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Stainless Steel Aneros
  • I would like to see the makers of Aneros design a new model made of stainless steel. I own a stainless butt plug and I will have to say that it is very rewarding. When used with a good lubricant, stainless tends to move alot more freely inside the rectum. I have never seen any plugs that has a design like the Aneros, mainly shaped like a "plug". There is doubt in my mind that if one were developed, it would be the best model yet. Other than being a little heavier (which could be an advantage if lying on your back) I believe it would have an advantage over the present material being used. You can heat it or cool it very quickly if you like those methods and is very slippery in the rectum. The perinium tab could be made out of thinner stainless and rolled on the end to produce a springing action when contracting or just molded into a ball. If any of you own a stainless plug you may understand where I am coming from. If you have never owned one they can be very pleasurable. I have one that connects to a Rimba tens unit that I purchased from
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Ukfan34!

    Interesting idea!

    I have been very much enticed by the curves and shape of stainless units on! I think the shape and heavy weight would be very nice, indeed! (the added weight when rolling ones hips and having it come forward with all that extra weight!)

    The down side could be:

    - Is Aneros geared for working with Stainless Steel?


    - The added expense may be a big factor in both manufacturing them and they would be quite expensive to us, the consumer???

    Maybe they could just add some ball bearings inside an existing model and they would roll back and forth! (causing a nice vibe inside you?)

    Oh, Well!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • Ukfan34Ukfan34
    Posts: 6
    Just wondering if this post had anything to do with the new model coming out??
  • Ukfan34Ukfan34
    Posts: 6
    If they make it similar to the existing Peridise I hope they widen the base just a little. On one occasion I had the smaller of the two slide all the way inside me. I love the feel of the Peridise due to the smaller size but from a safety standpoint I do not.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    The Peridise is the only Aneros that is being released in stainless steel as of this time. I've discussed this with the company in the past and the concern is much as Hlaser alluded to, that the material doesn't lend itself well for use with the larger units. One of the Aneros' keys to success is it's mobility. A lightweight material is what is needed to execute that properly. Otherwise one ends up with what you have already.....another plug. The diminutive size of the Peridise makes it perfect for stainless.

    BF Mayfield
  • Ukfan34Ukfan34
    Posts: 6
    This is very true about the weight issue. As a veteran of prostate stimulation I have tried everything that is available, lol. What I was referring to was the stainless in general. I do want them to retain the shape of there product but just make one out of stainless. A regular butt plug doesn't even come close to achieving what the Aneros can, in my opinion. I can hardly wait to see the results of their new product.
  • anonymousanonymous
    Posts: 72
    Anyone heard any updates on new models that might be coming out, whether it be the stainless steel peridise or anything else?