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what are the wrong things people can do?
  • atm853atm853
    Posts: 51
    So I have had my Helix for about a month now, and I feel like each time I use it I get less and less feeling from it...:(

    The first day it arrived I had to try it and I did so with no intentions of a super O, however after 20 mins of use, my body felt these waves of happiness and I began to smile and laugh, later getting to a moment of orgasm? However as quickly as it came it went away, I relaxed and then nothing. I've done each session with just trying to feel my way and enjoy the sensations but at most times i can feel a slight tickle, and only so when i push out and not squeeze in...

    I began watching porn with my sessions to help me get more excited but lately I feel as though it just sits there with no tickle what so ever. after about an hour I have to touch myself and ejaculate and then go to not trying to get frustrated but I feel like maybe i should take break aside from the every other day thing. So my question is what can I be doing wrong? I mean I had an intense 10 seconds but not I feel like I might have made it up. I've read and re-read on so many things throughout this website. so if there is anyone who can encourage or give any advice, you'd be helping so much and I would greatly appreciate this.... what are things we should avoid?
  • chronos86chronos86
    Posts: 25
    In my experience, watching porn can actually take away from getting to the pinnacle. It is a distraction. You need to be more internally focused for use of the aneros, completely aware of the body. Watching porn can make you lose focus. I suggest using your own imagine and making your own fantasies instead of indulging in porn.
  • dont worry it is part of the rewiring process. I had a decline in sensations too for a while but then it came back and better than before. Just wait.

    I think that mentaly you might be getting a little frustrated so jsut give it time. perhaps a short break could clear your head.
  • atm853atm853
    Posts: 51
    Before I read the post of : "Building involuntaries technique" I had done something similar and last night I had my first intense session with what I think of a long orgasm and now I feel much less stressed out about not feeling anything...

    sending you all tickles and twitches of hope