainstomp, I would take a peek at my first post here for how I prepare for an all nighter.

    As Billy11 said

    I usually just wake up sore and feeling like the lube has dried up.

    I know this pain all to well. If this happens, the best advice I can give for removing the aneros is to push it out as you would a BM. While pushing, maintain your progress by very gently pulling/holding on the stem (middle) of the aneros. Again let your pushing do the work, let the pulling maintain your progress.

    Sorry for hijacking your thread Billy11. :oops:

    I did have one aneros-less dream session :) I thought I was making great progress (and probably was..) only to wake up without the aneros in.