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An older man's journey
  • CarolinaguyCarolinaguy
    Posts: 67
    I am 52 years old and stumbled on this site one day about 2 years ago when researching the subject of the prostate.
    My father had prostate cancer and one day I thought I needed to be better educated on the topic.
    One link lead to another and I ended up here. After reading the forum, I was very curious.
    I had never heard of the super-o and to be honest, I had no idea such a thing was even possible.
    I am a very sexual person and I always have been. (much to my wife's delight and frustration)
    I was so enticed, I ordered the Helix. I read all the advice here on the forum and hard as I tried...not much happened. A few interesting sensations and that was about it. I tried it heavily for a few weeks with no additional feelings and then began to try it less and less.
    I would still occasion this forum every once in a while when I was bored and give it another try here and there but still no super-o or even a mini-o.
    In the meantime, my wife found it one day and called it a butt plug and really seemed turned off by it. I tried to tell her about the health benefits but I don't think she believed me. I didn't talk to her about the possibilities of the super-o and all the sexual benefits because I hadn't had that happen.
    She accused me of having a gay side and things like that. You may not believe it but our relationship has been pretty wild at times so this hurt me a little.
    I would always think of some of our wilder times when I was using the Helix while trying to get to the super-o.
    I was back and forth between thinking it was impossible to thinking it was impossible for me anyway.
    I kept trying every now and then but probably went months using it once or even less.
    As I said I would come to the forum every now and then and last week, I read quite a few of the posts on a day when I was bored. As it always did, it got me envious and a little turned on.
    I gave it another shot. Remember I have been off and on for 2 years with nothing more than a few good sensations.
    I made sure I was clean and lubed well as everyone has described on many posts.
    I lay on my back with my feet pulled up and a small pillow under my ass.
    And then I did nothing. Many times before I tried doing nothing but I would always end up trying to pull it in and out like when you are making love.
    This time I did nothing.
    As far as my thoughts, I imagined my wife was in bed with me. I imagined she had her dildo and she was putting on a show for me. Playing with her dildo and talking to me, telling me what she was doing and how everything felt to her. That is one my biggest turn ons in this world.
    She would spread her lips and finger her clit and talk to me as well. These thoughts were really turning me on. I wasn't hard but very turned on.
    I looked down at ny cock and noticed it was vibrating. Wow I thought something was going on but I resisted the urge to drive things as I had in the past.
    Next, I began to slightly quiver. Just my pelvis area.
    I kept my mind on my wife and her dildo putting on a show for me. I purposely resisted the urge to move or force anything.
    The quivers gave way to the trembles. My torso and pelvis and legs began to tremble deeper and deeper. I could feel the Helix moving rapidly. I did not move it voluntarily. My body took over and took it as it wanted or needed it.
    It grew beyond a trembling and mild shaking began. My whole body. Arms and hands as well.
    The shaking began to build to near convulsion when I felt like I was pumping come.
    A single drop of come appeared on the head of my cock.
    The shaking soon subsided and the sensation fell back to a slight quiver.
    I let out a long exhale and thought finally! I now know after 2 years what the hell this is about!
    Most guys when they discover the pleasure of masturbating are in seventh heaven for weeks.
    That's how I felt. Like I had discovered something new and wonderful.
    I kept my mind on my wife playing with herself as well. I pretended she was watching me do what I was doing while she played with herself. The quivering began to build again until I was shaking uncontrollably and I had the feeling that I was coming 3 or 4 times during this segment.
    As before, I rode... I didn't drive. Again after 4 or 5 minutes it subsided with me feeling so amazed.
    This went on like this for 2 hours. When I stopped the session I felt like a kid.
    As I said, I'm 52. It was like the day I first discovered masturbation. God I felt so good!
    Was it a one time thing?
    I tried it again the next day. (I couldn't hardly wait...the same way I was when I discovered how to masturbate many years ago.)
    Same prep, same position and the same thoughts. My wife playing with herself as she watched me do this.
    Within 5 minutes, I was off again for another 2 hour ride that was even a bit more intense than the last one.
    This experience has prompted me to finally contribute to the forum.
    The posts here have helped me finally get there so I hope this may help someone who is struggling like I was for so long.
    I now seemed to be rewired. I had session this morning that began within the first 5 minutes and lasted for an hour and a half. It would have gone longer had I allowed it to.
    This is amazing to me after 2 years of next to nothing!
    I now want to explain this to my wife and I would love to do this with her.
    I think if we actually do it, I may go to an even further place. I don't know if I can take it though.
    If it does happen, I will let you all know.
  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    Congratulations! Your patience has rewarded you. You should be able to experience similar sensations from now on.
  • CarolinaguyCarolinaguy
    Posts: 67
    Thanks. Yes it was quite a reward. I should have mentioned I also have the MGX and the Progasm.
    Since this door has opened I have the Eupho on the way.
    I love the Progasm but in the position I described, I find it wants to withdraw to the middle ridge disrupting the tab contact with the perineum. Does anyone else have this occur?
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I use the progasm in the way you describe that is a problem. I find letting the progasm sit about half way in/half way out generates wonderful sensations. After a while they will die down and then I push the progasm in all the way and off I go again
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353

