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Oh Thank you Aneros
  • DizzanDizzan
    Posts: 1
    I recently received my Aneros MGX in the mail and was very eager to try it out. The first thing I did when I got home from work that day I eagerly took the Aneros into my bedroom and started watching porn. I masturbated for a while with some lube, then lubed up the aneros and gently slid it into my ass. I only had it in for about 5 min but it wasn't very comfortable, and I took it out and masturbated without it.

    I had a similar experience the next 3 times I used it, because I wasn't really relaxing myself enough to enjoy it. Finally one day I had time to spare and I layed down to really relax my body. I began rubbing the lubed aneros up and down on my asshole, teasing myself for about 5 min. I then slid the MGX in and instantly I started feeling an incredible sensation, a gentle tingling that seemed to radiate throughout my entire body. My ass was throbbing with pleasure, I could not believe what I was feeling! I layed on my back and then on my side as the MGX pumped in and out of my ass by the flexing of my PC muscles. Eventually it was totally on autopilot, pumping in and out of me as I layed there in complete ecstasy with precum dripping out of my cock, quietly moaning and breathing heavy.

    The longer I layed there the more intense it felt, and this lasted at least 45 min... by this time my cock was rock hard and precum was oozing out, I was whining it felt so good. I am usually never that loud, but I was having to hold back because I wanted to be even louder it felt so good. My entire body was tingling and my asshole was just throbbing with pleasure.

    I ended up having my first non-ejaculatory orgasm followed by 2 more, which seemed to last several minutes each. After I got done with the aneros I put it down and the sensations didn't stop... I felt my dick getting harder and harder as I layed there until it was throbbing for me to stroke it. I have about an 8 1/2 inch cock normally so I am usually big, but I have never been this hard or felt this big!... it must have been well over 9 inches and pulsating, precum starting to ooze out of the fully engorged tip. I stroked it nice and hard with that precum as lube and rubbed my wet asshole, until it was begging to have the Aneros back in. I put it in and it started pumping so fast my balls got super tight and my insides tingled with pleasure. It was getting almost too instense and I wanted to ejaculate from all of the build up, so I pulled the MGX out and began vigorously stroking my throbbing member. I stood up and hovered over the towel I had put down in preparation... I felt my balls tighten even more and the most amazing sensations pulsating from my cock all the way down to my ass. I started to cum and my knees shook from the intensity as I completely emtied my balls unto this towel. I must have had 10-12 ropes of pleasure and I shot my load completely over the towel I had layed out. I have built up some incredible ejaculations in the past but this was on another level.

    Every since that day I have had only the best experiences with the MGX and I am eager to try the Helix and possibly the Progasm when I am ready. Thanks Aneros for taking me to new heights of sexual satisfaction that I never even dreamed were possible!

    - James D.
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    sounds great!! and whats more, it gets better. Much better! *deviously* But can you handle it :D :P.

    It love the bit where your penis is constantly having dry orgasm with just precum, and your penis just feels infinately bigger and bigger Wiggling and pulsating out of control on its own. :oops:
  • LivingLargeLivingLarge
    Posts: 17
    Typically I would have read something like this and said, "Oh right" I do have to admit to you, I have also felt what you have described. On top of that it continues to keep getting better! I like your descriptions.
  • Yep, me too. I've been using it for about 6 months with some good results. Things took a turn for the better significantly when I switched from my side to laying on my back with my knees touching, feet apart. I had some incredible feelings from this position, much more intense with dry orgasms aplenty and precum flowing like nothing. I'm 62 but it makes me feel like a boy again. Whoa.