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Spice up your sessions
  • May not work for you, but here are a couple of things I’ve done that have added a little spice to my Aneros sessions. (I don’t do this stuff each and every session, but every once in a while I find it nice to change things up a little).

    1. Neoprene cock ring. I wasn’t sure what size would be right for me so I bought both the 1.5-inch and the 1.75-inch ones. (I ended up liking the 1.5-inch one best). When I put the ring on I pull my package firmly through the ring while pushing the ring tightly up against my body in order to generate a feeling of constant tension in my groin area. During a session this tension, along with a gentle PC contraction, makes for some exquisite sensations. Another thing I like about the ring is that it pushes the balls out away from the body a little, quite handy for stimulation. :D :D

    2. Rubbing paraffin on the eupho. What I do is take a small chunk of candle paraffin and rub it all over the “business portion” of the eupho, and then on top of that I apply my usual Maximus lube. This gives the Aneros a slightly rough texture, makes it very easy to sense the Aneros’ subtle movements. Sometimes, in order to mellow out the roughness, I rub a very light coating of Albolene over the paraffin before I apply the Maximus. :D :D


  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Hello again SWW, are you sure that candle paraffin is not toxic? Need to do some research, but if it ain't safe in the mouth then it ain't safe in the rear end either.

    The ring is a good idea to prevent the testicles from slipping back inside the body when lying on one's back. I tried the reminderband wrist bands Darwin suggested, but I rarely use 'em because I find it so difficult to get into them, even the 2.25 inch size in spite of them being stretchy.

    How in the world do you get into a 1.5 inch ring? You must have to slip your testicles through one by one and then be totally limp and contracted to get your penis through. Even then I can't imagine how you can where one that small without getting a squeaky voice :lol:

    I got some terry cloth cotton wristbands and cut them into 1 inch wide pieces, and they work very nicely, and are soft and comfortable.

    Best regards,

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777

    Paraffin should not be toxic. My mother used to use paraffin to seal the home-made jam jars when I was a kid; I think it was Gulf paraffin. I believe that paraffin is paraffin, because the boxes had pictures of candles on them as well as jars of jams and jellies.

    Did anybody chew/eat wax lips when they were a kid? I thought everybody did.
  • Hi GT,

    The Neoprene rings are made from Neoprene foam and are quite soft and stretchy, and truth be told, my package ain’t no monster.

    You could be quite correct that candle paraffin is toxic, but it doesn’t melt, and I figure that an hour to an hour and a half two or three times a month is nothing. (Compared to the years I spent washing parts bare-handed in gasoline and other gnarly solvents)!

  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    OK, I guess it's because the neoprene is foam that it stretches much more than the larger solid bands I have. I'm not a big guy either. Come to think of it, the terry cloth wristbands I have are quite small but very soft and stretch a lot without being tight. In fact I can stretch the terry cloth and pass my equipment through it very easily all at once.

    I remember when sliced bread and cereals were wrapped in waxed paper, so if that was paraffin wax then I suppose it can't be so bad. And we always used it to wrap our "butties" to take to school or to work. I don't know what wax lips are. I grew up in Manchester, England and moved to US in '79. But I do remember scraping the wax off the waxed paper between my teeth when I was a kid because I liked the feel of it! That was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.