    hey, that is really beautiful. to summarize:
    - you completely relaxed
    - did nothing
    - thought about the most erotic thing, which is your wife (yeah!)
    - let yourself go


    if i was your wife, i'd be really turned on, and moved, by this.

  • CarolinaguyCarolinaguy
    Posts: 67
    Thanks Thhn good to know it's not just me.
  • CarolinaguyCarolinaguy
    Posts: 67
    Thanks Darwin.
    Maybe instead of trying to explain it, I'll just send her a link to this and let the story tell itself.
    What do you think?
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    I think that perhaps the reason why your wife reacted the way she did (when she found the
    aneros) is because she was humiliated that you where using outside sources of sexual stimulation.
    She maybe believes that you are losing interest in her because of your aneros usage. But according to you post this is the furthest thing from the truth. Perhaps you could address her fears by telling her that you fantasize about her when you use it and that you have had the best results with the aneros when you think about her.
    Anyway, congratulations, I hope to get there one day too.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Carolinaguy, :)

    Thank you for posting your experience here in the forums. And a very big thank you for providing me with inspiration to keep going with this. I'm a regular grinder that hasn't experienced super-O's yet. And I think it's getting close to two years. You've helped me reinforce some ideas of what I need to work on in future sessions. I hope all goes well with telling your wife about what you have been experiencing with your Aneros prostrate massager's.

  • esfenoidesesfenoides
    Posts: 58
    Congratulations. You followed through and you did it.

    As for your wife I hope she's understanding. She should be, sexual expansion can only bring new things to the relationship, if you are happy and fullfiled your love/pasion will fuel her love/pasion. You are an adult making a responsable decision regarding your sexuality, if she dosent want to share that part with you, its going to be unhealthy for the relationship.

    Anal is hidden away door for men. I bet women have a few hidden doors and perversions waiting to arise. Im shure you can embark her adventure that will awaken her sexuality, fueld by your desire.

    We are living in great times, there is a lot things that are awakening that bring possibility. A lot of people living in isolation with everything else with no love or passion in them. Fueling and awakening sex-love-orgasm is a powerful way of exeriencing love. On a tangent here but Im feeling quite emotional today, very in love.
  • Diesel2215Diesel2215
    Posts: 105
    Carolinaguy thank you for posting this thread. My wife had a very similar response to my introduction. But I think she hasn't worded it quite like your wife to spare my feelings. But I sort of know what she is thinking. I did however buy the beginner Peridise set and introduced it to her.
    She enjoyed the session, we however could not make love while she had it inserted.

    You are truly an inspiration, I also have the problem where I am always the one introducing new things/toys to our sex life, I however decided that this time its all about me, as my previous purchases of toys has always been to improve her experience.

    You are truly an inspiration to us Newbs, Thanks to Darwin for pointing me to this thread.


  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hey Carolinaguy,

    congratulations on your Super breakthrough!

    And thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

    I loved reading how ultimately, it was focusing on erotic thoughts of your wife that guided you to those wonderful new levels of orgasmic pleasure and satisfaction.

    If/when you do share that post with your wife, I hope she realizes how incredibly romantic it is.

    Best of luck to you both.

  • CarolinaguyCarolinaguy
    Posts: 67
    Thanks for all the support and all the thoughtful responses The Bishop, Love_Is, Esfenoides & Pan.
    This forum is one of the best I have been a part of. Everyone trying so hard to help each other with really no B.S. that I've seen.
    No cruel or smartass people. It's very refreshing.

    Pan, I took your lead and ordered the Peridise this morning.
    I'll let you know how that deal works out.
  • CarolinaguyCarolinaguy
    Posts: 67
    Sorry Darwin & Diesel I meant to include you as well.
    I've read many of both of your posts and learned quite a deal from you both.
    Thank you.
  • Diesel2215Diesel2215
    Posts: 105

    Sorry Darwin & Diesel I meant to include you as well.
    I've read many of both of your posts and learned quite a deal from you both.
    Thank you.

    No worries. I haven't really contributed just asking questions and commenting . Keep us updated .