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Whee... Guess who!
  • thecompythecompy
    Posts: 31
    Hi! I'm back! It's sure been a while, but I've been busy with stuff lately. School, writing stories, working, using my Helix, etc. etc.

    Anyways... I'm back!
    Update on my progress so far: I've used the Helix 20+ times I think... (Once a week, almost every week since I've gotten it.)
    I love what I can feel, but it's still somewhat limited. I have yet to have what I would consider "involuntaries" though. Heh, Thursdays have become my favorite day of the week because of this little thing.
    At the moment I get pleasurable sensations throughout the whole time I have it in, and once in a while I'll feel it involuntarily move once or twice, but nothing big, and not like a fluttering feeling either.

    And, a new couple of questions:
    I was thinking today, like 3/4ths the way through the day's session. I thought: "What if you could reteach yourself in a different way?"
    My thoughts went along to Pavlov's studies, where he'd get a dog to salivate by ringing a bell. At first he'd ring the bell, then give the dogs some food. Eventually the dogs learned that when the bell was rung, there should be food coming soon, so they drooled a bit more.
    So I was thinking this. Masturbate normally and use the Aneros at the same time. Then when close to orgasm, try to use the Aneros more. Eventually it'd get to the point where you'd put the Aneros in and be able to use only that to orgasm. It makes sense, doesn't it? Conditioning your brain to think Aneros is the major stimulator instead of the hand. It's just working in a different direction from what has been said.

    And my other bit: Has anyone used anal beads? Are they enjoyable?
  • Sky_WalkerSky_Walker
    Posts: 62
    Hi there thecompy,
    Now there is an idea I haven't considered.
    If any super users or psychologists out there think this is not a good idea, please say so now.
    Problem is, my dog's always salivating, so how am I supposed to know when to use my Aneros? (that bit is a joke for all those who are unsure)
    Hmmm, anal beads, forgot I had some, that's how exciting they are, most sex toys except my wife have been collecting dust ever since the Progasm arrived!
    That's all for now,
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    thecompy & Sky_Walker,

    I’m not a super user or psychologist but I think the conditioning experiment proposed is not a good idea. While humans can be conditioned in a similar manner to dogs (many women would think it is an identical situation – men=dogs :P ). What you are proposing is to condition yourself to ejaculate through Aneros usage instead of using your hand. While this may give you HFO’s, this would also obviate your chances of getting to experience the Super-O because ejaculation pretty much closes the doorway to the Super-O. Obviously the choice is yours to play any way you wish, but if your goal is to get to the Super-O, your proposed conditioning regime may prove counterproductive.

    IMHO, anal beads are an interesting stimulus for a very short time period but rapidly lose their appeal in solo play due to the effort involved with repeatedly manipulating them, but to each his own, it’s your body and your choice. If you have a partner who is sharing in the play then the beads take on an entirely different action characteristic, have fun with each other, butt play safe.
  • thecompythecompy
    Posts: 31
    Rumel and Sky_Walker:
    Oh, anal beads ain't too good without a buddy huh? Well, scratch that for now... Maybe some day, but not now.
    I was curious, and today bought a butt plug. It's a small one, about 3" long, 1" in diameter at widest. It vibrates with a bullet that's put in it. It's an interesting stimulus, but so far it doesn't top Aneros usage. It's just a hair too short in my opinion, or not quite positioned right or something.

    Heh, my dog drools a bit too much sometimes too. Oh well, it has its fun, and its not like it's killing anyone.

    Ah, you bring up a good point. That would essentially teach you to orgasm hands-free. I think that it could be possible to then go from there down to a lower level where it would be that intense pleasure feeling, but not quite orgasming, and maybe that would eventually lead to a Super-O. We may never know though, because I'm not going to bother changing now.
  • Sky_WalkerSky_Walker
    Posts: 62
    Thanks Rumel,
    I take you point.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    rumel said:

    thecompy & Sky_Walker,

    I’m not a super user or psychologist but I think the conditioning experiment proposed is not a good idea.


    Agree with rumel. I'd think trad-MB would be a major error! --- mental distraction.

    Neophyte here, but my newbie understanding of what we're trying to do goes like this:

    Sort of a techie analysis: The Aneros is completing a feedback loop between a sensor (the prostate) and the motor (sphincter muscles). So the whole servo loop looks like
    Prostate ---> brain ----> anus ----> Aneros ---> prostate (via direct pressure and also the acupressure point on the P-tab.)

    We're trying to train the brain to do two things:
    1. Recognize and crave prostate stim
    2. Create a phase-locked loop to establish the optimal frequency of cycling the sphincter muscles.
    3. Orchestrate other senses and muscles to heighten the experience.

    If we screw with this servo mechanism or distract the pleasure the brain is seeing from the prostate, we lower the gain in the loop and reduce cerebral focus.

    Good that God in her divine wisdom left this loop open. Otherwise Adam would never have partaken of the apple. (I came up with the "her" after some careful thinking-- )

    I'd not think of this as a re-wiring, just the addition of a function that wasn't on the initial design spec.


  • Hi newbie2009,

    Nice analogy (gotta’ love any word that begins with anal). My nipples are the P-gain control for my feedback loop. Twist those little nubs a bit and the Aneros takes right off! :D

  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    I think you might want to check into the difference between 'orgasm' and 'ejaculation'.

    Since our sex in the past has always been ejaculation=orgasm we believe that we must ejaculate in order to have an orgasm. That is incorrect. They are 2 separate things and the purpose of the Aneros is to help you to learn to separate the 2 and have orgasms without ejaculating.

    Once we ejaculate we are through for a while. We can orgasm repeatedly without ejaculating. It is the same feeling as we get when we ejaculate except we don't ejaculate and instead of being tired after the orgasm we are more energized.

    Consider re-reading the Wiki on Aneros usage and see if that makes it clearer.
  • CarolinaguyCarolinaguy
    Posts: 67
    I agree that you are too focused on the orgasm you know. The super-o is a different animal.
    Forget the motions and everything you did to get the traditional orgasm. This is a exploration of subtlety. Nuance, Less is more. I was exactly where you are for about 2 years.
    Don't force things. Once you get there you will see how involuntary the best of the pleasures are.
    It gets frustrating I know. You read all these posts and some from people who get there almost immediately and think WTF why not me?
    I will add this... what happened with me was as many have said there was a re-wiring.
    Ever since my first super-o, I've yet to have a session where I didn't have numerous super-o's.
    The way I finally got there was almost to resist it. If I felt too much movement I would try to impede the movement. Almost like fighting it instead of urging it. Trying to see how subtle I could make the device move. Next thing I knew, I couldn't control it. But by then I didn't care because I was having a super-o for real. Try to be subtle and see how that works out for you. Good luck!